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Great news for street; You Say

IWAS pleased to read in theECHO last month that pounds 140m is to be spent on along overdue re-vamp of Lime Street and surrounding areas. It's common knowledge that decades of neglect and indifference have left Lime Street a shabby crumbling symbol of inner-city degeneration. It's sad to remember that this famous street was once the centre of Liverpool's night-life, where revellers 'out on the town' would rub shoulders with street walkers, good-time girls and the punters they attracted.

So if someone had written about Lime Street's shame in those days, ECHO readers would assume they were referring to its seedier side.

Today that shame is the dereliction facing visitors to our city as they pass along this dismal corridor of boarded-up shops and roof top vegetation (reminiscent some might say of the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon in decline).

Our new Mayor Joe Anderson has a lot on his plate at the moment but he must give this proposed Lime Street restoration project a priority 'A' rating.

Jim Moran, L25
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 15, 2012
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