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Great bows 2005: the next generation of new designs and innovative technologies.

On the way to the 2005 ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show in Indianapolis, Indiana this year, I quietly questioned what, if anything, truly new and innovative could be found in the bow manufacturing industry. After all, bow makers have done just about everything, right. The industry appeared to be closing in on plateaus of speed, silence and vibration technology that could possibly mean we are destined to remain stagnant for years to come.

The question "Anything new or innovative?" was answered within 10 minutes of my arrival at the convention center. At the shooting lanes my eyes were opened to bows with revolutionary cam systems, radical riser designs and a host of new vibration dampening technologies. Bow makers continue to push the envelope of design and performance without regard to the status quo.

Bow makers definitely are thinking outside the box, as evidenced by designs such as Richwood Archery's "System" bow that allows the choice of hybrid, single or dual cam configurations all in one bow. Another example, APA Innovation's Taipan, has a built in carrying handle and tool center on the riser. Hi-Tec Archery's creation features a floating joystick type handle while Whisper Creek unveiled one of the most distinctive built-in shock absorbing devices ever to grace a bow.

Bowtech Allegiance VFT

The new buzzword in Bowtech circles and beyond is Binary. Binary, as defined by Bowtech, is a system consisting of two components that, when combined, become one. This twin cam configuration has been introduced on their new Equalizer line and the star of the show is the Allegiance.

A smooth, powerful and totally jolt free shooting experience is the result of the shock and vibration reducing Vertical Force Technology combined with the Binary Cam System and a comfortable seven-inch brace height. Reaching IBO speeds of 328 fps, the 33 3/4-inch axle-to-axle Allegiance is available in draw lengths from 25 to 30 inches and peak weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds.

Ben Pearson Pride

The Pride is the result of Pearson's on-line "Built by America" program in which over 5,000 archers from all across the country weighed in on the design characteristics by submitting their suggestions on Pearson's website. They even got to name it!

The Pride is packed with features including Frequency Ridge Riser Technology, which gives the riser a sleek but rugged look, pivoting limb pockets, Vib~X built-in stabilizer, 20-degree angled grip, Hurricane Hybrid Cam and the Accutrac Guidance System. Pride vitals: 312 fps IBO, 75-percent letoff, 32-inch axle-to-axle, 7 3/4-inch brace height, 26- to 30-inch draw lengths and peak weights available in 50, 60 or 70 pounds. Film dipped in Mossy Oak Obsession camo pattern.

Browning Illusion

Browning is set to create waves throughout the archery world with the introduction of its 2005 Illusion bow. The Illusion and its features are a tremendous step toward the top for the Browning Archery Company.

The Illusion is loaded with features including parallel limbs, Trance Cam, machined grip with wood side panels, Top Gun String Recoil Suppressors and Impacstop vibration reducing limb pocket inserts. The Trance Cam allows four inches of draw length adjustment and the choice between 65- and 80-percent letoff--without the use of a bow press. The Illusion launches arrows at an impressive 313 fps IBO from its four-pound, 33-inch axle-to-axle frame.

Jennings CK 3.4R

The Jennings team has been in all-out design mode for the past year. They first made an impression in early 2004 with the introduction of their CK series of bows featuring Carbon Kinetic energy chambers engineered into the compression-molded limbs.

For 2005, Jennings combined the CK technology with an all-new j-REV single cam and Force Neutralizing Technology (FNT). The j-REV produces IBO speeds of 305 fps while the FNT beyond-parallel limbs create a shock free shooting experience. The 3.4R has an axle-to-axle length of 34 inches, brace height of 7 3/4 inches and a mass weight of 4.4 pounds. New Mossy Oak Breakup attractively finishes this rig.

Alpine Denali Match Grade

For 2005, the engineers at Alpine made a self described "radical departure" from typical riser designs with the introduction of their modular, multi-component Tundra Series riser. Assembled from precision machined multiple individual components this riser design allows Alpine to reduce the cost to the customer while providing top-end performance.

The Denali Match Grade is absolutely loaded with features including the VX Series Inter-Loc Limb mounting system, Fast Trac Cam that is easily adjusted over a five-inch range without the use of a bow press or modules, and the Tundra VX Dampening System. Each Denali Match Grade comes standard with a custom built integrated Montana Black Gold sight, MR2 Stabilizer with "Six Shooter" weight adjustment technology and an integrated fall away rest. Available in film dipped Realtree Hardwoods Green HD.

Martin ShadowCat Hunter

Martin continues their tradition of innovation again in 2005 with the introduction of their new Nitrous-X Cam and by extending their use of riser-integrated Vibration Escape Modules. Both of these features and many more are found on Martin's new ShadowCat Hunter.

The Nitrous-X is a shoot-through system that eliminates the need for a cable guard by launching arrows directly between the cables. This efficient configuration generates IBO speeds of 310 fps and a 75-percent letoff. The overall rig weighs in at 3.9 pounds. The ShadowCat's riser is finished in Mossy Oak's New Break-Up pattern and has seven separate Vibration Escape Modules spread over the length of the riser. Two interchangeable grips provide either a 17- or 23-degree grip angle.

Hoyt VTec

Adding to their already proven designs, Hoyt reaches into the future with three new progressive features in bow technology. Hoyt for 2005 brings an all-new Advanced Tec Riser design that is stronger and more balanced, the AlphaShox Vibration Dampening System that provides 10 full linear inches of Navcom material and Pro-Fit Custom Grip selections.

The VTec is Hoyt's 2005 flagship and embodies their passion and commitment to superior technology. Continuing with the popular Cam and 1/2 eccentrics, the VTec sports a 35 1/2-inch axle-to-axle measurement, seven-inch brace height and IBO speeds of 305 fps. Dipped in attractive Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, the VTec is sure to please those looking for a high performance rig with an ultra smooth feel.

Mathews Switchback

Combining the ultra smooth shooting experience of the 2004 Outback with the hard hitting speed of the 2003 LX, Mathews has engineered their most advanced bow to date. Mathews calls it their "best-ever combination of speed and smooth-shooting."

The heart of the Switchback's performance is Mathews' new Straightline Cobra Cam, which produces super IBO speeds of 318 fps while maintaining a smooth balance with dual perimeter weights. Joining forces with parallel limb technology, the new Double Damper Roller Guard keeps the Switchback whisper quiet. The 33-inch frame is dipped in the great looking Realtree Hardwoods camo pattern. Options include peak draw weights from 40 to 70 pounds, 26- to 30-inch draw lengths and a choice between 65- and 80-percent letoff.

Darton Tempest Extreme

Darton enters the market in 2005 with their first ever parallel limb design combined with the C/P/S Hybrid Cam System. A smooth quiet shooting experience is made possible, in part, through the use of the latest LimbSaver technology. Another new feature for Darton in 2005 is the Limb Bolt Locking Washer Assembly, which allows for super smooth weight adjustments that are positively locked down with a set screw.

The modular C/P/S system provides draw lengths from 26 1/2 to 31 inches, optional effective letoff of 70- or 80-percent and easy to understand tuning marks engraved onto the cam. A seven-inch brace height coupled with the short power packed parallel limbs will consistently hurl arrows at a blistering 313 fps.

APA Taipan

Inventor of the unique "Ultimate" shoot-through arrow rest, the engineers at APA Innovations have taken the game to a new level with the introduction of their first ever bow--the Taipan. Usability was the goal. However, what they ended up with was much more.

The Taipan has useful features such as a built-in handle that maintains balance and strengthens the riser and a tool center that is machined directly into the riser and includes a broadhead wrench, G5 sharpener and a nock wrench. The Taipan delivers an ultra smooth shock-free shooting experience through parallel limb technology and the Venom Cam, which produces IBO speeds of 318 fps and adjusts from 26 to 30 inches. The Taipan, finished in Tru-Woods Transition camo has a 7 5/8-inch brace height and axle-to-axle measurement of 35 inches.

Bladerunner ISO-Force

With one of the most unique looks on the market, the Bladerunner ISO-Force is sure to catch your eye. The design team made versatility one of their goals and responded with draw weight changes possible between 40 and 70 pounds all on the same bow, string and cable removal without the use of a bow press and modular draw length adjustments from 26 to 31 inches.

The 26-inch axle-to-axle frame supports Bladerunner's distinctive cam action eccentrics mounted on two rear facing struts that are perpendicular to the axis of the riser. This system employs no top-to-bottom buss cables or cable guard. The ISO-Force has a 65-percent letoff and brace height of 7 1/4 inches. Outfitted with Winner's Choice Custom Bowstrings.

Diamond Victory

Hitting the market with a newfound energy, Diamond Archery Company has focused all its resources into a three-bow lineup. With the goal of filling a need for high performance rigs with a mid-range price tag they have outfitted the line with quality cam systems and limb designs while saving the customer money on smaller detail items.

The gem of the lineup is the Victory with its near parallel limb design, pivoting limb pockets and choice between a dual cam system and the Solitaire Single Cam. The Solitaire fitted model sports a 7 1/4-inch brace height, 34 1/2-inch axle-to-axle and a mass weight of four pounds. The Dual Cam rig has a brace height of eight inches, axle-to-axle length of 35 3/4 inches and mass weight of four pounds three ounces. Both are rated at 308-316 fps IBO.

McPherson Bishop

Aiming for the competitive 3D archery market, McPherson designed the Bishop for 2005 and gave it features intended to reach that goal. Forgiveness comes from its relatively long axle-to-axle length of 39 inches and IBO speeds of 308 fps are generated from any of its three cam choices coupled with a 7 1/2-inch brace height.

An all-new Frequency Ridge Riser technology distributes mass to critical points in the Bishop's Trim Riser. Also featured are pivoting limb pockets that maintain the characteristics of a bottomed-out limb no matter what the draw weight. Noise and vibration are kept to a minimum with McPherson's Vib~X built in stabilizer, which when coupled with a separate stabilizer doubles the effectiveness. Letoff is set to 75-percent and draw lengths are available between 25 and 32 inches.

Merlin Max Xtreme

At the heart of this new rig is a pair of parabolic limbs containing very high carbon content. The carbon is infused into each limb under total vacuum, a process known as Pro-Fusion. Each limb pair is cut from the same, one-meter panel. Other features include a dual locking pivoting limb-cup, custom three-degree offset grip and new Syntech Limb Facings that reduce high frequency sonic vibrations while providing extra limb protection.

The bow spans 33 inches between the axles, has a liberal eight-inch brace height, and weighs in at an even four pounds. The Omega Hybrid Cam, which generates IBO speeds of 290 fps, is available in 65- or 70-percent letoff options. Finished in "Sherwood Forest" camo.

AR-34 Ram Plus

Archery Research expands its line-up in 2005 with the introduction of the all-new Ram Plus Cam Series of bows featured on their three axle-to-axle length platforms, 31-, 34- and 37-inch. This cam features a long smooth valley, draw length adjustments from 25 to 31 inches, modular letoff options of 65- or 80-percent and IBO speeds reaching 305 fps.

The AR-34 Ram Plus also features their signature Chambered Riser. Each opposing counter bore cutout in this riser acts as a suppression chamber that minimizes shock and vibration before it reaches the handle. Molded limbs are held with AR's pivoting limb pockets which incorporate a rubber insert for superior limb fit and vibration dampening. The AR-34 Ram Plus is topped off with Mossy Oak's New Break-Up camo pattern and attractive wood grip side panels.

PSE Vengeance

PSE continues their march into the world of silence with their new 2005 Vengeance. Leading that march is the new String Recoil Suppressors (SRS) System, which attach to the limb tips and apply a soft rubber cushion to the string. Top Gun String Chubs work in unison with the SRS system by immediately ending string vibration after the shot. Parallel limbs are held tightly by a limb isolation system in each pocket that incorporates rugged elastic pads designed to reduce vibration.

PSE's new NRG Hybrid Cam produces an IBO speed of 308 fps and the choice of 65- or 80-percent letoff. Five modules allow for draw length adjustments between 26 and 30 inches and peak draw weights of 60 and 70 pounds are available. The 34 1/2-inch Vengeance is dressed out in New Mossy Oak Break-Up.

Reflex Super Slam

Known for super high quality bows at a fair price, Reflex introduces its best bow to date--the Super Slam. The new AlphaShox Vibration Dampening System fits between the Split limbs for a quiet, shock-free shooting experience. Also new for 2005 is the Slam & 1/2 Cam that incorporates sealed stainless steel ball bearings in both top and bottom cams.

Each Super Slam measures 35 inches between the axles and has a comfortable seven-inch brace height. The Slam & 1/2 produces an IBO speed of 300 fps and offers draw length adjustments between 25 and 30 inches. Peak draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds are available. The Reflex Tec Riser is attractively finished in Realtree hardwoods HD and has unique cutouts in the shape of deer hoof prints.

Oneida ESC Black Eagle

Giving every Oneida fan just what they wanted, the design team at C.P. Oneida has done it--introduced a dampening system. This effective system was built in response to information collected using a slow motion camera. The result is a simple cable band that loops around the cables and fastens to the riser in the area of the quiver mounting holes. The bands minimize the back and forth movement of the cables during the shot.

Draw lengths range from 26 to 32 inches and modules produce letoff's from 40- to 80-percent. The brace height is variable from 6 1/2 to eight inches and draw weights are available in 20-pound increments: 35/55, 50/70 and 60/80. The Eagle weighs 3.8 pounds and is finished with Realtree's HD Hardwoods Green.

Whisper Creek Nemesis

Certainly one of the coolest looking rigs on the market, the Nemesis will catch your eye and stimulate your imagination. The name Whisper Creek points to their passion for absolute quietness through vibration and shock reduction. The Nemesis is loaded with features aimed at this goal including the patented BowActuator Technology, BowDamp Technology Tuning Fork Technology and String leaches.

Outfitted with the CounterForce and 1/2 Cam System with BowDamp technology, the 34 1/8-inch Nemesis generates IBO speeds of 296 fps with a 7 3/8-inch brace height. Draw lengths are available from 28 to 31 inches and peak draw weights can be chosen in 50, 60 or 70 pounds. Finished in Realtree High Definition Green camo.

Fred Bear SQ32

For 2005 Escalade Sports introduces the Fred Bear SQ (Synchronized Quad) Series of high performance bows. At the front of the line in the series is the SQ32 featuring the industry's first parallel-patented compression molded quad limbs.

Also new is the Fred Bear Cam-and-a-Half eccentric System that is perfectly and totally synchronized. Working with the parallel quad limbs and factory-installed Sims dampening package the new Cam system eliminates recoil and vibration. SQ32 vitals: 7 1/2-inch brace height, two-piece wood grip, 32 1/2-inch axle-to-axle measurement, draw lengths available between 27 and 31 inches, a mass weight of four pounds, peak draw weights of 60 and 70 pounds and modular letoff options of 65- and 75-percent.

Hi-Tec Gyro-Tec Hunter

With a focus on true innovation, Hi-Tec set out to create a bow that would eliminate archer based accuracy and repeatability issues such as hand torque. The result of those efforts is the Gyro-Tec Bow Series, which employs an offset, joystick-type handle that free-floats on a Gimbal joint allowing the bow to remain stable with varying hand positions. This technology is designed so that the arrow comes from the exact center of the bow, the place normally occupied by the archer's hand.

The Gyro-Tec Hunter sports a 37 1/2-inch axle-to-axle measurement, six-inch brace height and mass weight of 5.3 pounds. Hi-Velocity Series cams produce IBO speeds of 315 fps and a 72-percent letoff. Draw weights are offered between 45 and 75 pounds.

Parker Phoenix 34

A silent bow is a deadly bow, and Parker is in the "whisper" zone with their new Phoenix 34. Through concentrated design efforts Parker has silenced this rig to a whisper through parallel limb technology, an all-new In-Line riser, and the utilization of Sims LS Modules, String Leaches and Limb Savers.

Draw weights are available in 50, 60 and 70 pounds peak while draw lengths from 26 through 31 inches are selected via modules. The Phoenix has a brace height of 7 3/4 inches, an axle-to-axle measurement of 34 inches and a mass weight of 3.9 pounds. The Phoenix Cam produces IBO speeds of 310 fps. The riser, limbs and eccentrics are all finished in Mossy Oak's New Break-Up camo.

Buckmasters G2SQ

Known for their rugged dependability and hard-hitting performance, the Buckmasters G2 bow line from Fred Bear is proud to announce a new addition to the family--the G2SQ. The heart of this new Premier line is found in the Synchronized Quad system, which combines precisely timed and balanced cam-and-a-half eccentrics with CarbonAir Quad limbs. Together they produce a smooth shooting experience that propels arrows at 310 fps IBO.

The SQ spans 32 1/2 inches between the axles, has a comfortable 7 1/4-inch brace height and weighs in at 3.7 pounds. The new cam-and-a-half is available in 65- or 75-percent letoff options and offers draw lengths from 27 through 31 inches. Peak draw weights of 60 and 70 pounds are available. Finished in Realtree High Definition camo.

Kodiak Outdoors BowLogic 34

Expanding their popular BowLogic line, Kodiak introduces the new BowLogic 34. The entire line is based on logically integrating quality products into their high performance bow design to create the ultimate hunting rig. Kodiak has chosen the Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Doinker inspired C-4 stabilizer and Cobra Sidewinder sight to complete the new package.

To ensure a whisper quiet shooting experience the 34 is also outfitted with Limb Saver String Silencers and Kodiak's Quadrilateral Stabilization (QLS) System. Featuring the Quik Draw S-Cam, the BowLogic 34 offers four inches of draw length adjustment between 27 and 30 inches and the choice of 65- or 80-percent letoff. With a brace height of 6 7/8 inches, arrows are launched at IBO speeds reaching 303 fps.

Forge Raptor

Built around a fully machined reflex riser, the 3.8-pound Raptor is home to an adjustable back balancing stabilizer, pivoting limb pockets, custom machined composite limbs and an Anti-Vib grip. A central theme at Forge is "quality, performance and dependability for a reasonable price" and the new Raptor with its sturdy construction and consistent performance fits the bill.

The 34-inch axle-to-axle Raptor is outfitted with mid-parallel limbs, which are designed to eliminate hand shock while maintaining performance. The Synergy Cam system produces IBO speeds of 295 fps with a 7 3/4-inch brace height and 80-percent letoff. Peak draw weights are available between 40 and 70 pounds and draw lengths span from 27 to 31 inches.

Archery Pro Sabre

Archery Pro jumps into 2005 with the introduction of their best bow to date--the Sabre. Designed around the shooter's hand, Archery Pro's Laser Straight Technology provides perfect alignment with the riser, arrow rest, cams and sight pins. Also featured are pivoting limb pockets, which maintain the peak limb performance regardless of chosen draw weight. Internal limb pocket vibration dampeners (VF) installed.

Powered by the 65-percent letoff Twin Cam coupled with parallel limbs, the Sabre spits arrows out at 315+ fps IBO. Sabre specs: 32-inch axle-to-axle measurement, adjustable draw lengths between 27 and 29 1/2 inches, peak draw weights of 54, 62 and 72 pounds and a 7 1/4-inch brace height. Archers can choose between the Competition or Hunter grip both of which are made of Black Walnut wood.

High Country Sidewinder

High Country hits the market hard in 2005 with the addition of parallel limbs to their high tech carbon riser series. Without parallel limbs, High Country Carbon Riser bows are whisper quiet. With parallel limbs, the silence will amaze you. Also new is the Striker Cam with six inches of draw length adjustment (26 to 31 inches) and a micro adjust draw stop. The Sidewinder sports the new patented HCA Cable Roller Guard.

Attractively dressed in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD camo, the Sidewinder spans 32 inches between the axles and weighs in at only 3.1 pounds. The brace height measures 7 5/8 inches and letoff can be adjusted to either 65- or 80-percent. Peak weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds are available. The eccentrics are also dipped in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD camo.

Renegade Archery TX-5

Renegade enters the ring in 2005 with the introduction of its prize-fighter, the TX-5. Renegade has given this 33 5/8-inch axle-to-axle rig a newly designed riser that provides their line-up a new look but more importantly reduces mass weight (only 3.2 pounds) and hand shock. The TX-5 features solid construction with the riser, limbs cups, cam, wheel and modules all CNC machined from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Renegade limbs are made of PTS material created by the Gordon Composite Company.

The TX-5 is available with the FlameThrower cam or new Soft Flame (SF) cam. The SF offers draw lengths between 26 and 31 inches and a choice of 65- or 80-percent letoff. The TX-5 is decked out in Realtree Hardwoods Grey and the choice of a one- or two-piece wood grip.

Richwood Challenger

Richwood continues their pursuit of perfection with the 2005 CSS "System" bow. Central to the design of this bow is the OS2 Cam system, which is able to be easily changed into one of three platforms; a one cam with the precision lathe turned LT idler, a dual cam or a hybrid cam. Only a module and string is needed to change between the dual and hybrid systems. Available in 37-, 39- or 41-inch axle-to-axle lengths, the System depending on cam chosen, will launch arrows between 305 and 325 fps IBO.

Draw lengths can be chosen between 23 and 35 inches, depending on axle-to-axle length, and draw weights are available from 40 to 80 pounds. Richwood's Tunerz vibration dampening system also comes standard. The System has a two-piece wood grip and is finished in New Mossy Oak Obsession camo.

ProLine Sniper

Combining a special program with their new 2005 Sniper, ProLine leads the way in "bang for your buck" bow sales. The "Old bow trade in" offer knocks an additional $100.00 off of the already low Sniper MSRP of $439.00. At that price you simply cannot go wrong!

On top of the great deal, the Sniper offers high performance with its CNC machined aluminum riser, PLX-treme single cam, standard Limb Saver products and Dual-Flex limbs. The 33 1/2-inch Sniper is available in draw lengths ranging from 25 1/2 to 30 1/2 inches and peak draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds. The PLX-treme Cam offers 65- or 80-percent letoff modules and generates IBO speeds reaching 300 fps. ProLine's Sniper is decked out in the Mossy Oak New Break-Up camo pattern.

Wheeler Archery T-Rex

Wheeler ferociously attacks the 2005 market with the introduction of the new T-Rex Dual Cam hunting bow. Center Line Riser Technology, which is the basis of the T-Rex's design, is advertised to center the arrow between the axles and provide increased stored energy, flatter shooting, less torque and increased accuracy. Wheeler's Vibra-Sorb Technology cradles the limb in the limb cup with a proprietary shock reducing compound. The limb bolt also passes through the Vibra-Sorb material for additional noise reduction.

The patented 65-percent letoff M2 Dual Cam powers the T-Rex to an impressive 314 fps IBO and offers draw lengths that range from 26 to 32 inches. Peak weights are available between 40 and 70 pounds. Realtree Hardwoods camo finishes out the 38-inch axle-to-axle package.

Ross CR 334

Ross Archery has broken into the industry for 2005 with their first line of compound bows. The CR 334 parallel-limbed bow from Ross Archery focuses dynamite features in a sleek Realtree Hardwoods HD camo finish. Quality is implemented throughout the bow with Winners Choice custom bowstrings and cables and 6061 T-6 aluminum stock machined riser and components.

Draw length is modular adjusted and available from 27 to 31 inches. The one cam system includes bearings in the idler wheel and cam for providing a smooth draw. Pivoting/locking limb pockets construct a durable housing of the limbs. After backing out the limbs. setscrews are placed to securely lock the limbs into place. The 34-inch axle-to-axle CR 334 offers 50- to 60- and 60- to 70-pound weight ranges, a custom wood grip, carbon cable rod, included Limbsaver products, two-piece quiver and a mass weight of four pounds.




LENGTH: 35 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 4 pounds



Allegiance VFT

LENGTH: 33 3/4 inches

WEIGHT: 4.2 pounds


Archery Research

AR-34 Ram Plus

LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 4.3 pounds



ShadowCat Hunter

LENGTH: 32 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 3.9 pounds




LENGTH: 33 inches

WEIGHT: 4.3 pounds


Fred Bear


LENGTH: 32 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 4 pounds


Whisper Creek


LENGTH: 34 1/8 inches

WEIGHT: 4.1 pounds



CR 334

LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 4 pounds




LENGTH: 32 inches

WEIGHT: 3.2 pounds


Kodiak Outdoors

BowLogic 34

LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 4.1 pounds



Tempest Extreme

LENGTH: 36 inches

WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds




LENGTH: 35 1/4 inches

WEIGHT: 4.1 pounds




LENGTH: 34 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 4.2 pounds




LENGTH: 26 inches

WEIGHT: 4.9 pounds



Super Slam

LENGTH: 35 inches

WEIGHT: 4.2 pounds



CK 3.4R

LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 4.4 pounds


Alpine Archery

Denali Match Grade

LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 4.6 pounds




LENGTH: 39 inches

WEIGHT: 4.1 pounds



Victory W/Solitaire Cam

LENGTH: 34 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 4 pounds


Richwood Archery


LENGTH: 32 inches

WEIGHT: 4.6 pounds




LENGTH: 33 inches

WEIGHT: 4 pounds


Renegade Archery


LENGTH: 33 5/8 inches

WEIGHT: 3.2 pounds


High Country


LENGTH: 32 inches

WEIGHT: 3.1 pounds


Hi-Tec Archery

Gyro-Tec Hunter

LENGTH: 32 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 5.3 pounds


Archery Pro


LENGTH: 32 inches

WEIGHT: 3.9 pounds



Phoenix 34

LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 3.9 pounds




LENGTH: 32 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 3.7 pounds


Wheeler Archery


LENGTH: 38 inches

WEIGHT: 3.5 pounds




LENGTH: 34 inches

WEIGHT: 3.8 pounds



Max Xtreme

LENGTH: 33 inches

WEIGHT: 4 pounds


C. P. Oneida

ESC Black Eagle

LENGTH: 44-46 3/4 inches

WEIGHT: 4.6 pounds




LEIGTH: 33 1/2 inches

WEIGHT: 3.5 pounds

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