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Greater Sudbury.

Greater Sudbury has updated their economic development strategic plan identifying five engines of growth, mining, cultural diversity, tourism, health and biotechnology and renewable energy.

* Greater Sudbury mining history will serve as a foundation in world-class mining technologies and advances. Local businesses can collaborate and provide expertise internationally in mining robotics for energy, space and military applications. The city's aim is to develop a larger export market and obtain official recognition from senior governments to acknowledge Greater Sudbury as the Centre of Innovation for Mining in Canada. Further emphasis will be place on nurturing local mining supply and service companies. Through, Mining Solutions Cluster Group, represented by post secondary institutions, SAMSSA, Chamber of Commerce, Greater Sudbury Development Corporation and the Mining Solutions Journal, the sector will develop a three-year strategy to address mining solutions training council, trade show strategies and the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal.

* Making Greater Sudbury an attractive "people place" will stimulate the second engine, cultural diversity. By encouraging downtown revitalization, improving public transportation accessibility, developing a student-friendly environment, the city intends to attract investment.

* Greater Sudbury is looking to become one of Ontario's top four destinations. A plan was established, funding applications were submitted to government agencies, and residents, tourism and hospitality workers were encouraged to actively participate in community branding.

* Greater Sudbury is recognized for its advances in cancer care, clinical research, biotechnology products, rural medicine and healthy community systems. With the Northern Ontario Medical School opening, it will put the city on the pathway to innovation. The plan is to build world leadership in community medicine, pursue R & D initiatives and recruit world-class researchers and practitioners.

* The "EarthCare Sudbury" model has positioned Greater Sudbury to take on a leadership role in the eco-industry and renewable energy sector. The city has the capabilities to utilize a variety of renewable energies and environmental technologies. EarthCare's goal is to set up task force on the economic development issues of sustainable development and the growth of this engine.

They have identified several prospective proponents regarding eco-industrial park/plan and developed a strategy for waste streams, resources and capacity with targeted opportunities, businesses and processes.
Statistics Canada 2001 Census of Labour Force

Mining 48,830
Agriculture 535
Manufacturing 4,865
Construction 4,410
Selected Services 2,040
Finance & Insurance 1,075
Real Estate 2,475
Wholesale Trade 10,110
Retail Trade 3,835
Transportation 2,865
Professional & Scientific 8,680
Health Care
Total 77,475
Males 40,090
Females 37,385


Population 155,195
Average family
income $64,174
Average price of
executive house $169,000
Average price of
standard house $103,000
infrastructure Digital switching, Internet ADSL, scaleable
 transmission speed, local IP, fibre optics
Major private-
sector employers Inco Ltd. (4,500 employees)
 Falconbridge Ltd. (1,400)
 Tele-Tech (1,100)
Major public-
sector employers Sudbury
Regional Hospital (2,800) Revenue
 Canada (1,961)
 City of Greater Sudbury (1,612)
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