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Great Victory Has Grim Cost.

"When they talk about us as heroes, there were 186 who died that day," retired Cdr. Harry Ferrier said on 4 June at the ceremony for the Battle of Midway anniversary held at NAS Whidbey Island, Wash. Tears filled his eyes as his voice trailed away on the warm breeze. He could not continue. Recalling the horrific Battle of Midway (4-6 June 1942) reminded young and old of the high price of victory in the Pacific.

Cdr. Ferrier and retired LCdr. Stuart Mason were honored guests at the commemorative service. More than 100 invited guests and visitors from the Puget Sound area paid tribute to the brave personnel who were, in the words of the late CNO Adm. Mike Boorda, "hopelessly outclassed and outnumbered."

Chaplain Steven Eaton led prayers of remembrance for those lost and for those who survived, and Washington State Trooper Barry Kirk played "Going Home" as Ferrier and Mason dropped a floral wreath in honor of those laid to rest in the sea.
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