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Great Scott!

Posey County has a paper castle and would like to have a second edifice bearing the name of Scott Paper Co. The company, headquartered in Pennsylvania, is currently in the process of deciding where to locate its new $200 million Midwest mill.

A Posey County site, downriver from Evansville, is one of two options for the proposed plant. The other site is in Daviess County, Ky., near Owensboro. The paper mill would generate 300 to 500 new jobs in the area as well as others during its construction, which is expected to take two years.

Jerry Kunze, vice president of sales and promotion at the Evansville-based advertising agency, Keller-Crescent Co., designed the paper castle to gather community support and to welcome Scott Paper Co. to Indiana. Alvey Signs of Evansville built the 10-foot by 1 2-foot castle from Scott Paper Co. products contributed by area merchants. It's made of 440 boxes of facial tissue, 700 rolls of toilet tissue and 650 rolls of paper towels.

According to Phillip E. Lippincott, Scott's chairman and CEO, the final site selection will be made by year's end and community acceptance is one of the criteria.

Scott Paper Co. has already filed an application in Kentucky for an environmental permit but that doesn't necessarily mean Kentucky is in the lead for the new mill. Kentucky requires a three-step permitting process. Indiana has a single-step filing. Perhaps Indiana is ahead, because another criterion for the selection is ease of obtaining permits.

Although the new mill will make products from recycled wastepaper, there's been concern expressed by governmental and community groups in both states over the environmental impact of the mill. The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission is investigating its state's site because an endangered species, appropriately named the indiana bat, has been spotted on the property.
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Title Annotation:Briefs; Posey County, Indiana wants to lure new Scott Paper Co. mill to the area
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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