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Green Hills Software and Express Logic Provide a New Choice for pSOS+ Users; Introducing the Evacuation Kit for pSOS+.

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 24, 2000

Green Hills Software today announced the availability of the Evacuation Kit(TM) (EK) for pSOS+, developed in cooperation with Express Logic, the developers of ThreadX(TM).

This new product offers an exciting new option to pSOS+ users confronted with Wind River Systems' acquisition of ISI and their decision to end-of-life pSOS+. Instead of being forced to transition to VxWorks/Tornado, the EK allows pSOS+ customers to easily migrate their existing applications to Green Hills Software's ThreadX/MULTI(R) 2000.

"Many users selected pSOS+ over VxWorks because of its smaller size and more efficient kernel," said John Carbone, Green Hills Software's vice president of marketing. "VxWorks simply is too bulky for their applications. ThreadX makes much more sense for these applications, and it's also royalty-free. Only Green Hills offers pSOS+ users a real alternative to VxWorks/Tornado: a complete embedded software development solution with the worldwide sales and support that pSOS+ customers expect."

ThreadX architect and president of Express Logic, William E. Lamie says, "Let's face it, pSOS customers made a distinct choice not to use VxWorks when selecting pSOS originally. Wind River is now telling these same customers that, over the next couple of years, they must migrate into something they never wanted. This heavy-handed approach certainly isn't a good situation for pSOS developers, which is why we decided to create the Evacuation Kit(TM). With our Evacuation Kit, a no-royalty business model, superior technology, and the highly integrated and advanced MULTI 2000 development solution, we are giving pSOS+ customers a very compelling alternative."

The Evacuation Kit(TM) is designed to help pSOS+ customers that don't want to migrate their applications to VxWorks because of royalty, cost, size, or performance reasons. The EK defines most basic pSOS+ services, and utilizes ThreadX primitives underneath. The applications actually should perform faster than the original pSOS+ based code, since the EK utilizes more efficient internal ThreadX primitives. The applications can achieve even greater performance and size benefits if a complete conversion to ThreadX is performed.

The royalty-free ThreadX RTOS provides former pSOS+ developers with the most technically advanced multitasking solution on the market today. Its picokernel(TM) design results in very high-performance and extremely small memory requirements -- requiring less than 4Kbytes for minimal usage. ThreadX also provides former pSOS+ users with significant technical innovations including extremely fast software timers and a mechanism to help reduce context switching called Preemption-Threshold(TM). In fact, recent academic research has proven Preemption-Threshold helps reduce real-time operating system overhead (context switches) by marrying the best of preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling techniques.

Green Hills Software's MULTI 2000 IDE, together with a complete family of optimizing C, C++, and EC++ compilers, automates all aspects of embedded software development and provides an excellent replacement for developers previously using tools from ISI. Featuring an integrated programming editor, source-level debugger, graphical program builder, and run-time error checker, MULTI 2000 also includes a version control system, instruction set simulators, performance profiler, and real-time EventAnalyzer(TM).

The latest version of MULTI 2000 also boasts several new additions to an already best of class solution. The debugger's new Cross Reference Browsing capability enables programmers to view variable and function use throughout the source code. This makes it easy to determine where a variable is used, where it is given a value, and where it is referenced.

ThreadX is completely integrated with Green Hills Software's MULTI 2000, including advanced ThreadX-aware debugging, thread-safe C library integration, and complete support for the MULTI EventAnalyzer. The MULTI EventAnalyzer for ThreadX works hand in hand with Green Hills' MULTI Debugger to graphically display both system and application events on an expandable timeline in real-time. Unlike competing products, the MULTI EventAnalyzer for ThreadX is implemented with in-line macros for minimal intrusion. This results in a tool that can actually be used at later states of product development, when timing is critical.

MULTI 2000 and ThreadX are available for most major 32-bit and 64-bit RISC and CISC CPUs, as well as a number of popular DSPs, including all derivatives of Motorola and IBM PowerPC, ARM, Thumb, StrongARM, MIPS, Star-Core, ST100, Hitachi SH, NEC V8xx, Motorola 68000, ColdFire, Intel 386/486/Pentium, Oak Technology's Micro-SPARC, SPARClite, M-CORE, TriCore, and Hitachi's SH-DSP. MULTI 2000 also supports a variety of host/target connectivity options, including BDM and JTAG OCD (On-Chip Debugging) solutions, EST's visionICE, HP's Processor Probe, ARM's EmbeddedICE, and various ROM Monitors.

Price and availability

ThreadX, the Evacuation Kit for pSOS+, and MULTI 2000 are fully integrated and available from Green Hills Software. ThreadX is licensed on a product-line basis, including source-code and without any run-time royalties for a project-wide price of $9,500. MULTI 2000 is priced starting at $5,900. The Evacuation Kit (EK) will be distributed at no additional charge for licensed ThreadX customers. The EK is scheduled for shipment at the beginning of Q2 2000.

About Green Hills Software

Incorporated in 1982, Green Hills Software, Inc., is the world's largest supplier of software development tools for 32-bit and 64-bit embedded systems. Green Hills offers a family of optimizing C, C++, Embedded C++, and Ada 95 compilers. The company's unique MULTI Integrated Development Environment automates the compile-edit-build-debug cycle by integrating advanced facilities such as an RTOS-aware source-level debugger, performance profiler, program builder and version control systems.

Green Hills Software's tools support all major 32-bit and 64-bit advanced microprocessor families and target environments, including instruction set simulators, ROM Monitors, commercial and home grown real-time operating systems (RTOS) and in-circuit emulators (ICE).

Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, and has U.S. offices in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. International headquarters are located in the United Kingdom, with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. For sales information on Green Hills Software products, please call 805/965-6044 or email inquires to
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