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Greetings from M Street!

As we enter the second month of the New Year, I am pleased to report that the M Street office is as vigorous and active as ever. We are embarking on a number of exciting, new initiatives and continuing our work on a variety of projects as well as our legislative agenda.

I am highlighting just some of the many activities in this message to you. You will be able to read more about what is happening in the different sections of this National Voter (including the feature articles and League Matters, particularly the Education Fund and Advocacy news, and Hill Bulletin).

In the area of election reform, the League is collaborating with other organizations in a year-long research project aimed at creating materials to improve pollworker recruitment and training in the United States. In February, the League is partnering with the Campaign Legal Center and the Council for Excellence in Government to host a conference on developing strategies for redistricting reform that can be used in any state.

The League's three-year (2006-09) project, Safeguarding the U.S. Democracy: Promoting an Independent Judiciary by Defending the U.S. Constitution, is underway with six Leagues receiving initial funding.


Using a new LWVEF toolkit, more than ten Leagues are hosting community forums on "Openness in Government: Looking for the Sunshine" during Sunshine Week 2006, March 12-18. This new initiative, an outgrowth of our recent successful Local Voices project, is funded primarily by the Knight Foundation.

This issue of the magazine focuses on the League's global democracy programs. In April, the first group of Kenyans will be arriving for the first phase of the new two-year exchange project, Kenyans Working Together for Good Governance.

In addition to all of our projects, the staff is preparing for the 47th National Convention, June 10-13, in Minneapolis, MN. You will find advance information and a registration form in this Voter.

Finally, we are pleased to introduce you to recent additions to our hardworking staff.

Nancy E. Tate, LWVUS

Executive Director
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