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Great houses for small creatures.

THE MAN WHO OPINED "anyone who hates children and dogs can't be all bad" would have been driven to drink by the feats of the Western families whose fondness for said creatures led them to create the structures you see pictured on these pages.

We received more snapshots of pooch palaces and family forts than of any other building or home improvement project we requested. People who would shy away from a full-scale building or remodeling project seem to feel no reluctance about tackling a backyard pied-a-terre. Entries displayed degrees of commitment ranging from weekend project to long-term obsession. The two shown here are at the latter end of that spectrum.

A number of our responses came from architects, bringing to mind the old yachting adage: if you can sail small boats, you can sail big boats. The deft execution of these lilliputian structures suggests that this sentiment applies to design as well. Maybe we should coin a new saying: never trust architects until you've seen what they've built for their kids and dogs.

Sorry, W.C.
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Title Annotation:Best of the West; playhouse and doghouse
Author:Crosby, Bill
Article Type:Cover Story
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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