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Greenhouse over the garage is their new front entry.

Greenhouse over the garage is their new front entry

Parked over a stairway like a glass caboose, this new 9- by 34-foot greenhouse creates a light-filled entry space between the house and the street a level below. "Exterior stairs used to just dump you at the living room door, without any protection from the weather,' recalls San Francisco architect Michael Harris.

To help make the transition, Harris rebuilt the former carport as a fully enclosed garage. He ran decking from the house's outside wall across the roof of the garage; this serves as a platform for the new glass enclosure.

The greenhouse itself is a straightforward structure with a frame of posts and beams. On one side, supports bolt directly to the house. The other three walls are glazed with a combination of frosted and clear glass. Pipe tie rods across the space provide extra bracing without distracting from the airy look. The slightly pitched greenhouse roof is paneled with translucent insulated fiberglass (Kalwall).

Containers filled with cymbidium orchids line the stairway, giving an atrium-like quality to the space. Over the street-level doorway is an informal sitting area with a shallow bowed balcony; here the owners can fully enjoy their exotic indoor garden.

French doors at each end of the greenhouse open directly to the deck.

Photo: Glass-walled enclosure fits over front stairs, making a weatherproof entry and greenhouse space. Some panes are clear, some frosted. Pipe tie rods between house wall and glass wall give extra bracing

Photo: From house, glass-paned door leads to sitting area. Pairs of French doors open onto garage-top deck; their zigzag pulls are welded pipe
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Date:Jul 1, 1986
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