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Great Christian Jurists in Spanish History.

Great Christian Jurists in Spanish History

Rafael Domingo and Javier Martinez-Torron (Editors)

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018 (409 pages)

This second volume in the Great Christian Jurists series (within the larger Cambridge Studies in Law and Christianity series) is a welcome survey of Christian lawyers (canon and civil), theologians, philosophers, and political leaders who have shaped and influenced Spanish legal thought. As the editors note, about half of the twenty jurists selected are from the so-called Spanish Golden Age of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which "produced more notable legal figures than the rest of Spanish history" (2). In this volume, then, readers will find superb introductory essays on the intellectual giants of Spanish late scholasticism, many of whom were known in their own time--and in ours--simply by their surnames: Vitoria, Las Casas, Azpilcueta (Dr. Navarrus), Soto, Covarrubias, Molina, Suarez, and Sanchez. The editors have assembled an international group of scholars to convey the treasures of Spanish Christian legal thought to an English readership, and the bibliographies in each essay lean toward English works, when available. In keeping with the series aim, the essays highlight each figure's legal contributions and the ways that their legal thought intersects with theology and philosophy. In the essays on early modern figures the ethical and legal questions related to the discovery and colonization of the New World figure prominently. Great Christian Jurists in Spanish History is a stellar resource for scholars and students in the fields of early modern legal history, theology, philosophy, and the history of Spanish law.

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Publication:Journal of Markets & Morality
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Date:Mar 22, 2019
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