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River of grass. Nov 1, 2013 352
A prairie land's companion. Peabody, Erin Sep 1, 2007 1054
Soilless sod has worldwide appeal. Dec 1, 2006 374
Management of switchgrass-dominated conservation reserve program lands for biomass production in South Dakota. Mulkey, V.R.; Owens, V.N.; Lee, D.K. Mar 1, 2006 7458
A greenhouse method to screen brachiariagrass genotypes for aluminum resistance and root vigor. Wenzl, Peter; Arango, Adriana; Chaves, Alba L.; Buitrago, Maria E.; Patino, Gloria M.; Miles, John; Mar 1, 2006 4772
Seeded zoysiagrass establishment in a perennial ryegrass sward. Zuk, Alan J.; Fry, Jack D. Jul 1, 2005 6660
Ruminant selection among switchgrass hays cut at either sundown or sunup. Fisher, D.S.; Burns, J.C.; Mayland, H.F. Jul 1, 2005 10909
Identification of putative velvet bentgrass clones using RAPD markers. Hollman, Andrew B.; Stier, John C.; Casler, Michael D.; Jung, Geunhwa; Brilman, Leah A. May 1, 2005 5820
Responses to divergent phenotypic selection for fiber traits in Timothy. Claessens, Annie; Michaud, Real; Belanger, Gilles; Mather, Diane E. May 1, 2005 5732
Embryogenic callus induction and regeneration in a pentaploid hybrid bermudagrass cv. Tifton 85. Jain, Mukesh; Chengalrayan, Kudithipudi; Gallo-Meagher, Maria; Mislevy, Paul May 1, 2005 3064
Registration of 'Ambassador' Chewings fescue. Ford, T.M.; Meyer, W.A.; Murphy, J.A.; Bonos, S.A.; Smith, D.A.; Funk, C.R. May 1, 2005 1396
Registration of bermudagrass parental lines A-3 and A-4. Rodgers, C.A.; Baltensperger, A.A. May 1, 2005 708
Breeding CWG-R crested wheatgrass for reduced-maintenance turf. Hanks, Justin D.; Waldron, Blair L.; Johnson, Paul G.; Jensen, Kevin B.; Asay, Kay H. Mar 1, 2005 3926
Cool-season grass development response to accumulated temperature under a range of temperature regimes. Bartholomew, P.W.; Williams, R.D. Mar 1, 2005 4855
Reduction of ploidy level by androgenesis in intergeneric Lolium-Festuca hybrids for turf grass breeding. Kopecky, David; Lukaszewski, Adam J.; Gibeault, Victor Jan 1, 2005 6060
Mowing Monsanto. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 126
RAPD marker diversity among creeping bentgrass clones. (Plant Genetic Resources). Casler, Michael D.; Rangel, Yolibeth; Stier, John C.; Jung, Geunhwa Mar 1, 2003 4863
Registration of `Montana' meadow bromegrass. (Registrations Of Cultivars). Cash, S.D.; Ditterline, R.L.; Wichman, D.M.; Majerus, M.E. Nov 1, 2002 826
Registration of `Midland 99' forage bermudagrass. (Registrations Of Cultivars). Taliaferro, C.M.; Anderson, J.A.; Richardson, W.L.; Baker, J.L.; Coleman, S.W.; Phillips, W.A.; Sand Nov 1, 2002 724
Registration of `Catalina' perennial ryegrass. (Registrations Of Cultivars). Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A. Nov 1, 2002 905
Registration of `Manhattan 3' perennial ryegrass. (Registrations Of Cultivars). Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R. Nov 1, 2002 906
Natural selection for survival improves freezing tolerance, forage yield, and persistence of festulolium. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Casler, M.D.; Peterson, P.R.; Hoffman, L.D.; Ehlke, N.J.; Brummer, E.C.; Hansen, J.L.; Mlynarek, M.J Sep 1, 2002 5145
Species and nitrogen effect on growth rate, tiller density, and botanical composition in grass hay production. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Singer, Jeremy W. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 5474
Seedling development and field performance of prairiegrass, grazing bromegrass, and orchardgrass. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Sanderson, Matt A.; Skinner, R.H.; Elwinger, Gerald F. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 4824
Seed germination and dormancy in eastern gamagrass. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Springer, T.L.; Dewald, C.L.; Aiken, G.E. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 3524
Latitudinal and Longitudinal Adaptation of Smooth Bromegrass Populations. Casler, M. D.; Vogel, K. P.; Balasko, J. A.; Berdahl, J. D.; Miller, D. A.; Hansen, J. L.; Fritz, J. Sep 1, 2001 4791
Parent-Progeny Relationships and Genotype x Environment Effects for Factors Associated with Grass Tetany and Forage Quality in Russian Wildrye. Asay, Kay H.; Mayland, Henry F.; Jefferson, Paul G.; Berdahl, John D.; Karn, James F.; Waldron, Blai Sep 1, 2001 6960
Management Strategies during the Establishment Year Enhance Production and Fitness of Seeded Bermudagrass Stolons. Munshaw, Gregg C.; Williams, David W.; Cornelius, Paul L. Sep 1, 2001 4098
Meiotic Stability, Chloroplast DNA Polymorphisms, and Morphological Traits of Upland x Lowland Switchgrass Reciprocal Hybrids. Martinez-Reyna, J. M.; Vogel, K. P.; Caha, Carol; Lee, Donald J. Sep 1, 2001 3456
BIOTECH BRIEF. Jul 1, 2001 1406
Creeping Bentgrass Response to Inorganic Soil Amendments and Mechanically Induced Subsurface Drainage and Aeration. Bigelow, Cale A.; Bowman, Daniel C.; Cassel, D. Keith; Rufty, Thomas W. Jr. May 1, 2001 7667
Dry Matter Production of Orchardgrass and Perennial Ryegrass at Five Irrigation Levels. Jensen, Kevin B.; Asay, Kay H.; Waldron, Blair L. Mar 1, 2001 6213
Differences in Tillering of Long- and Short-Leaved Perennial Ryegrass Genetic Lines under Full Light and Shade Treatments. Bahmani, I.; Hazard, L.; Varlet-Grancher, C.; Betin, M.; Lemaire, G.; Matthew, C.; Thom, E.R. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 5357
Genetic Progress From 50 Years of Smooth Bromegrass Breeding. Casler, M. D.; Vogel, K. P.; Balasko, J. A.; Berdahl, J. D.; Miller, D. A.; Hansen, J. L.; Fritz, J. Jan 1, 2000 9231
Assessing the Abundance and Polymorphism of Simple Sequence Repeats in Perennial Ryegrass. Kubik, Christine; Meyer, William A.; Gaut, Brandon S. Jul 1, 1999 5332
Isozyme Variation within and among Accessions of Annual Phalaris Species in North American Germplasm Collections. Matus, Maria; Hucl, Pierre Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 1999 5142
Field Evaluation of Switchgrass Seedlings Divergently Selected for Crown Node Placement. Elbersen, H. W.; Ocumpaugh, W. R.; Hussey, M. A.; Sanderson, M. A.; Tischler, C. R. Mar 1, 1999 4296
Annual and Biennial Flowering Habit of Kentucky Bluegrass Tillers. Sylvester, Anne W.; Reynolds, James O. Mar 1, 1999 5398
Antioxidant Response to Hormone-Containing Product in Kentucky Bluegrass Subjected to Drought. Zhang, Xunzhong; Schmidt, R.E. Mar 1, 1999 4650
Grazing Induces a Patterned Selection Response in Tall Fescue. Vaylay, Ravi; Van Santen, Edzard Jan 1, 1999 7533
Shoot physiological responses of two bentgrass cultivars to high temperature and poor soil aeration. Huang, Bingru; Liu, Xiaozhong; Fry, Jack D. Sep 1, 1998 3483
Yield distributions of spaced plants within Pensacol bahiagrass populations developed by recurrent restricted phenotypic selection. Burton, G.W.; Mullinix, B.G. Mar 1, 1998 3707
Phylogenetics and character evolution in the grass family (Poaceae): simultaneous analysis of morphological and chloroplast DNA restriction site character sets. Soreng, Robert J.; Davis, Jerrold I. Jan 1, 1998 34366
How small farmers use advanced research to stay in business. Ozawa, Leslie Nov 1, 1997 1175
Density-dependent demography in two grasses: a five-year study. Fowler, Norma L. Oct 1, 1995 11467
Hedging against erosion. Becker, Hank Dec 1, 1992 1742
How to fill in a lawn's bare spots ... or sow winter grass on Bermuda. Oct 1, 1984 467

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