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Green refrigeration is second nature.

WHEN GIANT FOOD STORES OPENED THE DOORS TO ITS NEW HARRISBURG STORE, the company wowed customers with 97,000 square feet of modern technology and convenience.


The Second Nature refrigeration systems from Conyers, Ga.-based Hill PHOENIX are key contributors to the store's energy savings and reduced carbon footprint, according to officials for the retailer.

"We've been building green technology into our stores for years because it not only makes sense financially, but it reduces the environmental impact of our operations," says Tharon Gilreath, manager of energy and mechanical design for Carlisle, Pa.-based Giant Food Stores. "We expect the Hill PHOENIX Second Nature system to play an important role in enhancing our green technology package."

Second Nature Medium Temperature systems--designed to keep refrigerated foods at optimum temperatures--replace R404A, a halogenated fluorocarbon (HFC) and contributor to greenhouse gases, with a 35% aqueous propylene glycol fluid and R407C, a non-halogenated refrigerant with less than half of the global warming potential of traditional HFC refrigerants.

Another distinct advantage of the Second Nature Medium Temperature technology is the system's Variable Speed Drives. By incorporating the drives on the compressor of each system, Hill PHOENIX can provide precise capacity control throughout the operation and thereby improve energy efficiency.

"Using Variable Speed Drives with end-of-loop pressure controls on the glycol circulating system allows the system to optimize the flow rates at each display case and walk-in cooler," adds Tom Kilroy, industrial systems engineer for Hill PHOENIX. "By eliminating excess cooling, this technology provides an energy savings of 40 percent over traditional pumping systems."

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Author:Zimmermann, Kim Ann
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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