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Green screen; a podocarpus trained to cover a trellis of 2 by 2's and 2 by 4's.

A trellised podocarpus provides a permanent evergreen screen for Rita and Edzard Schroeder's garden in Fair Oaks, California. Mr. Schroeder designed the trellis to support an existing podocarpus, then he trained the plant to cover it.

Viewed from the patio deck, the espaliered plant makes a dense, dark green backdrop for a raised garden bed that borders the house. The trellis also does two very practical jobs: masking sprinkler valves near the house and shading the hot west wall of the master bedroom during the summer.

Mr. Schroeder built the trellis of three 10-foot lengths of redwood 2 by 4, each nothced to hold six 8-foot crossbars of 2 by 2; one 8d galvanized nail driven into a predrilled hole at each intersection holds the crosspieces in place. Verticals are spaced 3 feet apart, horizontals 1 foot. The posts, sunk 3-1/2 feet below grade, were treated with wood preservatives before being set into concrete.
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Date:Feb 1, 1984
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