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Grede Foundaries, HUSCO finalize supply agreement.

Agustin A. Ramirez, president of HUSCO International, and Jack Steele, vice president of marketing for Grede Foundries, have announced the finalization of a new multi-year supply agreement in which HUSCO has designated Grede as their source of sectional castings for their worldwide production of a major new hydraulic control product line.

"The value of this contract will exceed $6 million and reaffirms the highly competitive position of Grede Foundries," Steele said. "We feel the selection of Grede's Iron Mountain Foundry (Michigan) by HUSCO after their rigorous search of the world market is a significant tribute to our organization's capabilities."

"An essential element in maintaining HUSCO's position as a leading worldwide supplier of hydraulic controls," Ramirez added, "is the partnerships established with key suppliers who recognize the demands of the international marketplace.

"The new agreement calls for a Grede commitment to quality, delivery and price levels which are competitive with the best foundries in Japan and Europe. This is essential as over 50% of the castings purchased will be exported to HUSCO's European manufacturing facility"

The new product line will be produced at HUSCO's U.S. plant in Waukesha, Wi, and its European plant in Runcorn, England. Major investments totaling more than $15 million will be made in these facilities for sophisticated machining and custom designed equipment to provide manufacturing process capabilities that will be among the finest in the world.

"This new product line will position HUSCO as the major supplier in a new market segment and will increase HUSCO's market share by over 5% in both the North American and European mar-, kets," Ramirez said.

HUSCO a privately owned company based in Waukesha, Wi, is engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of hydraulic controls to off-highway equipment markets worldwide.

Grede Foundries, headquartered in Wauwatosa, WI, is the second largest ferrous casting jobbing foundry organization in the U.S. and operates 11 foundries serving the automotive, construction equipment, compressor, diesel engine, hydraulics and truck industries.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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