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Grass Scapes: Gardening with Ornamental Grasses.


In response to the trend of using ornamental grasses not just as ground covers, but also as garden specimens and sculptural elements, this guide showcases more than 100 varieties of grasses, explaining how to place and maintain them. An introductory section details the nature of these grasses and a seasonal guide features grasses that peak throughout the year. Other chapters detail grasses best suited to shade, dry climates, or wetlands and analyze grasses' compatibilty with other garden plants, such as conifers and shrubs. The book includes a few simple garden plans that place grasses in aesthetic ways. A mini-encyclopedia rounds out the volume with short profiles that detail growing zones, size, color, flower, landscape use, and growth habits and include a color picture of each specimen. Originally published in Canada in 2003. Ball, 2004, 191 p., color photos, paperback, $29.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 18, 2004
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