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Grass is always greener but we don't need it.

From what I've read, Dubai has ambitions of being a green city.

Well, the first thing it could do to help it on its way, is getting rid of some of its greenery. I'm not calling for Safa Park to be paved over, but there are so many little pockets of greenery that we could live perfectly well without. Take the grass that is often grown on Dubai's roundabouts. I'll wager that no-one reading this has ever stood in the middle of one of these, touched or smelt the grass.

So why pump endless gallons of water onto what are purely decorative features? Rip the lot out and put in some high-tech astroturf - it's green, and you won't notice the difference. The same goes for the grass on outside shopping malls, and elsewhere - add up all the water that goes into these entirely uncharming pieces of turf each day and you can probably fill a Dubai Aquarium - or 10.

Could we not get the region's artists to jazz up these minor public spaces. By all means keep watering big

parks or sporting pitches but let's do our bit by ripping out these small and pointless pieces of landscaping that are sucking away a precious and far from plentiful resource.

Robert Plant, Dubai

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:May 6, 2012
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