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Green Sand Cooler.

By monitoring the temperature and moisture of both incoming and outgoing sand, Hartley Control's Phase III green sand cooler provides controlled and blended sand to reduce costs, sand-related scrap and surface defects. Using an evaporative cooling process, output sand is consistently 120F (49C) or less with no practical limit to input temperatures. Air is blown in below the sand, percolating up and through the sand for maximum effectiveness. Output moisture is controlled to the user's specifications, typically 2%, with [plus or minus]0.2% tolerance. Premulling and increased bond activation can improve muller efficiency by 5-10%. Brisk rotary action provides complete homogenization of cooled sand and reduces core and green sand lumps. The fully automatic, PLC-controlled system integrates water additions to match variable input temperature and moisture. Available in capacities from 25-250 tons/hr, the unit has low air requirements, provides environmentally clean operation, operates independent of shakeout, and the cyclone collects and retains virtually 100% of usable sand and bond--Hartley Control Corp.
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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