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Great to sea you down by the reef.

AFTER Google street views, it was only fair these wonderful creatures got a starring role in a groundbreaking survey of the sea.

A pioneering scientific expedition has been launched to reveal our magnificent oceans to the world.

And where better to start than on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The Catlin Seaview Survey, which was officially announced yesterday, will carry out the first comprehensive study to document and reveal the composition and health of coral reefs on the reef across an unprecedented depth range.

The camera, developed specifically for the expedition, will capture thousands of 360-degree underwater panoramas which, when stitched together, will allow people to choose a location, dip underwater and go for a virtual dive at all of the locations visited by the expedition.

Google is collaborating with the survey and is working on a new feature on Panoramio (which links photos to locations), so the images can be uploaded and made available to millions of people worldwide.

This will eventually mean roughly 50,000 panoramas will be accessible on Google Earth and Google Maps.

The project will also have a YouTube channel and the ability to broadcast hangouts on air, which allows people to watch livestreams of the team from the ocean floor.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 25, 2012
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