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Greeting cards are family art project.

Byline: PROFILE by The Register-Guard

Name: Evan Morrow, 11, and his mother, Ellen, 54, of Eugene

Claim to fame: The mother-son team makes watercolor greeting cards of animals. He draws, she colors. "I've always enjoyed the way that kids see," Ellen said. "It's nice to put (their art) out in the world and have people look at the things that children do."

How'd this start? When Evan was a second-grader, Ellen took drawings from his class and applied watercolor. The result was a hit not just with the students, but others. "We got so many comments, and the cards were so cute," Ellen said, "we thought we could do the cards with our own drawings."

Drawing blocks: Evan flips through magazines in search of inspiration for the dozen or so birds, frogs, dogs, cats or flowers that he may draw in a month. It doesn't always work - "Sometimes I get a drawing block where I can't draw anything," he said. "I just don't draw. I really don't have to draw on demand, I just draw pictures when I feel like it."

Toughest drawing: "This picture of this frog on a leaf, ready to jump," Evan said. "That one was hard because of trying to draw the legs."

Artistic aspirations: Evan can envision the greeting cards - available at Uncommon Scents, Saturday Market and Bambini - becoming a business, one that he would manage once he grows up. "I would kind of be the head of it, and hire kids to maybe draw for the business," he said.

On the side: Evan also enjoys skiing, in-line skating and martial arts. The family has hosted international students for six years, and currently houses a Japanese student. "It's fun learning about different cultures," Evan said. "I learn a little bit about the language."

Background: Evan, now a sixth-grader at Spencer Butte Middle School, is the son of Ellen, a painter, and her husband, Mike.

- Matt Cooper

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Ellen Morrow and her 11-year-old son, Evan, collaborate on greeting cards - he draws them, she colors them. The greeting cards feature a child's vision of animals. "I've always enjoyed the way that kids see," Ellen Morrow says.
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