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Grapevine - Rao, Noorjehan relationship.

The famous - or infamous - policewalla Rao Anwar may have a claim to fame for many reasons. He is said to have been involved in many extra-judicial killings and is 'protected' by powerful people. Perhaps that is why he absconded from the law for many days and was only apprehended when he or his 'protectors' wanted this to happen.

But there is another claim to fame that Rao Anwar has. He is said to have been in the good books of none other than the late Melody Queen Noorjehan. Rao Anwar has a knack for building personal relationships with famous people. That's how he got close to Madam Noorjehan and became her 'moonbola beta.' Would the late celebrity be proud of her son today?

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Date:May 31, 2018
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