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Greetings from Director Seat 2.

I have heard that nurses tend to "eat their young" and that the first year is the most difficult. So you can imagine my fear on my first day working on the floor! I have officially been a nurse for 204 days and I am willing to bet that I have learned at least 204 ways to be a better nurse. Call me lucky, but the nurses that I work with, especially the seasoned nurses, have been my greatest teachers. They have welcomed me with open arms and have made me feel like an important part of the team They have taught me tips and tricks that will help me perform my job to the best of my ability and they continue to teach me every day. They have also encouraged me to join a hospital wide nurse alliance.

As a member of the nurse alliance, I feel like I am making a difference for our nurses and that I have a deeper stake in our nursing satisfaction rate. Since I am a new grad, I am still in the "I can change the world" stage of my nursing career and I hope that will never change! It would be easy for me to blend into the woodwork, show up, do my job, and call it a day I am so glad that I have not chosen that path. I have met the most amazing nurses that I aspire to emulate as I morphe into a seasoned nurse. I encourage you to look for ways that you can become more involved. Whether that is at your local facility or with the SCNA. It has been a wonderful experience for me and it makes me feel like I am making a difference! Your involvement could potentially lead to greater opportunities for you and help you reach your career goals! No matter what your passion is, there is a perfect fit for you and I would love to help you find that fit!

If you graduated nursing school within the past 5 years, I want to hear from you! Please email me at and we can find a way for you to maximize your impact! You can also find me at

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Title Annotation:South Carolina Nurses Association
Author:Nielson, Tami
Publication:South Carolina Nurse
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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