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Green Seal to develop recycled paint standard.

The National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA), Washington, D.C., the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), Boston, MA, and other stakeholders involved in a national paint dialogue--known as the Paint Product Stewardship Initiative (PPSI)--have chosen Green Seal, Inc. to develop a national standard for recycled paint. Green Seal accepted public comments on the proposed standard until May 31. It will issue a final standard by August 31, 2006.

With consumer concern over the performance of recycled paint being one of the greatest impediments to the use of recycled paint, PSI and NPCA and others were interested in implementing a standard that would ensure the performance and quality of recycled paints. This initiative is one of 11 spearheaded by the PSI as part of their overall goal to reduce paint waste, which they began pursuing in 2003.

The Master Painters Institute, a nationally recognized paint performance certification organization, is working with Green Seal on the performance portion of the standard. The standard will take into account the quality, performance, and safety of recycled paint, as well as environmental attributes. Once the standard is finalized, it will be used to independently certify a recycled paint's performance characteristics to enable paint consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Recycled paints that meet the standard's requirements will be marked with the Green Seal of Certification Mark.

Recycled paint incorporates unused paint from consumers as well as excess from the original paint manufacturing process.
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