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Great Lakes porter earns gold medal.

Great Lakes porter earns gold medal

Cleveland's Great Lakes Brewing Co. took a gold medal for its Edmund Fitzgerald porter at the Great American Beer Festival held earlier this month in Denver.

It is the second consecutive year the brewer has been awarded the gold for one of its products. Last year, Great Lakes was a winner in the Dortmunder division for its Heisman beer.

"We are elate to have won two medals back-to-back at the Great American Beer Festival," said Patrick Conway, Great Lakes owner. "And we feel particularly proud of our brewmaster, Dennis Holland. He is truly one of the brightest brewers in the country, as our gold medals show." Conway also went on to credit master brewer Thaine Johnson for part of the brewery's success.

Holland moved to Cleveland from Portland, OR, two years ago to work at Great Lakes, Conway explained.

According to Conway, Great Lakes' gold medal for its porter recalls a part of Cleveland's history. In the mid-1800s, Cleveland breweries specialized in porters and stouts. As German and Czech populations began influencing the city's beer palates in the 1860s, ales were slowly replaced by lagers.

"Porters are very popular in brewing circles these days," Conway noted. "Especially out west and northwest, the brewing hotbed of the country. So all eyes at the competition in Denver were on the porter category. That makes our win all the more significant."
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Title Annotation:Great Lakes Brewing Co. recognized for its Edmund Fitzgerald porter
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 28, 1991
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