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Greetings from M street!

We returned reenergized from a fruitful Convention 2008 in Portland. And now, as our Web site splash page counts down to November 4, our activity level is high and mainly focused on Election Day and the predicted huge voter turnout.


Although I will highlight here some of those activities and work that we have completed since my last column, please read the details and more about what's happening in other sections of the magazine (particularly the Education Fund and Advocacy news in the League Matters section and Hill Bulletin).

The LWVEF continues to add to its numerous voter outreach and education activities and products for the presidential election. VOTE411. org has been totally redesigned so please go there to check it out and see some of the new content, including rules related to being a poll worker and an absentee ballot request module. The League is creating a new Presidential Voters' Guide for the General Election, available at www.VOTE411 .org.

The League has produced numerous new election products in both paper and video from. During this 2008 election season, we are collaborating with more organizations than ever before.

In the area of election reform, the Public Advocacy for Voter Protection Project (PAVP) has received continued funding through mid-2009. In its third year, the project has expanded to 12 states and continues to work to prevent disenfranchisement of eligible citizens by fighting against legislation that would create barriers to voting.

In the global democracy arena, with renewed funding from the Open World Leadership Center, the League is hosting 11 delegations this fall from Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. New funding is allowing the League to host visitors from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The League and the Armenian Assembly of America have launched a one-year project on coalition building in Armenia.

On the advocacy front, work continues on League priorities set by the LWVUS Board for 2008. In the area of campaign finance reform, the League has been urging Senators Obama and McCain to fully disclose their campaigns' fundraising practices. The League's advocacy instruments were fully activated on global climate change to strengthen and support America's Climate Security Act. In August, the League called for a ten-year moratorium on new construction of coal-fired electric power plants. The LWVUS has also been active in advocating for voter registration at VA facilities, legislation on disabilities, lobbying and ethics rules, and other issues.

This Voter's cover story focuses on the League's agenda for the new President of the United States. It covers four League priority areas: global climate change, immigration, health care and tax policy (income inequality). The Sounding Off column addresses the effect of the current Administration's tax policy. We also introduce our new national officers and Board of Directors, and report on the successful LWVUS Convention 2008.

As we note in Step Up on p. 17, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get involved in Election Day activities to make sure voters have everything they need to vote.

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Nancy E. Tate, LWVUS Executive Director
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Title Annotation:NEWS FROM M STREET
Author:Tate, Nancy E.
Publication:National Voter
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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