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Great tragedy.

What a great tragedy! Today is undoubtedly the biggest occasion of rejoicing and jubilation for the people of Pakistan. It was on this august day 67 years ago that they became an independent nation. But with their shenanigans, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri have grandly turned it into a day of frightening uncertainties and unpredictable eventualities fraught with consequences that could possibly hurt the nation cripplingly. And with this, the trio has taken away from the mass of the people even the little happiness that they enjoy on this landmark day every year. None of the three can even imagine what a colossal cruelty have they inflicted on the masses with their brinkmanship and adventurism. Mark it.

While the nation's elites while away their day in the deluxe parlours of their posh mansions in gossiping and eating or in the basements of their palatial homes brimming with seductive sparkling stuffs, it is the hoi polloi who turn out in multitudes to imbibe the day's gaiety to the fill. Wearing washed clothes, with their children also attired in their best, they throng the city's main lanes and streets to enjoy the glamorous illumination on public and private buildings, entertaining all the while their children to the tidbits that their thin pockets can afford. They all come out in the evening and return to their homes late at night. And while the elites' offspring come riding on their fancy cars for a short while, ogling and deafeningly honking on the horns all the time to make a big show of their parents' fabulous wealth and riches, these downtrodden and the poor enjoy with their children every minute of the outing.

Yet the trio has snatched even this happiness from the retched masses atrociously. But who had mandated them to do this culpable wrong to them so callously? Let's get it straight. Neither Nawaz nor Imran, not even Qadri, for that matter, has the people's mandate that each lays claim to for acting as are they doing now so brainlessly. Both Nawaz and Imran should not forget that only a little half of the registered voters had tuned out to exercise their franchise.

And only a bit over one-third had voted for Nawaz and his PML (N). It is for the sheer feat of the first-past-the-post magic that he secured a majority in the National Assembly. Imran and his PTI had secured even less votes. And they too were the beneficiaries of this magic to clinch the largest seats in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. At the time of the election, Qadri probably was basking in the bracing climate of some havens abroad, instead of participating in the contest. So where is the moral authority for any of the three to strike strident postures and indulge in confrontationist bluster as are all they now, thereby spawning very charged and volatile conditions in the land? No giants are they; mere dwarfs they are. What right had they, then, to thus deprive the masses of a happiness they draw to their fullest gratification from the august day? Couldn't Nawaz take an initiative earlier as has he now to put paid to his imbroglio with Imran?

Couldn't he concede his initial demand of thumb impression verification in just four constituencies? Isn't it that he thought that in time the heat of Imran's persistence in the demand would blow over and the dust settle down to his own advantage? Didn't he sit pretty, while Imran was writhing, squirming and rolling all over throughout? Didn't it occur to him that Imran was under the spell of an overriding power passion and ambition? Why indeed had he to match up Imran's political immaturity and intellectual bankruptcy with his own intrinsic ineptitude and mental shallowness? Had he to respond necessarily Imran's desperate quest for power with his own adamancy to keep clinging on to power? Why had he not sought out a way to bring finality to the imbroglio long time ago? Why had he to procrastinate and drag on the tiff?

And why had he to take recourse only to administrative methods to deal with Qadri? Couldn't he think of tackling him with political means, as did his PPP predecessors so effectively, leaving the rabble rouser with the face all splattered with mud in the end? Didn't it occur to him that the firebrand demagogue has all in him to incite his diehard followers to go to any length to do what he bids them to do? Hadn't he visualised that in the event of his ham-handed administrative measures, he would have to contend with Qadri's rampaging hordes?

Contemptibly, the trio has really conjoined to keep the hoi polloi from partaking in the gaiety of the day. For the fear of the government's administrative bundobust and for the fear of getting in the harm's way at the hands of the charging hordes of Imran or Qadri, they in all probability would not come out of their homes to savour the bounties of the day. What a monumental tragedy? And it is for the sheer brinkmanship of the trio that they would be staying put at home. Truly, the act of this trio stinks, its words stink and it itself stinks unbearably and repulsively. How an awfully unfortunate nation are we that we have such intolerable chicaners and imposters as our leaders. What a pity!
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 14, 2014
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