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Greetings from M Street!

Where did the time go? My previous message went out to you before the general election in November and here we are already into the New Year. So much has happened on M Street in that time!

As usual, I'll highlight a few of our ongoing LWVUS/EF activities and some that we have completed since I last wrote. You will find more about what is happening in other sections of this Voter (particularly the Education Fund and Advocacy news in the League Matters section, and Hill Bulletin).

In the area of voter outreach and education, our big news and great success in 2006 is, the League's one-stop shop for election information. Public Advocacy for Voter Protection was another of our major projects. Please read the feature by LWVUS President Mary Wilson in which she shares some of her thoughts from her "Protecting the Voter" tour.

This spring, the LWVEF is publishing a short "how to" resource guide on organizing and conducting Observer Corps programs. Our work on government transparency and accountability continues with support from the Herb Block Foundation.


In global democracy, the League's second year of the Russian Civic Hosting Program and the first year of the Ukrainian Civic Hosting Program were successfully completed. This spring, the second group of Kenyans is scheduled to arrive.

On the advocacy front, the LWVUS mobilized action on the Hill and throughout the country to stop the so-called "Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006" in the Senate. This bill would have required every voter to provide government-issued, current and valid photo identification in 2008 and proof of citizenship by 2010. In the area of civil liberties, we continued to oppose legislative proposals to legalize the NSA warrantless wiretapping program. We also continued to press for meaningful lobbying and ethics reform.

The cover story for this issue of the magazine is the first of three that will appear during the 3-year immigration study. This introductory article for the study, providing a historical overview of immigration in the U.S., was written by a League member and University of Minnesota professor, Katherine Fennelly. The article on presidential signing statements, written by former Congressman Mickey Edwards, covers a vital issue, the current "new" usage of such statements. The Sounding Off column allows the LWV of Arizona to share its experience regarding merit selection of judges.

The new membership recruitment initiative is moving along, and the five local Leagues participating in the one-year pilot project have been busy. Read the article on p. 19 and make your own New Year's resolution about bringing more people into the League.

In all these activities, you, our grassroots membership across the country, play a vital role. Working together, we are making a difference nationwide and locally.

Nancy E. Tate, LWVUS Executive Director
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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