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Greenhouse over the garage is a well-lighted artist's studio.

Greenhouse over the garage is a well-lighted artist's studio A familiar-looking form, this greenhouse structure perches unexpectedly over a garage in the Santa Monica Mountains north of Malibu. It's an integral part of the house, but evokes a separate function. The 15- by 20-foot room--one big, open space--serves as an art studio.

An open ceiling reveals a system of custom prefab trusses; the struts are set in a sunburst design that is repeated elsewhere in the house. Stepping across the room the trusses are supported by headers spanning 4-by-4 gypsum board-clad posts along the side walls.

Glazing covers the framework of the walls, with only mullions showing--thus, the greenhouse look. Too much light would have flooded the room had the structure been a true greenhouse, so the eaveless roof is solid. Sandwiched between the gypsum-board ceiling and metal roof is a layer of rigid insulation.

Set back from the edge of the roof, the glazed walls leave room for a wraparound balcony. Pipe railing around the balcony contributes a crisp, modern look.

Architect: Bouje Bernkopf, Woodland Hills, for Susan and Gene Fridolfs of Calabasas, California.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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