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Great Lives.

Great Lives. B.E.S., 2019. 128p. $12.99. Table of Contents.

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Biskup, Agnieszka, illust. Sonia Leong. Great Lives Marie Curie: A Graphic History of the World's Most Famous Female Scientist. 978-1438012049.

Enz, Tammy L. illust. David Shephard. Great Lives Leonardo Da Vinci: A Graphic History of the "Renaissance Man". 978-1438012032

Hartley, Ned. illust. Tom Humberstone. Great Lives Albert Einstein: A Graphic History of the Father of Modern Physics. 978-1438012025

Ruiz, Rachel, illust. Fiona W. Dunn and Sarah Skeate. Great Lives Martin Luther King Jr.: A Graphic History of the World's Great Civil Rights Leader. 978-1438012056

The Great Lives graphic novel series features illustrated histories of the lives of famous figures in science, art, and civil rights. Using vivid artwork and neatly organized information, readers are transported to the time these innovative leaders were first inspired by their respective future, ending with how exactly their legacies have impacted the world.

Each book in the series gives a two-page overview of the famous person featured, summarizing major points in their lives, beginning with the person's birth until their death. It gives a good start to each title, enticing readers to learn more about the finer details of each person's life and contributions to society. Each book has a table of contents breaking up the featured "great life" into ten to twelve chapters detailing their childhood, beginnings in their specific great contribution, and then ending with their death and the legacy of their work. Each title has a different graphic artist, but the styles are very similar, giving a uniform look to the series as a whole. The illustrations use vibrant colors and clear and clean lettering and speech bubbles/boxes that make the text pop in contrast to the artwork. The use of white letters on black background is used for expositional text, where as black letters on white background show speech or thought. The information presented gives young readers more insight into the lives of these leaders, but does not dive in deep enough to be considered too overwhelming, perfect for reluctant readers wanting nonfiction text, but not ready for lengthy biographies about these individuals. This series would make an excellent addition to graphic novel and biography collections at middle school and junior high levels.--Molly Dettmann.

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Author:Dettmann, Molly
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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