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Greater than the sum of its parts.

Most black gun "manufacturers" don't actually make any of the parts for their rifles. They buy all the parts here and there then assemble them into rifles.

At ArmaLite, we're actually a factory, a factory with a skilled staff of Machinists, Assemblers, Inspectors, and Engineers.

You see, we believe that our products should always be in a state of continuous improvement. If you're not making anything, you don't have the opportunity to try to make them better.

The AR-10 Super SASS[TM] is a prime example of our success.

The SuperSASS(Semi-Automatic Sniper System) was originally designed for use by the US Military, but a Civilian model is available to discerning shooters who demand the best.

The SuperSASS is superbly accurate featuring a match grade stainless steel barrel, a 4 railed free float handguard, a fully adjustable stock and an adjustable gas system built to accommodate suppressed and unsuppressed fire. The AR-10 SuperSASS[TM] is the ultimate tactical rifle system on the market and ideal to fill that open slot in your gun vault.

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Title Annotation:The AmarLite Difference: Example No. 1; AR-10 Super SASS
Publication:Shotgun News
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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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Greater than the sum of its parts.

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