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Green Global Tribunals on the Way. (Insider Report).

"The rights of victims of environmental disasters worldwide are to be formally recognized by the Permanent Court of Arbitration," reported a BBC News dispatch on November 26th. On that date the Hague-based international court signed "an agreement with the Cousteau environmental society as a basis for settling international environmental disputes between organizations and individuals. The Cousteau Society is placing a ship, the Alcyone, at the court's disposal to carry out fact-finding commissions. It is the first time a court will give legitimacy to environmental disputes between individuals and organizations in an international context."

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) was created in 1899 at the end of a multinational peace conference in The Hague. Its present powers are set forth in the 1976 United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. The Cousteau Society is a UN-accredited "non-governmental organization" (NGO).

In recent years, UN officials and supporters have spoken of the need to deputize NGOs to serve fact-finding and enforcement missions on behalf of the world body. The entente between the PCA and the Cousteau Society certainly fits that description.
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Date:Dec 31, 2001
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