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Khudi Essence of 'self-realisation. Nov 15, 2021 1146
The people are central to China's vision of democracy. Sep 30, 2021 724
Were ancient Olympic events any different from those of modern times? Mustafa Marie Jun 8, 2021 442
Online performance offers up ribbons. Eleni Philippou May 24, 2021 252
Flower power? No kidding: Florist reveals why stopping to smell the flowers really is good for us; From Murrayfield to ancient Greece, petal guru reveals the scents and colours that can elevate our mood. Sally McDonald Mar 14, 2021 649
Flower power? No kidding: Florist reveals why stopping to smell the flowers really is good for us; From Murrayfield to ancient Greece, petal guru reveals the scents and colours that can elevate our mood. Sally McDonald Mar 14, 2021 652
Excavation project at Fabrika Hill in Paphos presented. Bejay Browne Sep 8, 2020 402
Can democracy work? Jul 22, 2020 1032
The Anxiety of Influence. Klavan, Spencer A. Jun 22, 2020 2901
How much can YOU remember of this season? Test yourself with our special non-league quiz. Apr 26, 2020 675
Is there a case for Britain keeping the Elgin Marbles? DEBATE. Feb 24, 2020 365
Incorporate flowers into your wedding in inspired ways. Feb 4, 2020 429
Mapping Diversity in Classical Studies. Konstan, David Jan 1, 2020 7400
Gold artifacts found in Bronze Age tombs could shed new light on Greek civilisation. ANI Dec 18, 2019 259
General Knowledge Quiz. Oct 11, 2019 366
General Knowledge Quiz. Oct 10, 2019 367
Farmer, Priest, and Poet: Knowledge Transmission and Wisdom in Works and Days and Gelimu. Xu, Duoduo Sep 15, 2019 6681
Ancient Greece: A New History. Book review Sep 1, 2019 105
City's echoes of Italy; MERSEYSIDE TALES. Jun 8, 2019 476
Magic in Ancient Greece and Rome. Book review Jun 1, 2019 266
Education is best medicine. May 31, 2019 351
The western way of war revisited: merits and problems of a military theory/O modelo ocidental de guerra revisitado: meritos e problemas de uma teoria militar. de Sant'Anna, Henrique Modanez May 1, 2019 6918
A PROLOGUE TO KENNETH MINOGUES POLITICS (1996). Samson, Steven Alan Mar 22, 2019 10040
Times digital download: Assassins' Creed Odyssey. Dec 12, 2018 803
The myths and mysteries of Ancient Greece on show in Germany. Nov 29, 2018 586
Times Digital Download: Zeus, Master of Olympus. Oct 24, 2018 668
An AI wake-up call from ancient Greece. Oct 17, 2018 1020
Tyldesley, Joyce: Stories from Ancient Greece & Rome. Medlicott, Mary Book review Jun 22, 2018 231
THE AGE OF INFLUENCE: The Parthenon sculptures had a profound effect on Auguste Rodin when he saw them at the British Museum, but his own sculptures also shaped subsequent ideas about what constituted the classical. Vout, Caroline Critical essay May 1, 2018 2510
Knowing Ancient Greece through its poetry. Mar 20, 2018 229
Ancient and modern; Merseyside. tales. Feb 24, 2018 489
Louvre artifacts come to Tehran. Feb 16, 2018 218
Art Museum invites to Open Doors Day. Dec 12, 2017 365
Did Ancient Greece Worship Earthquakes? Sep 13, 2017 586
The trumpet and the games/A trombeta e os jogos. Cerqueira, Fabio Vergara Jul 1, 2017 8519
Sport and war in democratic Athens/Esporte e guerra na Atenas democratica. Pritchard, David M. Jul 1, 2017 6405
Democracy's voice. Tahmincioglu, Eve Jun 22, 2017 450
Eudemonic care: a future path for occupational therapy? Royeen, Charlotte I.; Stein, Franklin; Murtha, Alivia; Stambaugh, Julie Report Mar 22, 2017 5059
Historical sights, sapphic delights: the timeless beauty and historic significance of Greece. Sturgess, Cyd Feb 1, 2017 1232
LA IDEA DE MERITO EN LA ANTIGUEDAD GRIEGA. Civico, Jesus Garcia Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 14506
7 Easy Recipes For National Cake Day. Recipe Nov 26, 2016 562
BRAIN. Oct 25, 2016 341
General Knowledge Quiz. Oct 25, 2016 333
A dialogue on traditional medicine: east meets west. Roth, Adam; Zhang, Hongxia Report Oct 1, 2016 5823
Ancient Greece's restored Tower of Winds keeps its secrets. Aug 25, 2016 684
It's many strappy returns! 90 years since the bra hit our high street. Aug 10, 2016 953
One-to-One and One-to-Many Dichotomy: Grand Theories, Periodization, and Historical Narratives in Communication Studies. Balbi, Gabriele; Kittler, Juraj Apr 1, 2016 8855
Salt and pep up; IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR CAVE SESSIONS ARE CURE TO MAKE YOU HEALTHY The Salt Cave in Edinburgh uses therapies dating back to ancient Greece to treat breathing and skin problems. The treatments have changed the health and well-being of many Scots, who are now enjoying a new lease of life. Jul 7, 2015 1395
A think tank or a template for university campus: Plato's Academy. Dominiczak, Marek H. Jul 1, 2015 1403
Ancient Greece's middle-out strategy. Glastris, Paul Editorial Jun 1, 2015 1900
Humanismo en la antigua Grecia/Humanism in ancient Greece. Sanchez, Luis Alberto Carmona Jan 1, 2015 4429
Secrets From An Ancient Titanic. Akila Nov 2, 2014 535
Ancient Greece: fundamental transition from convention-based to observation-based art. Dominiczak, Marek H. Report Nov 1, 2014 1293
Ancient Greece and modern day music; Leon of Athens are in Newcastle this week, writes What's On Editor GORDON BARR. Sep 10, 2014 539
Racing returns as Ancient Greece heads British raiders. Feb 16, 2014 363
The school of Athens: moments in the history of an idea. Bosman, P.R. Jan 1, 2014 9083
The biggest, best and original A-Team; In an old lorry depot in Wales the lost world of ancient Greece has been recreated for BBC One's new Saturday night family drama Atlantis. Abbie Wightwick visited the set to find out what it takes to make fantasy TV on a grand scale. Sep 28, 2013 1645
Swords and scandals and scandals; We love the BIG EVENT; We go on set to talk to the stars of this ambitious drama, based on the myths of Ancient Greece. Sep 28, 2013 695
Forgotten heroes of ancient Greek Olympic games. Kouril, Jiri Report Jun 1, 2013 4827
Earthquake may have destroyed Ancient Greece. Apr 27, 2013 355
Qatar Cover-up for Ancient Greece Statues that were 'Too Nude'. Apr 24, 2013 275
The radical tragic imaginary: Castoriadis on Aeschylus & Sophocles. Abaffy, Nana Bilus Critical essay Jul 1, 2012 13486
Novels of ancient Greece. Teisch, Jessica Book review May 1, 2012 3891
Entertainment in view of politicians in Ancient Greece and Rome/Pramogos politiku akiratyje senoves Graikijoje ir Romoje. Pruskus, Valdas; Kocai, Elena Mar 1, 2012 3672
New evidence hints at ice-age mariners in ancient Greece. Aug 29, 2011 254
TURKEY-ART -Istanbul to host graffiti art festival. Jul 19, 2011 121
Cancer 'endowment of affluence...'. Apr 19, 2011 657
A historiography on the war in ancient Greece: from the "account-battles" to the historical-cultural approach/A historiografia sobre a guerra na Grecia antiga: dos "relatos-batalha" a abordagem historico-cultural. Grillo, Jose Geraldo Costa; Funari, Pedro Paulo Abreu Sep 1, 2010 2304
Sports and recreation activities for young children in ancient Greece The young boxers of Akrotiri, Santorini (Thera). Ch.Syrmos, Nikolaos; Mylonas, Argyrios Jul 1, 2010 660
Bildung--then and now in Danish high school and university teaching and how to integrate Bildung into modern university teaching. Olesen, Mogens Noergaard Report Jun 22, 2010 12436
No holds barred: the garadimanes (gymnasiums) of Gadag. Vasudevan, Kamala Jun 1, 2010 2376
Ancient Greece in London with Clash of the Titans. Mar 30, 2010 168
Ancient Greece in London with Clash of the Titans. Mar 29, 2010 168
Ancient Greeks, not Romans gave France the gift of wine. Oct 26, 2009 342
Alexandria the Great: on the Mediterranean at the western edge of the Nile delta stands the most important and enduring of all the many cities founded by Alexander. Though much of its material past has been destroyed or lies underwater, Alexandria's reputation as the intellectual powerhouse of the Classical world, fusing Greek, Egyptian and Roman culture, lives on. Cartledge, Paul Oct 1, 2009 3560
Child soldiers of Sparta: in this ancient. Greek society, being a citizen meant becoming a warrior. Brown, Bryan Sep 21, 2009 1321
Reading a historical map. Sep 21, 2009 322
Aristocrat warriors in ancient Greece were given "best" spots in cemeteries. Sep 19, 2009 272
A fresh view of ancient Greece. Aug 1, 2009 225
Brief history of the clinical diagnosis of malaria: from Hippocrates to Osler. Cunha, Cheston B.; Cunha, Burke A. Report Sep 1, 2008 3150
Goddesses, snake tubes, and plaques: analysis of ceramic ritual objects from the LM IIIC shrine at Kavousi. Day, Peter M.; Joyner, Louise; Kilikoglou, Vassilis; Gesell, Geraldine C. Mar 22, 2006 13898
The LH IIIB-LH IIIC transition on the Mycenaean mainland: ceramic phases and terminology. Vitale, Salvatore Mar 22, 2006 13818
Chairs, beds, and tables: evidence for furnished interiors in Hellenistic Greece. Andrianou, Dimitra Mar 22, 2006 24948
Helen the whore and the curse of beauty: Bettany Hughes asks why the story of a beautiful woman over 2,500 years ago still has the power to inflame men's passions. Hughes, Bettany Nov 1, 2005 2506
Our connections with the ancients (the trial of Socrates). Ferguson, Margaret; Swanky, Tom Apr 1, 1998 3807
Greek news: the greatest newspaper in civilization. Book Review Sep 22, 1996 158

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