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Grave time.

And from beyond the pale of irrelevance, Fran Richard, the much-lamented ex-Time/Warner (Turner) media tycoon who is being ressurected by English-OZ combine, is back and he's bringing the old news. Could it be that the septuagenarian publisher Ted Turner simply cannot find a more uncanny choice anywhere to midwife-into-being a multi-cultural, expanded format, bored sports title?

Adam Blackman's Tokyo Creativity Conference went off in NYC's Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art Great Hall. Big suits and robber barons of the post-beat era watched as Ed Templeton, Aaron Rose Raymond Pettibone, Carlo McCormick, and Ryan McGinley were match-missed with Brian Eno, Kim Gordon, Jeff Tremaine, Asia Argento and Nan Goldin. Welcome to the new barometer of socio-sensuality, as life masquerades as art and now sport becomes a science (of sorts). Viewed, more or less, in the vicinity were such various overexposed types as Lizzie Grubman, Chloe Sevigny and one Isaac Mizrahi, all of whom contrasted quite heavily with the very undercover cartel functionaries like Zered "Dr. Z" Basset, Tony Vitello and Annie Tucker. Get in where you fit in.
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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