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How the Supreme Court really works: after 30 years covering the Court of The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse takes us behind the scenes for a look at how nine Justices determine the law of the land. Oct 20, 2008 3131
Supreme 180s: it doesn't happen often, but when the Supreme Court changes its mind and overturns an earlier decision, it can have a major impact. A look at key reversals of the past--and what may lie ahead. Mar 31, 2008 1770
Do you have a right to "bear arms"?: in the more than 200 years since the adoption of the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court has never ruled on what the Second Amendment really means. But that may be about to change. Jan 14, 2008 1026
Back in session: it's the first full year for the Supreme Court's new team, and there are some tough issues on the docket. Nov 13, 2006 1482
How long is too long? Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life. But the founding fathers didn't imagine 80-year-old Justices and terms lasting 30 years. Mar 7, 2005 1526
Does God belong in the Pledge? Fifty years ago, Congress added 'under God' to the Pledge of Allegiance. A California atheist claims that recitation of the phrase in public schools violates the Constitution. May 10, 2004 1186
States may ban cross burning. (Upfront Update). May 9, 2003 128
Three strikes law upheld. (Upfront Update). Apr 18, 2003 91
Verdict: not disabled. (Upfront Update). Brief Article Feb 11, 2002 159

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