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Greater velocity from a smaller unit.

PI (Physik Instrumente) recently unveiled their P-653 piezo motor linear slide, which they state is smaller (8 mm in length) than other miniature linear stages, but provides significantly higher velocities and resolution. Utilizing a 4-part composition, Pl feels it can replace classical drive elements like miniaturized motor/lead screw systems or other linear motors with its ability to reach speeds of up to 200 mm/sec. Additional features include:

* A travel range of 2 mm.

* Sub-micron resolution.

* A higher holding force of 0.15 N (0.5 oz).

* A moving slider and piezo motor are delivered assembled and mounted on a PCB driver board for easier integration.

* Self-locking functionality.

* A rectangular monolithic piezoceramic plate located at the heart of the system is segmented on one side by two electrodes. Depending on the desired direction of motion, the left or right electrode of the piezoceramic plate is excited to produce high-frequency oscillations of hundreds of kilohertz.

* Vacuum compatible and non-magnetic.

Why Would I Specify?

* Simplified integration.

* Smaller footprint.

* Lower energy consumption.

Datasheets are available at en/pdf/P653_Datasheet.pdf.


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Title Annotation:First Look
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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