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Green, Sally. Half Bad.

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Green, Sally. Half Bad. Viking/Penguin, 2014. 416p. $18.99. 978-0-670-01678-5.

In a world divided by two factions at war, Nathan is caught in the middle, for he is neither a White Witch nor a Black Witch, but a Half Code--half White and half Black. Nathan must overcome more than the tyrannical ordinances that govern his life and separation from the girl he loves, for destiny has ordained that he must kill his evil Black Witch father, a man who, more than anything, Nathan just wishes to know. On his journey to escape from the Hunters, cruel White Witches who cage and torment him, Nathan searches to understand his past and find a way to receive the three gifts that will allow him to come into his power, gifts only a family member can bestow. Yet family is something Nathan both desires and fears, for he also seeks to understand his own nature and if he is truly a White or Black Witch.

The first in a trilogy, Half Bad follows the beginning of Nathan's journey for self-understanding and escape from persecution as he struggles to decide whom he can trust. Told at times in first- and second-person, the story allows unique insights into Nathan's perspectives, including the fast-paced escapes and heart-wrenching torment. An interesting spin on the paranormal that runs adjacent to some important social issues, Half Bad leaves readers questioning if the division between good and evil is ever as simple as black and white.--Meghann Meeusen.

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Author:Meeusen, Meghann
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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