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Great cover-ups: laminates and solid surfacing.


Manufacturers of laminating and solid surfacing materials leave no stone unturned in offering a myriad of decorating options. Investigating such areas as new textures, colors and more durable finishes, laminating and solid surface manufacturers expand their product lines to meet any covering challenge. WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS contacted a number of laminating and solid surfacing material manufacturers in researching this article. The following are some of the manufacturers available. For further information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card. Another source of information for laminates is the W & WP 1991 Red Book.


Perstorp-Brazil offers a decorative high-pressure laminate brochure that features 65 contemporary solid colors, 15 wood grains, 15 patterns and marbles and 7 high-gloss abstract reflective choices, the company says. The laminates are available in 4-ft x 8-ft and 4-ft x 10-ft sizes, and come in thicknesses of 0.6mm through 1.5mm. 303

Grade-A bookmatched real wood veneer from Oberflex is available in eight species and tints and is protected with a high-pressure melamine finish, the company says. 304

Wiping vinyl designs in stock rolls of 500-yard lengths are available from Gen-Corp. Formerly only available in custom production rolls of 10,000 yards or more, the company says the vinyls have a 0.006-mil. thickness, are available in standard widths of 51 in. and 62 in. and come in three designs: contemporary oak, dusk oak and black titanium. 305

Reneer Films Corp. says all its laminates pass a light table test and other tests before being shipped from the plant. The company supplies realistic wood grains and solid opaque laminates for the home electronic and furniture industries. 306

Pioneer Plastics Corp. offers the Jaguar series of decorative laminates for residential and contract surfacing needs, and Patina, a Roscoe-winning design, in an all new series in the Strata II line. Patina comes in four colors: silver, gold, platinum and verdigris. 307

Kurz-Hastings Inc. says its Tuff/Coat dry transfer finishes are mar-proof, scuff-resistant foils that are designed to meet the harsh processing conditions of manufacturing operations. Improved product handling and higher operating efficiencies are the direct result of Tuff/Coat's durability. Available in a diverse range of wood grain, solid color and decorative styles, the foils are applied to full size and cut-to-size panels in a continuous, one-step process which uses no VOCs and is self-trimming. 308

Interlam offers the ARPA Diagonal series in white, black, iridescent grey and iridescent sage. The company says these high-pressure laminates can be used for kitchen door, drawer front and custom cabinet applications. Other series include Cloud, Burl, Radica faux veneers and Faux Stone. 309

Formplac says its high-pressure laminate is ideal for any surface and can be applied directly to particleboard, plywood, wood, metal, plaster, concrete and masonry. The laminate is reportedly resistant to wear, scratches, hot and cold water, cigarette burns and various chemical agents. 310

Tacon surface material is available in more than 100 colors and in several textures, solids, patterns, abstracts and wood reproductions. The company says it is equally suitable for industrial processing or the hand work of the craftsman. Its flexibility and ease with which it can be worked permits optimum forming with long-run equipment or in short runs. 311

Flexible Materials offers Flexwood flexible genuine wood veneers in 40 species, pre-finished or unfinished with a choice of four backers, come in 2-ft x 8-ft and 4-ft x 8-ft sheets or cut to size. The company also offers the Contour Collection, exclusive tambour patterns in laminate half rounds and other specialty items. 312

Westinghouse/Micarta offers "The Long Gray Line" group of high-pressure decorative laminates. Pale hues include Quick Silver, String Gray and Soft Gray. Medium variations include Gray Velour, Mercury, and Slate. Oxford Gray is the darkest color. 313

Laminated Plastics Inc.'s new line of Matrix pattern laminates features the latest optical solid designs in both textured and gloss finishes. This new look is available in five colors: Dune, Desert Pink, Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey. The Matrix line is suited for both commercial and residential applications including restaurant tables and store fixtures as well as residential countertops. 314

Abet Laminati has added 24 new solid colors to the Colori Special line. The new Colori Speciali 90 has been divided into groups and identified by names of vast nations including Messicani, Americani and Fransesci. 315

Verde Patina, a pattern resembling the finish of oxidized bronze from Nevamar Corp., is now available in mirror finish, according to the company. Resembling the old world finish of oxidized bronze, the pattern is available in popular sizes for both residential and commercial installations. 316

Occidental Chemical Corp. introduces a cherry and oak pattern to its wood grain line, with duplicated wood grains and no knots. Available in gauges ranging from 2 to 10 mils, the heavier gauges are available with scratch-resistant acrylic coatings in various gloss levels. 317

The October Co. announces Wildlife specialty laminates that simulate a variety of exotic animal hides. Applications include a variety of vertical and light-duty horizontal areas. Standard finishes include Desert Elephant, Hornback Lizard, Green Alligator, Black Reptilian and Sea Turtle. 318

Masa-Decor says its pearlescent concepts are designed for use with and without overlays. Abstract designs are supplemented by a wide library of wood grains. 319

Advanced Technology Inc.'s CBS plastic finish is comprised of metallized polyester bonded to rigid high-impact styrene. Available in polished silver and polished gold with a protective peel coat, standard stock is 2 ft x 8 ft. 320

Offering SR Tough high-gloss PET film, Riken Vinyl Ind. Co. says its laminate performs better on scratch tests than PVC. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, the company says peel coats are also available upon request. 321

Ralph Wilson Plastics Co. announces the addition of Sora laminates to the Wilsonart decorative laminate line. The Sora line includes five diagonal designs, five slightly directional vertical designs and five solid colors in peach, grey, teal, blue and purple color groupings. 322

Color Portfolio includes the addition of 25 new colors to Formica Corp.'s solid color offering, which ranges from tinted whites to an expanded neutral palette, to rich chromatics and finally to deep, "blackened" tones. The Color Portfolio organizes the horizontal color families vertically, beginning with a White/Black string, followed by Yellow Neutrals, Red Neutrals, Yellow/Red, Red/Violet, Green and Blue. The shortened prismatic string at the foot of the Portfolio also progresses from left to right with increasing color saturation. 323

Chemetal's large selection of true metal surfaces ranges from bright reflective finishes to soft, subtle metallic tones. Any combination of Chemetal strips, panels and special shapes may be used to create a broad spectrum of design concepts. 324

Catalin Ltd. offers medium-density overlays that are phenolic resin-impregnated papers coated with a partially cured phenolic resin on one side for lamination onto softwood, plywood and other substrates. 325

Interprint Inc. offers a variety of high styled papers serving the high and low pressure laminating market. Reported to reduce solid color panel rejects, the company adds that the materials eliminate particle show-through. 326

Solid surface materials

The Crystelle Collection by Avonite is characterized by particulate sizes that graduate from specks to nearly 3/8-in. nuggets, simulating the intricate and varied patterns of natural granite. The diversity of colors and granule sizes also accounts for the varying depth of field. Crystelle is available in four colors: Black Ice, Snow Drift White, Aztec Brown and Platinum Gray. All carry a 10-year warranty. 327

The rigid, non-porous surface of Solidex solid surfacing material from Guardsman Products will not support bacterial growth, the company says, which makes it ideal for use in restaurants, medical facilities and other commercial and institutional applications. A patented "In the Groove" system interlocks top and edge, reducing installation time by 75 percent, according to the company, and allows a custom edge for every project. 328

Three new granite color treatments in Surell solid surfacing material from Formica Corp. are being introduced: Teal, a rich blue-green; Tidal Sand, a warm almond; and Fire Stone, a soft terra cotta. Surell is now available in six granite patterns, including Moonlight, Silverado and Graphite, and five pastels. Granite patterns are available in sheet stock in 1/2-in. and 3/4-in. thicknesses. Sheets are available in 30-in. widths in lengths of 96 in., 200 in. and 144 in., as well as 36-in. widths with 96-in. and 200-in. lengths. 329

Five natural stone colors are included in DuPont Corian's new Jewel Series, an extension of the Sierra Collection. Burnt Amber is a rich, earthy brown; Garnet, a deep burgundy; Black Pearl, dramatic black; Sapphire, deep blue; and Jade, hunter green. The Jewel Series, which is available in sheets for horizontal and vertical applications, brings the company's color choices to a total of 18. In addition, liquid Corian inlays in seven coordinating colors can be used to create accent strips or custom designs. 330

Galaxy Granules from Safas Corp. is a polyester particulate available in 38 stock color blends and unlimited custom colors for fabricating granite-look countertops, sinks, tubs and a wide range of other functional and decorative products. Galaxy Granules are stain and corrosion resistant, color consistent, Class A fire retardant, UV stabilized and FDA approved for certain colors, according to the company. 331

PHOTO : SR Tough high-gloss PET film from Riken Vinyl Ind. Co. is available in a variety of colors and designs.

PHOTO : Above, the Jaguar design from Pioneer Plastics is available in white, beige, opti gray, rose and verde.

PHOTO : Left, GenCorp's wiping vinyl designs come in standard widths of 51 and 62 inches.

PHOTO : Available in polished silver and polished gold, Advanced Technology's CBS plastic finish is 0.004 inch thick.

PHOTO : Grade-A bookmatched real veneer from Oberflex is available in eight species and tints.

PHOTO : Verde Patina from Nevamar Corp. resembles oxidized bronze.

PHOTO : The Sora line from Ralph Wilson Plastics includes diagonal and solid designs.

PHOTO : The October Co. offers Wildlife laminates.

PHOTO : Interlam's ARPA series can be used for kitchen door and drawer front applications.
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