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Greens to go: as temperatures drop, let these fall-winter crops brighten up your patio--and your plate.

WHILE SATISFYING to grow, edibles don't always deliver on the decorative front (think rangy tomatoes, dry squash vines). But cool-season greens are so striking, you'll want to show them off in pots rather than banish them to a corner bed. Our favorites: crinkly leafed 'Giant Red' mustard, purple-stemmed 'Redbor' kale, and succulent bok choy florets.

All three crops are tough enough to withstand light frosts until you harvest them for stir-fries and soups. Once the kale and mustard greens have reached at least 6 inches tall, pick the outer leaves as needed for cooking. With bok choy, pull up the whole plant when it's loose-headed and about a foot tall. (Keep replacement plants coming by sowing seeds between the seedlings at two-week intervals.)

The vegetables look good even at the end of their life Span: Let the crops go, and their tall stems of vibrant yellow flowers will attract bees before seeds set.

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Title Annotation:PLANT IT
Author:Silver, Johanna
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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