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Greenhouse hides behind wing wall.

PRESTIDIGITATORS would be impressed with the disappearing act pulled off at this home in Woodside, California. Robert Peterson Architects made a whole greenhouse disappear, but, as with all feats of illusion, a trick was involved.

The greenhouse never vanished, of course. It merely hides behind a tall wing wall at one end of a pavilion that extends from the ranch house. The pavilion serves as a partially protected potting area, storage shed, and lathhouse.

Glass-paneled doors sliding on barn-door hardware open to the heated greenhouse, where the owners raise orchids and other frost-tender plants. The metal-framed greenhouse rest on its own concrete pad and butts against the outside of the wing wall.

Lapped siding covers the pavilion's interior and exterior walls. A wide, shed-shaped opening in the wall provides wheelbarrow access to the side yard.

To keep the pavilion as open as possible, the architects supported the roof with a post-and-beam framework made of 10-inch-diameter steel pipe. A solitary center post supports a 32-foot-long ridge pipe. The west-facing side of the pavilion opens to the rear garden and afternoon sun; a lattice section of roof is made up of 2-by-12 rafters supporting overlapping 2-by-4s and 2-by-2s.
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Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:May 1, 1992
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