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Greetings from M Street!

It seems we just greeted the New Year and already we are making final preparations for Council 2007 in June. I want to share with you some of the activities that have engrossed us here on M Street and made the time fly by so quickly for us.

I'll highlight just a few of our ongoing LWVUS/EF activities and some that we have completed since I last wrote. You will read more about what is happening in other sections of this Voter (particularly the Education Fund and Advocacy news in the League Matters section, and Hill Bulletin).

In the area of voter outreach and education, we have initiated a number of activities for both 2007 and 2008. One of these is a new partnership with the Newspaper in Education Institute (NIE), a coalition of newspapers nationwide with "Newspaper in Education" programs that produce educational inserts designed for school use. The inserts are distributed through each newspaper's general circulation and are also given directly to local schools. The LWV is working with NIE to develop two inserts on the election process to help educate voters of all ages.

A number of projects have been underway in the election administration reform area. Throughout the spring, the League's DC Voting Rights Education Project continued to educate citizens across the country about the hundreds of thousands of American citizens in the nation's capital who do not have equal representation in Congress.


Our most recent work to advance government openness and transparency includes a new resource guide for Leagues, Observing Your Government in Action, which focuses on how to create and make maximum use of observer corps programs. Copies have been mailed to all Leagues, and it can be found on the League Web site. We also co-sponsored a national panel discussion called "Closed Doors: Open Democracies?" to kick off Sunshine Week 2007 in March.

In global democracy, the League has also been busy. The March 27 forum, Women in the Americas, was an exciting success. Also in March, the second group of Kenyans was hosted on M Street and in Wichita, KS, and Tucson, AZ.

On the advocacy front, the LWVUS mobilized action on the Hill and throughout the country to pass the DC Voting Rights Act. We are focusing on campaign finance reform related to presidential public funding. We also continue to press for meaningful lobbying and ethics reform.

The cover story for this issue of the magazine is "The Race for the White House" by Anthony Corrado of Colby College and the Brookings Institution. Also, there is a feature article on "Women in the Americas," covering women's political progress through the years, and one on poll worker issues. There are two short papers related to the Immigration Study, in this issue, with another two coming in the fall. The Sounding Off column by Anne Applebaum suggests a simple remedy for global warming.

The membership recruitment initiative will begin its second year in July, and our "LWV Storybank" is growing. Read the stories from selected members on p. 1 and the back cover of this issue, plus an article about potential volunteers on p. 18.

We are all looking forward to Council and the opportunity to meet the leadership from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

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Title Annotation:NEWS FROM M STREET
Author:Tate, Nancy E.
Publication:National Voter
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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