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Great results at the Columbus Mini Expo.

The Rubber Division, ACS, has just concluded another successful Mini Expo in Columbus, OH. We are happy to announce that there were 180 exhibitors and 2,142 attendees. The exhibitors were also pleased with their successes.

"We were excited about the great public relations opportunities that the Rubber Mini Expo provided," said Jeff Patterson, national sales manager, Harwick Standard. "We announced that we were adding a new product line, and our press release was included in the Show Daily, plus, we were able to make contact with many key customers and key suppliers."

"There was a lot of energy at this year's show. Customers and contacts were engaging. We had lots and lots of visitors to our booth," said Anthony Mariniello, marketing manager, Morton Salt--Specialty Magnesia Group.

Kim Shoulders, market communications supervisor for Zeon Chemicals, said, "We were pleased with the attendance at this year's Rubber Mini-Expo. It was easy to make contacts with customers and potential customers, and the technical papers we presented generated interest in new applications. We're definitely looking forward to the 2005 Rubber Expo."

Many factors are considered by the Rubber Division when selecting the venue for expos, including expected attendance, hotel accommodation cost and capacity, meeting room requirements and geographic location. Columbus, OH, proved to be an excellent choice for the Mini Expo '04.

One of the Division's goals for the Mini Expo format is to even the playing field between the large and small companies. All companies exhibit in a 10' x 10' booth. The rules also stipulate that no company may combine two or more of the 10' x 10' booths to make a larger display area. In addition, companies who may have different divisions exhibiting at the Mini Expo must also be at least 20' away from each other so that they do not have an unfair advantage over other exhibitors.

For the fall meetings, an additional constraint must be considered, the city's ability to provide a venue for the Rubber Expo in odd numbered years and the Rubber Mini Expo in even numbered years. Many of the exhibitors at the Rubber Expo display large pieces of equipment/machinery such as rubber extruders that are heavy, draw significant amounts of electricity, may need water for cooling and may need compressed air. The footprint of large equipment requires a larger booth space so that it does not encroach on the adjoining booths. Some equipment may require more vertical height as well. Booth sizes range from 10' x 10' to 20' x 50'.

To address the needs of the equipment exhibitors, we prefer an unlimited floor load limit and 180,000 gross square feet of exhibit space. For Expos, we try to select facilities that have a minimum ceiling height of 35 feet. This offers exhibitors the ability to have two-level booths and also accommodate equipment/machinery that needs more vertical space. This will save exhibitors special handling charges. The ceiling in some exhibit halls is not of a uniform height; therefore, the maximum height that a booth may have is spelled out in the show rules and regulations.

As you can surmise from the above, when Sue Barr, Exposition & Future Sites Manager, conducts site visits to determine the suitability of a venue for our exhibitions, she has a lot of factors to consider and evaluate.

If you would like more information about exhibiting or attending one of the upcoming expositions, contact the Rubber Division at 330-972-7424, email or visit

To have an opportunity to influence the decision on where to hold a future Rubber Division meeting, please plan on attending one of the Exhibits/ Meeting Sites Committee meetings held during the next Rubber Division Technical Meeting in San Antonio, TX, May 16-18, 2005. Even better, contact the Rubber Division about becoming a member and serve on one of the committees.

Exhibit at an upcoming Rubber Division meeting

2005--Rubber Expo, November 1-3, Pittsburgh, PA, David L. Lawrence Convention Center

2006--Rubber Mini-Expo, October 10-12, Cincinnati, OH, Cinergy Convention Center

Call 330-972-7424 email or visit for details.
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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