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Gevo welcomesAatwo announcements from Scandinavian region regarding Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Sep 22, 2020 666
Cattle are bad for greenhouse gas emissions; HEALTH NEWS. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 22, 2020 169
PepsiCo aims to source 100% renewable electricity across operations by 2030. Sep 21, 2020 214
Ports and Shipping- An EU ETS for shipping would undermine a global GHG solution. Sep 20, 2020 162
Cambodia and Korea jointly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 650,000 tonnes. Sep 19, 2020 254
Can ADB walk the talk on going green? Sep 16, 2020 955
PwC commits to net zero emissions by 2030. Sep 15, 2020 856
Build-up of greenhouse gases hits new record despite lockdowns, UN report finds. Reuters News Service Sep 9, 2020 432
PyroGenesis Canada says its plasma torches 'significantly reduce' greenhouse gases when used instead of fossil fuels. Sep 2, 2020 382
Williams aims to cut GHG emissions 56% by 2030. Aug 26, 2020 242
EU plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions sharply going ahead. Andrew Rosenbaum Aug 24, 2020 415
Cyprus electricity costs to rise with higher carbon prices. CM Guest Columnist Aug 18, 2020 871
Global warming makes tropical soils leak CO2: study. Aug 13, 2020 630
Diageo cheered by sustainability performance; ENVIRONMENT. REBECCA BUCHAN Aug 11, 2020 405
'Massive opportunity' How Covid pandemic could help turn around global warming; Impact of reductions in greenhouse gases and pollutants during the lockdown will be short-lived unless there is a green recovery, researchers say. By, Emily Beament, PA & Sarah Hughes Aug 7, 2020 634
GOING NET ZERO - WITH BIOENERGY; NFU Cymru sets out ways Welsh farms can cut carbon emissions. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Aug 6, 2020 603
Construction industry issues action plan to reduce emissions. Aug 5, 2020 443
Husky Energy releases 2020 ESG report. Aug 4, 2020 221
BK's country wonderkid tackles GHGs. Aug 1, 2020 159
Pakistan to quadruple carbon emissions despite feeling pain of climate change. Jul 31, 2020 871
Unctad: Trade policy can curb Covid-linked plastics pollution. Jul 29, 2020 584
Xylem exceeds sustainability goal with 28.3% emission drop. Ashley Williams Jul 28, 2020 276
Xylem supports UAE's National Climate Change Plan 2050 with sustainability best practices. Carla Sertin Jul 27, 2020 549
Xylem achieves 28.3% reduction in emissions. Jul 26, 2020 522
CN to invest $55M in Michigan. Jul 24, 2020 160
CN to invest $100M in Michigan. Jul 24, 2020 152
Senior Commits To Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2025. Jul 23, 2020 235
International Finance Corporation to invest 25m in Packages Limited. Jul 21, 2020 437
Volcanic rock's dust the thing to fight emissions; Research: Scientists believe coating fields could absorb greenhouse gas CO. NANCY NICOLSON Jul 10, 2020 297
Vale records increase in greenhouse gas levels. ALEX SEABROOK Local democracy reporter Jul 9, 2020 536
FAO and Rabobank's new partnership focuses on helping make food systems more sustainable, including through innovative investments. Jul 7, 2020 703
Canadian National to invest C$20M across New Bruunswick in 2020. Jul 6, 2020 161
Constellium releases 2019 business, sustainability report. Jul 1, 2020 277
Co-Benefits to Children's Health of the U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Perera, Frederica; Cooley, David; Berberian, Alique; Mills, David; Kinney, Patrick Jul 1, 2020 8713
UNDP to help Kenya curb greenhouse gas emissions. Jun 30, 2020 578
CN to invest C$305M in Alberta. Jun 26, 2020 182
UGI Corporation announces highlights from second ESG report. Jun 25, 2020 200
Unilever to invest ,e1/41 billion to fight climate change. Jun 15, 2020 677
MoCC to revise NDCs under Paris Agreement for reducing GHG emissions by 20 percent. Jun 12, 2020 189
Xylem beats greenhouse gas reduction target by over 40%. Jun 8, 2020 197
Thyssenkrupp Elevator plans 25pc CO2 emission cut by 2040. Jun 6, 2020 570
Globe backs Race To Zero carbon emissions campaign. Jun 5, 2020 965
Globe backs Race To Zero CO2 emissions campaign. Jun 5, 2020 999
Cement, concrete hold steady as minor GHG emissions data points. Marsh, Don Jun 1, 2020 458
Patio Drummond anchors CarbiCrete test demonstration. Jun 1, 2020 443
The Impact of Training Systems on Productivity and GHG Emissions from Grapevines in the Sughd Region in Northern Tajikistan. Chowaniak, Maciej; Rashidov, Naim; Niemiec, Marcin; Gambus, Florian; Lepiarczyk, Andrzej Jun 1, 2020 7488
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Establishment Techniques and Their Implications for Soil Properties, Global Warming Potential Mitigation and Crop Yields. Alam, Md. Khairul; Bell, Richard W.; Hasanuzzaman, Mirza; Salahin, N.; Rashid, M.H.; Akter, Nadia; A Jun 1, 2020 24932
Do Farmers Adapt to Climate Change? A Macro Perspective. Alvi, Shahzad; Jamil, Faisal; Roson, Roberto; Sartori, Martina Jun 1, 2020 7466
Soil Fertilization with Urea Has Little Effect on Seed Quality but Reduces Soil [N.sub.2]O Emissions from a Hemp Cultivation. Tedeschi, Anna; Volpe, Maria Grazia; Polimeno, Franca; Siano, Francesco; Maglione, Giuseppe; Tommasi Jun 1, 2020 7492
OGA: 'Oil and gas operators must move faster towards net zero or risk losing social licence'. May 31, 2020 297
Michelin's CO2 reduction targets approved by SBTi. May 27, 2020 401
Finnish tyre group Nokian's emissions targets get SBTi nod. May 16, 2020 359
Rebuilding the economy requires policy rebalancing. May 14, 2020 1443
City could become world leader in greener energy; Sir Ian praises council in aim to eradicate greenhouse gasses. ALASTAIR GOSSIP May 9, 2020 509
Low seasonal nitrous oxide emissions in tea tree farming systems following nitrogen fertilisation using poultry litter application or green manure legumes. Rose, Terry J.; Kearney, Lee J.; Morris, Stephen; Van Zwieten, Lukas Report May 1, 2020 6831
Combined Effects of Dewatering, Composting and Pelleting to Valorize and Delocalize Livestock Manure, Improving Agricultural Sustainability. Ronga, Domenico; Mantovi, Paolo; Pacchioli, Maria Teresa; Pulvirenti, Andrea; Bigi, Francesco; Alles May 1, 2020 4678
Advances in Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms and Potential Genetic Improvement for Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Barley. Karunarathne, Sakura D.; Han, Yong; Zhang, Xiao-Qi; Li, Chengdao May 1, 2020 10378
Potential Use of Rice Husk Biochar and Compost to Improve P Availability and Reduce GHG Emissions in Acid Sulfate Soil. Phuong, Nguyen Thi Kim; Khoi, Chau Minh; Ritz, Karl; Van Sinh, Nguyen; Tarao, Mitsunori; Toyota, Kok May 1, 2020 9749
Effect of Chinese Milk Vetch (Astragalus sinicus L.) and Rice Straw Incorporated in Paddy Soil on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Soil Properties. Ma, Qiaoying; Li, Jiwei; Aamer, Muhammad; Huang, Guoqin May 1, 2020 5127
Design of a Real-Time Gas-Exchange Measurement System for Crop Stands in Environmental Scenarios. Klaring, Hans-Peter; Korner, Oliver May 1, 2020 8875
Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization for Microgrids Pareto Optimization Dispatch. Zhang, Qian; Ding, Jinjin; Shen, Weixiang; Ma, Jinhui; Li, Guoli Apr 30, 2020 8307
California Awards $38.7 Million to Enhance Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner Service. Apr 22, 2020 395
Why the air is cleaner amid coronavirus outbreak. Apr 9, 2020 934
Lessons learned may aid the climate change fight; ? Drop in air and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Apr 8, 2020 501
Nissan LEAF all set to drive the world to a more sustainable future. Apr 4, 2020 579
Public Transportation Innovations. Sorell, Amanda Apr 1, 2020 515
Opinion of Climate: How one improbable legal brief drove the federal government to regulate greenhouse gases. Fredrickson, Caroline Book review Apr 1, 2020 1487
Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Affected by Fertilization Type (Pig Slurry vs. Mineral) and Soil Management in Mediterranean Rice Systems. Moreno-Garcia, Beatriz; Guillen, Monica; Quilez, Dolores Apr 1, 2020 10327
Environmental Impact of Edible Flower Production: A Case Study. Falla, Nicole Melanie; Contu, Simone; Demasi, Sonia; Caser, Matteo; Scariot, Valentina Case study Apr 1, 2020 8514
Comparative Environmental Evaluation of Straw Resources by LCA in China. Shang, Xiaoyu; Song, Siqi; Yang, Jingwei Mar 31, 2020 9579
LNG 'only viable solution to cut shipping emissions now'. Mar 31, 2020 339
Life-Cycle Assessment of Recycling Postconsumer High-Density Polyethylene and Polyethylene Terephthalate. Bataineh, Khaled M. Mar 31, 2020 9310
Council's plan to go greener; TO TO call for 'collective action' to halve greenhouse gas emissions in five years. NIALL GRIFFITHS Local Democracy Service Mar 3, 2020 671
ICT Industry To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 45 Per Cent By 2030 -ITU. Mar 3, 2020 435
Study clarifies U.S. beef's resource use and greenhouse gas emissions. Mar 1, 2020 793
Carbon Footprint of Mediterranean Pasture-Based Native Beef: Effects of Agronomic Practices and Pasture Management under Different Climate Change Scenarios. Grossi, Giampiero; Vitali, Andrea; Lacetera, Nicola; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Bernabucci, Umberto; Nardo Report Mar 1, 2020 9588
Soil Carbon Budget Account for the Sustainability Improvement of a Mediterranean Vineyard Area. Novara, Agata; Favara, Valeria; Novara, Amelia; Francesca, Nicola; Santangelo, Tanino; Columba, Piet Mar 1, 2020 4549
Effect of Manure and Urea Fertilization on Yield, Carbon Speciation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vegetable Production Systems of Nigeria and Republic of Benin: A Phytotron Study. Olaleye, Abimfoluwa; Peak, Derek; Shorunke, Akeem; Dhillon, Gurbir; Oyedele, Durodoluwa; Adebooye, O Report Mar 1, 2020 9221
Sowing maize as a rotation crop in irrigated cotton cropping systems in a Vertosol: effects on soil properties, greenhouse gas emissions, black root rot incidence, cotton lint yield and fibre quality. Hulugalle, N.R.; Nachimuthu, G.; Kirkby, K.; Lonergan, P.; Heimoana, V.; Watkins, M.D.; Finlay, L.A. Report Mar 1, 2020 11339
Borregaard Commits to Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions. Mar 1, 2020 216
GASC1-Adapted Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Resectable Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Prospective Clinical Biomarker Trial. Jia, Ruinuo; Mi, Youjia; Yuan, Xiang; Kong, Dejiu; Li, Wanying; Li, Ruonan; Wang, Bingbing; Zhu, Yaf Mar 1, 2020 4303
Multi-Factor Taxonomy of Eco-Routing Models and Future Outlook. Alfaseeh, Lama; Farooq, Bilal Mar 1, 2020 7271
Canada's Carbon Tax Laws: Where are we now?. Steingard, Jessica Mar 1, 2020 2109
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Powell, Brenda Heelan; Kauffman, Rebecca Mar 1, 2020 1438
ADNOC to Expand CCUS Program. Feb 29, 2020 199
Nuclear seen playing key role in curbing greenhouse gas emission. Feb 26, 2020 422
The rich world must take responsibility for its carbon footprint. Feb 21, 2020 1025
Blame rich countries for doing little about pollution. Adair Turner (Environment) Feb 21, 2020 1026
Gulf Hotels Group achieves BD5.95m net profit in 2019. Feb 20, 2020 536
Cyprus Shipping Chamber backs EU Green Deal. fm Feb 20, 2020 241
Taipei receives an 'A' from Carbon Disclosure Project. Feb 19, 2020 529
New firm to manage airport hotel. Feb 18, 2020 316
Why is humanity so reluctant to save itself? Willem H. Buiter (Green Zone) Feb 14, 2020 751
Marrone Bio study: MBI-branded biopesticides produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional pesticides. Feb 12, 2020 419
Why 'farming with nature' needs cows and trees -- Aoife Behan. Feb 12, 2020 742
Is global climate solidarity impossible? Feb 11, 2020 1014
Is global climate solidarity impossible? Feb 11, 2020 1068
LNG as marine fuel revealed to be worse than business. Feb 9, 2020 154
How decarbonizing shipping could unlock a worldwide energy transition. Feb 2, 2020 191
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cut Grasslands Renovated with Full Inversion Tillage, Shallow Tillage, and Use of a Tine Drill in Nasu, Japan. Mori, Akinori Feb 1, 2020 8311
Construction and Operation of a Respiration Chamber of the Head-Box Type for Methane Measurement from Cattle. Ortega, Octavio Alonso Castelan; Beltran, Paulina Elizabeth Pedraza; Pineda, Gloria Stefanny Hernand Report Feb 1, 2020 6971
Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Dairy Farms Rearing the Italian Simmental Dual-Purpose Breed. Baldini, Mario; Borso, Francesco Da; Rossi, Andrea; Taverna, Mario; Bovolenta, Stefano; Piasentier, Report Feb 1, 2020 7050
The Effects of Substituting Dietary Soybean Meal with Maize Grain on Milk Production in Dairy Goats. Rapetti, Luca; Galassi, Gianluca; Graziosi, Andrea Rota; Crovetto, Gianni Matteo; Colombini, Stefani Report Feb 1, 2020 4289
Methane Emissions, Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Different Lines of Beef Steers Reared on Pasture and Finished in Feedlot. Meo-Filho, Paulo; Berndt, Alexandre; Marcondes, Cintia R.; Pedroso, Andre F.; Sakamoto, Leandro S.; Report Feb 1, 2020 9573
Today's Market View - East Africa Reawakening. Jan 31, 2020 389
Are Scottish shoppers are happy to pay more for local minced beef? Jan 31, 2020 390
National training on "Role of isotopic and related techniques in measuring greenhouse gas" held at PMAS-AAUR. Jan 25, 2020 735
Global Warming Protocol Failed At Eliminating Potent Greenhouse Gas. Inigo Monzon Jan 24, 2020 409
Old-Gen Air Conditioners Could Have Increased Arctic Temperatures. Seema Prasad Jan 24, 2020 518
Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gas Have Grown. Jan 23, 2020 723
Mobile technologies help reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. Jan 22, 2020 673
How green is our city? South Wales is waking up to the growing climate emergency. In the face of bleak predictions if greenhouse gas emissions are not cut, behaviours are starting to change - and every small change matters. But just how green is the Cardiff of today? Thomas Deacon reports. Jan 22, 2020 1129
Mobile technologies help reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. Jan 21, 2020 612
Electric Bus Market o Grow Over 16.6% through 2025. Jan 21, 2020 842
Electric Vehicles Market Report, Global Industry Overview, Growth, Trends, Opportunities and Forecast 2020-2025. Report Jan 13, 2020 921
Indian digital transformation provider recognised for sustainability program. Mark Forker Jan 12, 2020 481
Biomass Gasification Market Growth is Driven by Increasing Green-House Gas Emissions. Jan 9, 2020 834
Heat Pumps Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~8% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2029. Jan 8, 2020 625
Go organic and plant more trees to cut emissions; Environment: Call for agricultural sector to act. LAURA PATERSON Jan 7, 2020 309
Greenhouse gas emissions from volcanic rock movements contribute to global warming, says study. ANI Jan 6, 2020 391
UK Truckers Post Impressive Emissions Cuts. FreightWaves Jan 3, 2020 430
The International Society for Children's Health and the Environment Commits to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint to Safeguard Children's Health. Eskenazi, Brenda; Etzel, Ruth A.; Sripada, Kam; Cairns, Maryann R.; Hertz-Picciotto, Irva; Kordas, K Jan 1, 2020 3382
Canada fiddles while California burns. Richards, John Jan 1, 2020 1364
Global warming. HADIA AZIZ - Islamabad Jan 1, 2020 288
Combining Crude Glycerin with Chitosan Can Manipulate In Vitro Ruminal Efficiency and Inhibit Methane Synthesis. Seankamsorn, Anuthida; Cherdthong, Anusorn; Wanapat, Metha Report Jan 1, 2020 8141
Enteric Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows Predicted from Fatty Acid Profiles of Milk, Cream, Cheese, Ricotta, Whey, and Scotta. Bittante, Giovanni; Bergamaschi, Matteo Report Jan 1, 2020 6595
Organic Farming as a Strategy to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Dehesa Agroecosystems: A Case Study Comparing Different Livestock Products. Horrillo, Andres; Gaspar, Paula; Escribano, Miguel Case study Jan 1, 2020 14819
Carbon Sequestration and Contribution of C[O.sub.2], C[H.sub.4] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes to Global Warming Potential from Paddy-Fallow Fields on Mineral Soil Beneath Peat in Central Hokkaido, Japan. Naser, Habib Mohammad; Nagata, Osamu; Sultana, Sarmin; Hatano, Ryusuke Jan 1, 2020 12433
Soil Respiration Dynamics in Bromus erectus-Dominated Grasslands under Different Management Intensities. Francioni, Matteo; Trozzo, Laura; Toderi, Marco; Baldoni, Nora; Allegrezza, Marina; Tesei, Giulio; K Jan 1, 2020 7497
Smart Control for Optimum Residential Fuel Switching between Natural-Gas and Electricity. Rad, Farzin M.; Alibabaei, Nima; Grochmal, Tom Jan 1, 2020 2473
Space Heating Boiler System Performance in Post-War High-Rise Multi-Family Buildings. Stopps, Helen; Touchie, Marianne Jan 1, 2020 4836
Performance Assessment of Hybrid (Gas Furnace + Heat Pump) Systems with Smart Switching Controls. Sager, Jeremy; Bouchard, Alexandre; Haj-Nabou, Sewar Jan 1, 2020 3994
Simulating Long-Term Development of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Plant Biomass, and Soil Moisture of a Temperate Grassland Ecosystem under Elevated Atmospheric C[O.sub.2]. Liebermann, Ralf; Breuer, Lutz; Houska, Tobias; Kraus, David; Moser, Gerald; Kraft, Philipp Jan 1, 2020 9376
Techno-economic study of BIPV in typical Sahara region in Algeria. Khadidja, Khencha; Wided, Biara Ratiba; Hocine, Belmili Jan 1, 2020 13492
From Alma Ata to the SDGs: The Politics of Global Health Governance and the Elusive "Health for All". Weber, Martin Jan 1, 2020 8605
How to build more green projects to save the earth. Christian Deseglise & Delfina Lopez Dec 31, 2019 959
Scaling up sustainable infrastructure. Dec 31, 2019 995
Risk Evaluation of Pyrolyzed Biochar from Multiple Wastes. Ndirangu, Shem M.; Liu, Yanyan; Xu, Kai; Song, Shaoxian Dec 31, 2019 24110
Mobile techs help reduce carbon emissions, address climate change. Dec 30, 2019 684
Mid-Morning Market Update: Markets Mostly Higher; Flexion Receives FDA Nod For Zilretta Label Expansion. Lisa Levin Dec 27, 2019 641
Mid-Day Market Update: Dow Up 70 Points; Pintec Technology Shares Spike Higher. Lisa Levin Dec 27, 2019 680
Kazakhstan hits limit of greenhouse gas emission. Dec 24, 2019 161
Allstate Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Dec 24, 2019 372
US' Alumina Energy, UAE's Seramic Materials explore recycled ceramic. Anup Oommen Dec 24, 2019 399
Deep Decarbonization in Practice: Solutions and Challenges for Low-Carbon Building Retrofits. Tozer, Laura Dec 22, 2019 8546
Obesity associated with greater greenhouse gas emissions: Study. ANI Dec 20, 2019 483
Dutch court says government must cut greenhouse gases faster. Reuters News Service Dec 20, 2019 246
MoU signed for lowering of green house gas emission. Dec 19, 2019 187
MoU signed for lowering of green house gas emission. Dec 19, 2019 187
A helping hand for the needy... Dec 18, 2019 121
Global Advanced Batteries Market Competition Status, Size, Growth and Major Manufacturers 2019-2025. Dec 18, 2019 1010
Biodiesel Blending Credit Gets Budget Reprieve From House. FreightWaves Dec 18, 2019 589
The European Green Deal And What It Means For The Rail Freight Industry. FreightWaves Dec 17, 2019 759
Tech Mahindra recognised for Sustainability in 2019. Dec 15, 2019 459
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Market Is Increasing Expeditiously Due To Rising Greenhouse Gas Emission as per International Energy Agency (IEA) Till 2022 / Million Insights. Dec 10, 2019 1052
Climate change - a non-traditional maritime security threat. Dec 9, 2019 883
Climate change - a non-traditional maritime security threat. Kanwar M Javed Iqbal Dec 8, 2019 888
Climate change. NOREEN HASIL - Turbat Dec 7, 2019 187
CAGR of 5.71%, Commercial Insulation Market is projected to reach USD 2,708.1 million by 2024/ Market Research Future. Dec 6, 2019 916
Epson bullish about achieving 2025 decarbonization targets. Dec 6, 2019 478
EU likely to miss the mark for reducing its greenhouse gases; The European Union is set to miss the 2030 climate target. ARITZ PARRA and FRANK JORDANS report. FRANK JORDANS Dec 5, 2019 765
Trailer Costs Could Rise Without Action On Emissions Standards. FreightWaves Dec 4, 2019 666
Global warming in Pakistan. HADIA AZIZ - Islamabad Dec 3, 2019 289
Public comment sought on carbon tax regulations. Dec 3, 2019 631
GHG completes intake of management trainees. Dec 2, 2019 163
Forest and land fires, toxic haze and local politics in Indonesia/Feux de forets et incendies, brumes toxiques et politique locale en Indonesie/Incendios forestales y agricolas, neblina toxica y politicas locales en Indonesia. Purnomo, H.; Okarda, B.; Shantiko, B.; Achdiawan, R.; Dermawan, A.; Kartodihardjo, H.; Dewayani, A.A Dec 1, 2019 9457
Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Low-Carbon Economy: Why Carbon Taxes, and Not Schemes of Emission Trading, Are a Cost-Effective Economic Instrument to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Ionescu, Luminita Dec 1, 2019 1878
Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Study of Straw co-Firing with Gas. Barmina, Inesa; Kalis, Harijs; Kolmickovs, Antons; Marinaki, Maksims; Ozola, Liiva; Strautins, Uldis Dec 1, 2019 9907
Treibhausgasbilanz von Universitaten in Osterreich Methode und Ergebnisse der Bilanzierung und Strategien zur Reduktion der Treibhausgasemissionen/The carbon footprint of universities in Austria. Method, results and strategies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Getzinger, Gunter; Schmitz, Dominik; Mohnke, Sascha; Steinwender, David; Lindenthal, Thomas Dec 1, 2019 1419
Evaluation of a Cold-Mixed High-Performance Polyurethane Mixture. Min, Sun; Bi, Yufeng; Zheng, Mulian; Chen, Sai; Li, Jingjing Nov 30, 2019 6164
Lehigh Cement and the International Knowledge Centre Pioneering a Feasibility Study of Full-Scale Carbon Capture Storage on Cement - Press Release issued by Lehigh CCS Feasibility Study. Nov 29, 2019 1665
Greenhouse Gas Levels On the Rise. Seema Prasad Nov 29, 2019 603
Greenhouse gas levels. Nov 28, 2019 355
International Conference seeks climate smart agriculture. Conference news Nov 28, 2019 370
Two-day International Conference held in Multan on Climate Smart Agriculture - Press Release issued by United Nations Information Centre. Conference news Nov 27, 2019 501
International Conference seeks climate smart agriculture. Conference news Nov 27, 2019 452
Two-day International Conference held in Multan on Climate Smart Agriculture - Press Release issued by United Nations Information Centre. Conference news Nov 27, 2019 501
Hidden climate policies have higher costs than carbon pricing: Ecofiscal Commission. Nov 27, 2019 1038
Level of greenhouse gases are at a record high weather experts warn. FIONA SMITH Nov 26, 2019 264
Level of greenhouse gases are at a record high weather experts warn; Levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high, the World Meteorological Organisation has warned. FIONA SMITH Nov 26, 2019 246
Pact fails to stop greenhouse gases rising. Nov 26, 2019 172
The UN Wants Urgent Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Nov 26, 2019 241
Greenhouse gases hit new record highs. EMILY BEAMENT Nov 26, 2019 261
Pact fails to stop greenhouse gases rising. Nov 26, 2019 171
Greenhouse gas levels hit another record last year. EDWARD THICKNESSE @edthicknesse Nov 26, 2019 452
UN: Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high in 2018. Nov 25, 2019 372
Levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reach record high, World Meteorological Organisation warns. Nov 25, 2019 401
Greenhouse gases surge to record in 2018, exceeding 10-yr average rate -- UN. Reuters News Service Nov 25, 2019 314
Sailing towards a carbon-neutral future. Nov 24, 2019 189
Nikon Group's GHG emissions reduction targets approved by Science Based Targets initiative. Nov 21, 2019 354
Climate change could double greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater lakes: Study. ANI Nov 19, 2019 662
Wildfire may have doubled greenhouse gas emissions; Climate: Fears over released carbon. CHRIS MACLENNAN Nov 18, 2019 366
Climate kids have our attention, but change has to come through govts. Daron Acemoglu (Core Issue) Nov 17, 2019 991
ESG "Green' Push Has Ship Owners Seeing Green(backs). FreightWaves Nov 15, 2019 1422
United Kingdom Electric Bus Market Report 2019: UK Market Anticipated to Record a CAGR of 46% During 2020-2024. Report Nov 11, 2019 865
29% of Pakistanis believe it would only take a few months or even less time for greenhouse gases in the air to fall back to the level they were before modern factories, transportation and power plants existed: Survey - Press Release issued by Gilani Research Foundation. Nov 11, 2019 271
Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) - SHI to become the first shipbuilder to develop COTs powered by fuel cells - 26/9/2019. Nov 6, 2019 508
Seas To Rise Dramatically Even If Greenhouse Gases Are Curbed. AFP News Nov 5, 2019 406
Pakistan ready to cut ODS emissions by 35 percent till 2020. Nov 4, 2019 478
India Electric Bus Market, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2024. Nov 4, 2019 765
Carbon leakage: an unintended (but manageable) side-effect of carbon pricing. Nov 4, 2019 601
3-Day Conference: Plastics Beyond Petroleum - Biomass, GHG, Recycling; Disrupting Petroleum as Feedstock (Newark, United States - May 12-14, 2020). Conference news Nov 1, 2019 1168
population and technology: Like their primitive ancestors, humans will often try to solve problems with applications of technology, through innovation or invention. Childress, Vincent W. Nov 1, 2019 3753
Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) - SHI to become the first shipbuilder to develop COTs powered by fuel cells - 26/9/2019. Oct 31, 2019 508
Liberia's Forest Vital to Controlling GHG Gas Emissions. Oct 30, 2019 405
Mangrove Water Technologies is Awarded $5M as a Winner of the ERA Grand Challenge for Innovative Carbon Use. Oct 30, 2019 408
Pakistan ready to cut ODS emissions by 35 percent till 2020. Oct 29, 2019 478
Circular Plastics, 2-Day Conference: BioMass, GHG, Recycling; Disrupting Petroleum as Feedstock (Prague, Czech Republic - September 29-30, 2020). Conference news Oct 29, 2019 557
Greenhouse gas emissions have already peaked in 30 major cities. Hutt, Rosamund Oct 27, 2019 568
President: 'Azerbaijan targets 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions'. Oct 25, 2019 124
Nitrogen Pollution Is A Deadly Danger To Humans. Johnny Vatican Oct 24, 2019 607
GORD helps organisations to achieve Carbon Neutrality. Oct 24, 2019 505
Cargill Canada - Cargill, Maersk Tankers and Mitsui & Co. collaborate to bring cost-effective global GHG reductions to shipping -- 9/10/2019. Oct 24, 2019 497
Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) - SHI to become the first shipbuilder to develop COTs powered by fuel cells - 26/9/2019. Oct 24, 2019 508
Bahrain Press headlines. Oct 23, 2019 115
GHG revenues surge 13pc. Oct 23, 2019 578
100% organic farming could increase greenhouse gas emissions. Oct 22, 2019 1383
Volvo Highlights Electric Trucks And GHG Engines For Mexico Market At Transport Expo ANPACT. FreightWaves Oct 18, 2019 787
Oregon Coalition Revives Effort To Cap Greenhouse Gas Emissions. FreightWaves Oct 16, 2019 390
Kitchen giants to open Dream food hall. Oct 16, 2019 297
Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) - Chevron Sets New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals -- 3/10/2019. Oct 14, 2019 327
Better Home Heat Council Of The Lehigh Valley Commits To Net Zero Carbon Emissions. Oct 11, 2019 371
Cargill Canada - Cargill, Maersk Tankers and Mitsui & Co. collaborate to bring cost-effective global GHG reductions to shipping -- 9/10/2019. Oct 10, 2019 497
Cargill (CARGINP) - Cargill, Maersk Tankers and Mitsui & Co. collaborate to bring cost-effective global GHG reductions to shipping -- 9/10/2019. Oct 10, 2019 497
Aramco chief seeks inclusive strategy on greenhouse gas. Oct 9, 2019 260
IAEA chief speaks about merits of nuclear plants. Oct 7, 2019 349
Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) - Chevron Sets New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals -- 3/10/2019. Oct 7, 2019 327
Georgia Healthcare lands franchise deal with the Body Shop. Oct 5, 2019 295
Major Companies Celebrate Release of North Carolina's First Clean Energy Plan. Oct 4, 2019 788
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Grows by Another State. Jergler , Don Oct 3, 2019 1323
Ofgem: UK progress in cutting greenhouse gas emissions has slowed. Oct 3, 2019 669
Climate Action 100+ investors seek net zero business strategies through company engagement. Oct 3, 2019 2426
Chevron establishes new net greenhouse gas reduction goals. Oct 3, 2019 248
Climate Action 100+ investors seek net zero business strategies through company engagement. Oct 2, 2019 2459
Climate Action 100+ investors seek net zero business strategies through company engagement. Oct 2, 2019 2409
Iran Proposes Raising Share of Natural Gas in Global Energy Market to 30 Percent by 2040. Oct 2, 2019 345
Malaysia to review greenhouse gas emissions commitment, says minister. Oct 1, 2019 271
Economic growth, environmental degradation and business cycles in Eswatini. Phiri, Andrew Oct 1, 2019 3954
Technology Innovation and the Rebirth of Self-Regulation: How the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence Solve Big Problems Managing Environmental Regulation and Resources. Hytha, David A.; Aronson, Jonathan D.; Eng, Al Oct 1, 2019 1844
SOCIAL COST OF CARBON IN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. Wright, David V.; Doelle, Meinhard Oct 1, 2019 20022
Study on the Change Characteristics of and Population Exposure to Heatwave Events on the North China Plain. Zhan, Long-Fei; Wang, Yanjun; Sun, Hemin; Zhai, Jianqing; Zhan, Mingjin Report Sep 30, 2019 6343
A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavement: A Case Study in China. Ma, Hui; Zhang, Zhigang; Zhao, Xia; Wu, Shuang Case study Sep 30, 2019 7070
DEWA's obtains ISO 14064 certification in reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions. Baset Asaba Sep 30, 2019 488
Carbon pricing is essential to reducing greenhouse gases: World Bank. Mohamed Samir Sep 29, 2019 955
Co-op signs up to UN campaign to hold back global warming. Sep 28, 2019 190
GE Expands SF6-free High-Voltage Product Portfolio to Help Cut Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Sep 26, 2019 887
Prime Minister Imran Khan urges 'Bold Leadership' to fight climate change - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Sep 25, 2019 347
Prime Minister Imran Khan urges 'Bold Leadership' to fight climate change - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Sep 25, 2019 347
PM urges 'bold leadership' to fight climate change. Sep 25, 2019 312
Prime Minister Imran Khan urges 'bold leadership' to fight climate change - Press Note issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sep 24, 2019 344
Prime Minister Imran Khan urges 'bold leadership' to fight climate change - Press Note issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sep 24, 2019 344
Taiwan lauds progress on greenhouse gas reduction as summit opens. Sep 24, 2019 406
Emirates commissions solar plant to cut greenhouse gas. Staff Report Sep 24, 2019 399
Tunisia-Germany: Energy efficiency in industry, real windfall for Tunisian companies. Sep 24, 2019 587
Globe joins over 50 mobile firms worldwide in committing to disclose climate impacts. Sep 23, 2019 804
BP Oil Ltd.--BP deploys continuous methane measurement for new major oil and gas projects--10/9/2019. Sep 23, 2019 767
FINANCING SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE AT SCALE. Deseglise, Christian; Freijido, Delfina Lopez ess Sep 22, 2019 6310
Major investors and companies urge Massachusetts to commit to a net-zero carbon economy. Sep 20, 2019 799
California Takes Lead In Suing Trump Over Emissions Standards Authority. FreightWaves Sep 20, 2019 655
Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) makes its mark at London International Shipping Week. Sep 19, 2019 656
Major investors and companies urge Massachusetts to commit to a zero-carbon economy. Sep 19, 2019 796
Enel pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70% to 2030. Sep 19, 2019 138
Polyethylene Furanoate Market To Be Driven By Rising Environmental Concerns in Order to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Surroundings Till 2022 / Million Insights. Sep 18, 2019 923
AyalaLand shares proven strategies to achieve carbon neutrality. Sep 18, 2019 656
BP Oil Ltd.--BP deploys continuous methane measurement for new major oil and gas projects--10/9/2019. Sep 18, 2019 767
AI could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, boost global GDP, create 38 million jobs by 2030: PwC rese. Sep 17, 2019 802
Zain teams up with GSMA to disclose climate impacts. Sep 16, 2019 341
Fears as country falls short of EU average with 51% higher greenhouse gas emissions. Sep 15, 2019 207
No evidence man to blame. Sep 14, 2019 434
Just a theory, it's not a fact. Sep 14, 2019 223
Global Ammonia Procurement: 2019 Market Intelligence Report - Engage with Suppliers that Offer Products with a Low Defect Rate. Report Sep 12, 2019 615
Farmers looking to lead way on greenhouse gases; Report: NFU highlights its plans on how to meet net-zero emissions target. Sep 11, 2019 455
City's real estate industry leading the way on climate change. Sep 11, 2019 519
UK aid has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 16 million tonnes, new figures show. Sep 10, 2019 694
BGE Customers Lead the Nation in Reducing Energy Usage to Save Money and Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Sep 9, 2019 626
Massive CO2 emissions in neighbouring countries make Pakistan's environment vulnerable. Sep 9, 2019 305
Massive CO2 emissions in neighbouring countries make Pakistan's environment vulnerable. Sep 9, 2019 305
Greenhouse gases leave lakes warm on top and cold below: Study. Sep 9, 2019 495
Reactor Turns Greenhouse Gas Into Liquid Fuel. Sep 5, 2019 895
Evidence for the warming. Sep 4, 2019 295
'Roadmap' aims to lead industry. Sep 4, 2019 411
Industry urged to be 'on track' for net-zero emissions by 2050; PLANS. Sep 4, 2019 303
'Roadmap' tracks future of sector transformation; Oil and gas dubbed an 'industry in action with credible plan'. Sep 4, 2019 445
Effect of long-term irrigation and tillage practices on X-ray CT and gas transport derived pore-network characteristics. Muller, Karin; Ferro, Nicola Dal; Katuwal, Sheela; Tregurtha, Craig; Zanini, Filippo; Carmignato, Si Report Sep 1, 2019 10207
Electrifying Long-Haul Freight--Part I: Review of Drag, Rolling Resistance, and Weight Reduction Potential. Depcik, Christopher; Gaire, Anmesh; Gray, Jamee; Hall, Zachary; Maharjan, Anjana; Pinto, Darren; Pri Sep 1, 2019 8844
Tectonic Controls on Near-Surface Variations in C[H.sub.4] and C[O.sub.2] Concentrations along the Northwestern Margin of the Ordos Block, China. Cui, Y.J.; Li, Y.; Si, X.Y.; Yang, L.X.; Liu, Z.F.; Sun, F.X.; Li, X.Y.; Zheng, H.W.; Du, J.G. Aug 31, 2019 6452
Trump administration to reverse limits on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Aug 30, 2019 465
,e1/422 million earmarked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aug 28, 2019 142
Greenbrier Outlines Railcar Design Improvements. Aug 21, 2019 605
With time to sign bills running low, governor puts pen to work Governor: Greenhouse gas bill doesn't set new standards. Aug 21, 2019 935
Biomethane Plants - Global Market Outlook Report, 2019-2023. Report Aug 19, 2019 667
How will meat sector ght back against latest attacks? Reporting of an IPCC study into meat production focused on the negative. Can the industry work to construct a positive narrative? Sandercock, Henry Aug 17, 2019 952
Going vegan 'no answer to climate change concerns'. Aug 15, 2019 335

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