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Green's Not Black & White: The Balanced Guide to Making Eco Decisions.

Green's Not Black & White: The Balanced Guide to Making Eco Decisions

By Dominic Muren

144 pages; soft cover $14.99

Barron's Educational Series, Inc.; 1-800-645-3476


In a world where environmental concerns are ever-growing, it's only a matter of time before you feel bogged down by the barrage of eco-information. Is there such thing as clean coal? Is washing your clothes in cold water a smart choice? Well, Dominic Muren's Green's Not Black & White is here to answer questions like these and help you make informed environmental decisions.

Muren takes a new stance when it comes to sifting through today's avalanche of eco-information. Instead of planting feet firmly and taking a side, he outlines the pros and cons of a variety of topics, from eating less meat to using natural cleaning products.

For example, you may think using bamboo has no negative consequences. Muren's information may surprise you. Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource. It is produced on plantations, so it does not contribute to rainforest destruction. However, it is expensive to transport from the tropical climates where it grows, to the countries that need it. In addition, bamboo in textiles must be carefully disposed of using chemicals, so carelessness can lead to environmental problems.

The book's two-page per topic layout and bulleted facts make it an informative, but not complicated read. The colorful illustrations and photographs are an enjoyable addition, and the entertaining cartoon art mixes harmoniously with Muren's fact reporting. Airplanes on bicycles and pole-vaulting fish may seem absurd, but when absorbed with the text, they delicately present the significance of each eco-decision.

With the amount of "pro & con" information in this book, you may find yourself wondering about what your next step should be. Have no fear; Muren not only gives you the information, he offers helpful suggestions on what to do with it.

Dominic Muren cuts through a lot of the hype surrounding today's conservation efforts, and presents impartial (and sometimes surprising) facts to help you make balanced eco-decisions. I recommend this book to those confused and lost in today's Green age, or those who just want some objective answers to their environmental questions. Green's Not Black & White shows the hidden grey in a world of confusing and somewhat contradictory eco-information.

Jenna Kerwin is the staff writer of Conservationist.

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Author:Kerwin, Jenna
Publication:New York State Conservationist
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2010
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