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Graphene: There's so much it can do.

|Mechanical strength The strong carbon-carbon bonds within a sheet of graphene open up the possibility for using either sheets of pure graphene in applications where the strength can be exploited directly or adding graphene to other materials to improve their mechanical strength. | |Thermal conductivity The addition of graphene to a polymer or functional fluid can significantly increase the thermal conductivity of the material in applications such as oils, lubricants, heat sinks or thermal management devices. | |Barrier properties Graphene is highly impermeable to both gases and liquids, which may be exploited via thin film barriers.

|Lubricating properties Graphene exhibits low shear on surfaces in a wide range of environmental conditions. | |Electrical properties Graphene may be suitable for applications where extremely high electrical conductivity is required, or, alternatively, it can be added to material in low concentrations to create or improve electrical conductivity in that end material.

|Energy storage Graphene has phenomenally high energy density. Its storage capacity and rate of charging/ discharging make it suitable for batteries and electrical supercapacitors.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2016
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