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Greenwood's references are highly recommended picks for both high school and college-level libraries: they cover major religious figures, offer comprehensive histories of movements and religions, and are solid and in-depth references suitable for reports and study. Holdings strong in Catholic studies have three references to choose from among Greenwood's latest publications: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CATHOLIC LITERATURE (0313322899, $199.95) analyzes over 70 major works from around the world, using two volumes to survey male and female writers, minority writers, and any major contributors to exploring Catholic experiences. Each entry includes a brief biography, plot summaries of major works, in-depth critical surveys and an overview of the work's importance in Catholic writings. Author Mary R. Reichardt is a professor of English and Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, and hers is an essential encyclopedia for any Catholic reference library holding. CATHOLIC SCHOOLS IN THE UNITED STATES edited by Thomas C. Hunt, Ellis A. Joseph and Ronald J. Nuzzi (1573565326, $175.00) will appeal to college-level holdings strong in education or Catholic education: the 2-volume set provides over three hundred entries by over 35 contributors on all aspects of Catholic education, from academic organization, indoctrination, discipline and learning styles to issues of sex education and church/state connections. Traditions of Catholic principles of education are covered in depth. Meg Greene's biography MOTHER TERESA (0313327718) provides an excellent biography suitable for high schools and public collections alike. Mother Teresa's beliefs, her noted humanistic works, and her vision to live and work among the poorest in the world are reviewed in an excellent work filling a reference gap for comprehensive yet readable biographies. Timelines and photos round out the coverage. Two other excellent guides are recommended reference picks: Richard G. Olson's SCIENCE AND RELIGION, 1450-1900 FROM COPERNICUS TO DARWIN (0313326940, $65.00) tels of the influence early Christianity had on scientific concepts and discoveries. From Jesuits who helped develop experimental science during the Scientific Revolution to 18th century interactions between theology and scientific principles, SCIENCE AND RELIGION, 1450-1900 FROM COPERNICUS TO DARWIN is an excellent, comprehensive survey. Eugene V. Gallagher's NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS EXPERIENCE IN AMERICA (0313328072, $55.00) joins others in Greenwood's 'American Religious Experience' series, focussing on new religions and their interactions with accepted major religious groups. The Nation of Islam, Wiccans, Church of Scientology and more are surveyed in the course of probing how the new religious movements operate and interact in American culture.

Diane Donovan

West Coast Editor
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Title Annotation:Encyclopedia of Catholic Literature; Catholic Schools in the United States; Mother Teresa; Science and Religion, 1450-1900 from Copernicus to Darwin; New Religious Movements Experience in America
Author:Donovan, Diane
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2005
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