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Granulators, Pulverizers, Shredders.



Beside-the-press grinders for injection molding from 3 to 50 hp with throats from 8 x 10 in. to 24 x 36 in.


High-bulk-density granulators with single or dual chambers for use with recycling systems.


Granulators, shredders, film reclaim, and complete size-reduction systems.

AK under-the-press, auger-feed granulators come in two sizes with 6 x 8 in. to 8 x 12 in. cutting chambers.

Premier beside-the-press granulators come in 10 models with 6 x 8 in. to 12 x 30 in. cutting chambers. New 6 x 6 in. model for small molding machines.

Low-speed granulators accept sprues from a robot or conveyor. Cutting chambers from 6 x 8 in. to 12 x 20 in.

Bold series granulators suitable for bottles and other bulky shapes. Tangential-feed cutting chambers of 8 x 10 in. to 30 x 30 in.

Large-part central granulators suitable for high-volume recycling purgings, pipe, and thick-wall parts. Fourteen models of open, solid, or staggered rotor designs. Cutting chambers from 14 x 24 in. to 36 x 72 in.

Shredders have counterrotating shafts with alternating stacked cutters that avoid flyback and maximize energy efficiency. Nine models in single- or two-stage configurations.

Two granulator series feature Opti-Angle cuffing-chamber design-a hybrid of the straight drop-through chamber and the tangential chamber. Medium-duty, beside-the-press 1600 series with 16-in. cuffing circle has 20- to 34-in.-wide cuffing chambers. Heavy-duty, central 2200 series with 22-in, cuffing circle has 38- to 66-in.-wide cuffing chambers. (See ad this page.)


Cryo-Grind cryogenic grinding and recycling system reduces bard-to-grind materials without contributing to heat history. Material is sprayed with liquid nitrogen (-320 F) on a cooling conveyor. Embrittled material enters grinding mill, where additional nitrogen may be injected to remove heat created by grinding. Nitrogen vapor is recycled.


Untha shredders with patented four-shaft system provide high throughputs. Additional rollers are said to allow better infeed than two-shaft shredders and to produce smaller particle sizes.


MYP and BP series beside-the-press granulators in a broad range of sizes and throughputs. New MVP units feature a wider cutting chamber opening and knife design for easier cleanout and maintenance. Double-walled base results in quiet operation. High-torque standard-speed configuration produces high regrind quality. Unique hopper access door speeds cleanout. Units available in several configurations, rotor types, hopper types and motor size.

CG series tangential-feed granulators available from 8 x 12 in. to 16 x 26 in. for large thin-walled bulky parts. VGM1634 granulator utilizes a new cutting chamber inner liner. Standard features include three-blade open rotor, 40-hp motor, and hydraulic hopper opening device. Specialty granulators include the LT series, which features wide cutting chambers from 12 x 32 in. to 12 x 56 in for online or off-line size reduction of wide sheet and skeletal scrap from thermoforming operations.

New line of electric- and hydraulic powered shredder/granulator systems especially for size reduction of large and bulky-type parts and scrap like purgings, edge trim and sheet materials. Available as a single-stage shredder or a dual-stage shredder/granulator system. Units available with cutting hall from 14 x 20 in. to 78 x 43 in. and powered by single or paired motors. Two parallel hex-keyed shafts power counterrotating beds of hook-type cutters, which ingest, break and shred the scrap. High-torque and low-speed rotation provides safer and quieter operation with less flyback and reduced wear on cuffing services. (See ad Cover II.)


CBCL/Highfield durably constructed granulators from 5 hp to 150 hp. Pulverizer systems for pregrinding and pulverizing scrap to powder feature easily accessible pulverizing segments for quick change-out. Sant'Andrea Novara industrial shredders in sizes from 5 to 225 hp combine high torque and low speed for consistent size reduction. Custom designs available.


Heavy-duty chunk, edge-trim, trim-press, beside-the-press, and auger-feed granulators. Rugged construction, easy-access cutting chamber, steep-angle or radial knives, and solid high-inertia flywheel. Rotor bearings mounted outside cutting chamber. Tangential feed prevents flyback. Reversible rotor knives standard on auger-feed, beside-the-press, trim-press, and edge-trim granulators. Water cooling optional on other models.

Custom-designed sound enclosures keep noise levels in the mid-70 dbA range. Standard beside-the-press models operate in the mid-80 dbA range.

Trim-press granulators grind thermoforming skeletons in-line or off-line. Also designs for reclaiming wire, profiles, purgings, pipe, and blow moldings.


Hammer mills for shredding and grinding. Size controlled by screens inserted in the grinding chamber. Modification to standard units available as well as custom fabrication. Sizes from 2 to 15 hp.


Comet spring-coil granulator reportedly provides safe conveying of even long and bulky sprues and runners. Patented spring coil is supported only on one end and rotates in a flat-bottom trough. It seizes sprues entering the unit and its helical movement carries them toward the cutting chamber. Drive and coil are connected by a slip clutch that interrupts coil traction in case of interference with conveying. A motion sensor switches off the unit and lights an alarm lamp if anything blocks the coil, thus reducing the chance of injury and equipment damage. Six models from 1-6.7 hp available


Complete line of size reduction systems from beside-the-press models for injection molded parts to units for blow molding applications, to thermoforming granulators, to extrusion granulators for pipe/profile, sheet and film, and heavy-duty central granulators and shredders for all processes.

For meter-feed applications by robot, conveyor or by hand, company supplies the LP, CR, CF and CL series granulators. LP series designed with a space-saving footprint include patented, helical staggered rotors running at low speeds for high-quality regrind with minimal noise. CR grinders feature staggered rotor with disposable cassette knives, eliminating resharpening and resetting. Medium-speed CL units have three-blade open rotors with scissor cutting action suitable for energy absorbing materials. LP series have optional bolt-on resharpenable knives for applications that require frequent knife changes.

For batch feeding of small parts, JC series granulators have helical segmented rotors for higher throughput using less horsepower, an integral soundproof enclosure, and M-42 steel knives for longer life between sharpening. CF series general-purpose granulators feature standard staggered rotors with cassette knives or optional three-blade open rotors with scissor-cutting action. Machines are modularly designed for flexibility. High or low speeds and other options available for customization. Economical CE granulators have a high-rpm rotor and open design with scissor-cutting, adjustable rotor knives.

CK and CG series tangential-cutting chambered granulators for grinding bulky parts have scissor-cutting and adjustable rotor knives for a constant cutting circle and include an integral sound enclosure for below-85dbA cutting. CK series has a three-bladed, open herringbone rotor with scissors-type cutting action for grinding large, bulky, thin-walled parts.

LC, MC, HD and CD series heavy-duty central granulators for thick-walled parts, pipe and purgings include units able to grind up to 10,000 lb/hr. Units have scissor-cutting knives, drop-down screen cradles, double flywheels, and a selection of rotor designs. Optional semi-closed, hog-type rotors with four staggered sections and five cutting knives on each section allow CD and MC granulators to cut virtually any plastic.

For processing up to 20,000 lb/hr of pallets, drums, purgings and other heavy scrap, dual-shaft SE electric drive and SH hydraulic drive shredders provide high-torque low-speed grinding that is safe, quiet and efficient. Single-rotor, electric- or hydraulic-drive Uni-Shear shredders feature interchangeable screens with openings as small as 3/8-in. for economical one-pass size reduction.

UP and FP series granulators for processing thermoforming skeletons and web scrap up to 55 in. wide. include efficient nip roll design and separate feed-roll drive motor, a blower for regrind evacuation and an integrated sound enclosure. Small footprint SPC-400 Dagger granulators feature low-speed, two-stage screen-less cutting for meter-fed small sprues/runners. Auger granulators include CRA models with cassette knives, staggered rotors and scissors-action knives.


Granulators from Exact srl of Italy have 8.5- or 20-hp motors and reclaim thermoplastic film and sheet up to 650 ft/min and 440 lb/hr. Continuously remove trim from winder and roll scrap from unwinding frame by feed rolls or preheater. Adjustable in-feed channels fold film into a multi-layered strip. Diamond-pitched steel rollers compress the strip into a semi-rigid strand. Cutting wheel rotates against a counterblade, slicing the strand into highly compacted chips. Venturi system conveys chips to storage or back to the extruder.


Under-the-press, beside-the-press, and central hog-type shredders/granulators, as well as automated reclamation systems, including custom equipment for post-consumer recycling.

Robot- and conveyor-fed granulators include quiet beside-the-press models in throat sizes from 6 x 8 in, to 18 x 36 in. and throughputs from 250 to 1000 lb/hr.

Medium- to heavy-duty granulators have advanced rotor designs for reclaiming bulky parts, film, sheet, filament, foam, and heavy-wall pipe. Sizes from 14 x 26 in. to 24 x 56 in. with capacities to 5000 lb/hr.

Extra-heavy-duty units from 18 x 28 in. to 32 x 50 in. with capacities to 10,000 lb/hr for tough materials and purgings.

In-line reclaiming and densification systems for film, sheet, and fiber to 15,000 lb/hr.

Thermoform granulators reclaim skeletal web from the trim press to 1500 lb/hr. Infeed widths of 30 to 66 in.

Shredders/granulators in 16 combinations for 1200 to 5000 lb/hr.

X-Series intermediate-duty granulators with 24 x 28 in. to 24 x 56 in. openings for injection molded parts, large blow molded parts, film and post-consumer containers.


Vertically integrated line of size-reduction equipment and systems.

Precision film granulators have throat openings from 12 to 60 in. and horsepower ranges from 15 to 300. Feature double-shear cutting with uniform 0.002 to 0.004 knife clearance, class "0" precision bearings, easily removed screen, and a rollaway top for knife maintenance.

Central granulators range from 50 to 300 hp with throat sizes from 25 to 49 in. Can handle all types of material, including 55-gal drums.


Mills in choice of blade designs, screen sizes, and feed devices. Stainless-steel construction, water jacketing for temperature control, and belt-, direct-, or variable-speed drives. Seven sizes from 3 to 150 hp with rotors from 5 x 8 in. to 28 x 17 in.

FitzMill prebreaking equipment reduces materials before subsequent processing. Guilocutter model recommended for heat-sensitive materials.


Granulators from 2 to 200 hp or more have flywheel drives as standard. Press-side models have throat openings from 6 x 8 in. to 16 x 20 in., offset chambers, segmented rotors with two- or three-skewed knives, and two adjustable bed knives. Optional Microsonic noise attenuation yields levels under 90 dbA "Spiral-cut" line operates at 80-85 dbA and has strip-away cabinetry for rapid access. Throat sizes from 10 x 16 in. to 11 x 24 in. and drives from 15 to 40 hp.

Large-part and central/batch granulators to 30 x 45 in. have proprietary sound treatment that yields 85 dbA or less. Special barrel and drum models, along with conveyor-fed and customized versions. Wide-throat, extra-heavy-duty sheet models to 150 hp handle up to 8000 lb/hr. Horizontally fed pipe and profile granulators swallow up to 31-in.-diam. plastic pipe.

Low-horsepower dual-stage units for lumps and purgings have chipping-knife stage that feeds chips into a second stage for granulating.

Special-purpose granulators include under-the-press, auger-feed, and hotmelt models. Also special film granulators in single- and dual-stage versions.


Delumper Crushers can crush, shred and deagglomerate tough materials like PVC and prevent bridging problems. Units operate with low rpm and little or no temperature rise. Machine can be disassembled quickly for cleaning or repair. All parts are fully replaceable. The L series employs a smooth drum with replaceable teeth that rotate through two stationary sizing combs. Self- cleaning and feeding, it handles lumps up to full inlet opening size. LM series provides higher capacities with multiple cutter sets. LP series features low friction design for difficult, heat-sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerate.

Pipeline Delumper multi-action, straight-through, ultra-compact unit shreds, chops, mixes, disperses, and suspends solids in fluids directly in fully enclosed pipe systems. It rectifies flow properties of slurries; disintegrates tough objects, plastics, chemicals and waxes; and handles brittle, temperature- or pressure-sensitive, abrasive, wet or dry objects.

Taskmaster shredders for reducing bulky items have a fully enclosed dust-tight body of heavy structural steel. Hardened and ground cutter disks and spacers are counterrotating on two parallel hex shafts. Split-body frame allows easy access to cutters. Reduces PET/HDPE bottles, drums, light metals, aluminum and tin cans, and glass jars and bottles.


Granulators from Getecha GmbH of Germany. Units include a 2-hp, beside-the-press model with a 7-in.-diam. rotor to central systems with up to 150 hp and 39-in. rotor diam.


Hydraulic guillotine cutters for size reduction of large moldings and purgings allow use of smaller, less costly granulators. Five models from 19 x 8 in. blade openings to 39 x 30 in. Special guillotines to 60-in. wide available. All models include anti-tie-down, compulsory two-hand controls, and safety guards. Infeed and discharge conveyors and automated guillotine control system available.


Auger-Matic granulators for automatic recovery of scrap sprues/runners from a three-part mold for injection molding machines. Sizes range from 6 x 6 in. cuffing chamber with 5-in.-diam. auger to 16 x 32 in. with 10- and 12-in. diam. auger. Designed for maximum ease of cleaning and maintenance. Optional Pick-A Separator can be driven directly from auger shaft without additional motor. Optional hoppers available for simultaneous feeding of other scrap or manual hand-feed directly into cutting chamber, or by robotic feed into an auger trough-mounted hopper.

Operator-less thermoforming granulators designed for integrated automation between thermoformer and granulator. Crusher roll system for inline processing of skeletal web/sheet with whole thermoformed parts in place. FRG series feeds directly from thermoformer or payoff stand and features constant tension control system, electro/mechanical device for cyclic start/stop feeding, and ultrasonic sensoring device to monitor web/sheet loop. Multifunction heavy-duty auger granulators for high throughput reclamation of precut sheet guillontined skeleton.

Beside-the-press and large-throat central granulators with throat sizes from 6 x 6 in. to 36 x 48 in. Options include segmented-type rotors, rear-feed chutes, combination hoppers for front band feed! top robot feed, and feed roll attachments for edge trim. Blower evacuation equipment available to minimize regrind handling. Conveyors available for most granulators with options that include metal detectors, and AMP feedback system to control conveyor speed to the granulator.

Low-profile, robot-fed granulators for automatic feeding by sprue picker. Standard speed or low rpm variable speed to reduce noise and minimize fines.


Single-rotor, horizontal ram-fed shredders and low-speed, high-torque rotary shear shredders to preprocess chunks, drools, flashings, purgings, thin film fiber, and post-consumer plastics into a uniform size for secondary high-speed granulation or feeding directly into extruders.


Laboratory grinder has cutting blades mounted on a heavy-duty rotor in a screened chamber. Motor control is accessible from side of hopper. Action can be checked via inspection chamber.


Granulators and shredders for 35 to 9000 lb/hr include sound enclosure for 80 dbA, swing-down screen cradle, clamshell hopper, rotor flywheel, dust-protected rotor bearings, micro-adjustable bed knives, and safety devices.


Pulvocron air-swept pulverizer/classifier permits external fineness adjustment during operation and produces medium-fine, fine, and ultra-fine particles. Three sizes: 20 in., 38 in., and 76 in. Typical products handled include melamine, PVC, polyester, epoxy, and PS.


Mills include Mikro pulverizer, which grinds, blends, and disperses in a single dustless operation. Units use rapidly moving hammers and are suited for both wet and dry grinding.

Vertical-impact Mikro-ACM classifier mills grind heat-sensitive material without coolants. Mikro-Atomizer grinds and conveys material in one operation. Produces ultrafine powders. Mikro-Bantam economical mill for lab, pilot plant, or small batch production grinds samples as small as 10 g at rates of 200 lb/hr.

Laboratory Mikro-ACM grinder/classifier, a 1-hp self-contained unit, comes with collector, filter cartridge, and instrument panel. Grinds and classifies at 10-200 lb/hr. Meshes from 100 to 40 microns.

Mikro-Crusher in lab, standard, and heavy-duty sizes for large feedstock. Mikron-Separator air-classifier for particle sizes of 100 mesh to 5 microns. Mikro-Samplmill used in labs for grinding.


Press-side and large part granulators with feed throats from 6 x 8 in. to 16 x 32 in. SPL (below 90 dbA) or Silenator (below 80 dbA) models from 5 to 40 hp. Easy service and cleaning.

Auger-feed granulators with 8 x 8 in. or 10 x 10 in. throats come in SPL or Silenator versions.

E-Series granulators in three sizes (4 x 6 in., 1.5 hp; 6 x 8 in., 5 hp; and 9 x 12 in., 5 hp). Cuffing chamber similar to press-side model but for automated feeding or controlled hand feeding.

Shurfeed granulators are for machine-side and central granulation of bulky parts. Material falls in front of rotating knives and is pulled through the cutting action for fast granulation without flyback. Throat sizes of 16 x 21 in. to 24 x 42 in. with up to 75 hp and 2000 lb/hr throughput. Units are soundproofed.

Heavy-duty central granulators in 16 x 26 in., 24 x 41 in., 36 x 56 in., and 36 x 74 m. Horsepower from 50 to 400 and throughputs to 15,000 lb/hr.

Hot-melt granulators (HMG) for extrusion, blow molding, wire insulation, and compounding. Cutting chamber allows air cooling of hot granulate for fast throughput without gumming. Can recover most hot materials to 600 F without precooling. Units include granulator, blower, cyclone separator, and related ductwork in 8 x 8 in., 10 x 10 in., and 16 x 27 in. throats; throughputs to 1200 lb/hr.

Feed-roll granulators handle all types of film and thin sheet Double-angle cut is suited to OPP and LLDPE film. Feed throats to 16 x 26 in.

Shredders for primary size reduction of all plastics including very large parts and purgings. Cutting chambers 14 x 20 in. to 79 x 43 in. and 10 to 225 HP.

Slow-speed granulators with cutting chambers 6 x 7 in., 8 x 7 in., and 11 x 7 in. and 2-, 3- and 4-hp drives most often used in conjunction with sprue pickers and robots for automated feeding.


The Eureka granulator is a compact, rugged unit with simple construction that offers low operating cost with few moving parts. Material is cut between two cutter rings, which rotate at almost the same speed. Centrifugal action forces the material outward between the cutter rings, shearing it to size and discharging the product quickly, efficiently, and simply.


Used and rebuilt granulators and shredders from 1 to 500 lip.


Upright granulators feature 20[degree] double-shear blade action. Standard two- or three-blade rotor or high-efficiency, multi-bladed, staggered-cut rotor. Handle all plastics from polycarbonate to soft vinyls. Four sizes from 5 hp with a 10 x 81/2 in. throat to 20 hp with a 24 x 12 in. throat. Heavy-duty casters and sound deadening to 85-90 dbA are standard.


Rotomill air-attrition pulverizer reduces chopped plastic to powders without heat buildup. Heat-sensitive materials can be ground without cryogenic processing. Lab and three production sizes from 50 to 800 lip. Also complete systems with feeders, collection, and/or pollution control equipment.


Information on a wide range of equipment for size reduction of plastics scrap available from Italian companies.


Equipment includes shredders, granulators, bale granulators, and air-swept pulverizer. Hi-Torque shredders use full diameter shafts to reduce large parts before granulation. Also standard granulators and a bale granulator for whole rubber or butyl. Air-swept pulverizer reduces plastics to 100-mesh.

Shredders and granulators offered in stacked arrangement to reduce large sprues, runners, or purgings down to 1/8 in. Air-swept pulverizer accepts pieces and reduces them to around 100 to 240 mesh. Also offers bale granulator for handling whole bales of synthetic cured and uncured rubber down to 100% 1/4-in. at rates of 2000 lb/hr.


Hammermills come in rotor sizes from 20 x 12 in. to 40 x 72 in. Both swing-type and rigid hammers available. Shredder frames are rugged, and internal surfaces are protected by removable, wear-resistant steel liners. Integral metal removes most tramp metal.


KEK universal mills can use an extensive selection of pinned-disc and turbine/ screen-type grinding media. Milling can take place under inert-gas, cooled, or cryogenic conditions. Mills typically operate in a range from 50-500 microns and up to 100 tons/hr.

KEK centrifugal sifters provide pull-through sieving for scalping oversize and extraneous materials, classifying and conditioning of bulk materials, controlled size reduction of friable materials, and even removal of liquids from slurries, pastes or solids in suspension.


Granulators in sizes from 8 x 6 in. throat and 3-100 hp. Two- and three-bladed open rotors, high-alloy steel knives, noise levels that meet OSHA requirements, and heavy-duty construction.


Radial beside-the-press granulator with rotor that moves in a circular path around a vertical axis at 1750 rpm, creating a high level of centrifugal force to drive scrap material through knives and the granulate through the screens.

Two-stage Shuffle granulator automatically transforms large reject parts, bulky or difficult-to-handle scrap into high-quality regrind. In the first stage large parts are reduced to small pieces using the Shuffle and in the second stage the Radial unit produces the granulate. System was designed to replace more costly heavy-duty granulators and shredder/granulator combinations.

USG high-capacity granulator designed for large-volume recycling operation and for granulating large and tough materials. Small clearances between knives and screens, high air-flow rate, and high rotor rpm result in high throughputs (See ads pp. 134, 259, 275, 285.)


Auger-feed, top-feed, and upright granulators in various sizes. Optional soundproofing limits noise to 80 dbA. Two auger-feed models have average throughputs of 175 and 275 lb/hr with throat sizes of 8 x 8 in. and 10 x 10 in.

Two top-feed models suitable for robot feeding offer average throughputs of 150 and 225 lb/hr with throat sizes of 6 x 8 in. and 9 x 12 in.

Upright granulators with 250 to 700 lb/hr throughputs have throat sizes from 6 x 8 in. to 16 x 32 in.


PVC pregrinders and pulverizers reduce up to 36-in.-O.D., 2-in.-thick scrap to powder. Two sizes of feed chute and pregrinder, which reduce 20-ft sections of pipe to chips at up to 6000 lb/hr. Chips are pulverized to powder at 1000 lb/hr.


Size-reduction machines for shredding and pulverizing foam and more.


MP beside-the-press granulators for robot, manual, and conveyor feeding from 1 to 400 hp have short-stop rotor and hinged hoppers. IM granulators with helical bolt-on rotor knives for heavy-duty applications. MA auger granulators for under the press with three-plate molds. MT web granulators for in-line thermoforming. CS units for heavy-duty applications as well as sheet and film. Shredders from 5 to 100 hp include FL series. Thirty-four models to choose from.


Screen-classifying SCC rotary cutter produces uniform particle size with minimal fines. Uses impact to break apart friable materials at 2800 rpm. Tungsten-carbide cutter inserts create shear to slice apart tough, abrasive materials. Helical rotors allow good air flow to maximize throughput.


Densifiers for fiber, film, and foam convert hard-to-manage waste into free-flowing densified granules without significant thermal degradation. Three models have throughputs to 1500 lb/hr.

Granulators with rotor diam. to 63 in. and machine widths to 94 in. available with feeding and discharge accessories such as conveyors, bale cutters, guillotines, augers, blowers, cyclones, and dust filters. Rotors available in stainless steel or nickel. Throughputs to 15,000 lb/hr.

Also blast mills, pinned-disc mills, universal mills, and classifier mills for fine grinding, plus fluidized-bed jet mills for ultrafine grinding down to 2 microns.


Heavy-duty granulators for lumps and purgings. Compact-design granulators for sheet, film, and bulky parts. Highspeed disc pulverizers for medium-hard, impact-resistant, and friable materials. Grinders for specific requirements such as pipe and profile, and hot-melt granulators and guillotines.


Company's S Cutter is similar to a granulator and has a single rotor turning at 30 rpm and also bed knives. It is designed specifically for press-side grinding of injection molding sprues and runners and has two large rotating hooks that chop the scrap into smaller particles. Then multiple rows of small chipper blades cut plastic into cubes of 4, 5, 6, 7, or 9 mm without the use of a sizing screen.


Vortex rotary grinder is a proprietary design for high-volume size reduction of hulk materials.


Low-speed, high-torque shredders from 20 to 200 hp process any kind of plastic without generating heat.


Pulverizers include turbo, disc, and counterrotation universal mills used for one-pass or closed-circuit grinding. Interchangeable grinding components. Turbo and disc mills suitable for ambient grinding of heat-sensitive material. Turbo and pin mills available for low-temperature or cryogenic operations.

Granulators in various configurations range in diam. from 6 to 100 in. Also models for long scrap such as siding or window frames, crushers for pipes up to 60-in. diam., and precision knife mills for grinding film.

Densifying systems (PFV) for continuous low-temperature converting of film, foam, and fiber into free-flowing granules. (See ad this page.)


Rebuilt, guaranteed granulators from 1 1/2 to 300 hp. Various throat sizes with solid and open rotors, pull-out bin discharge, drum or gaylord high discharge, or pneumatic discharge.


Guillotine cutters for chop fibers, films, and tires. Can include infeed conveyors, metal detectors, suction outlets, and takeaway conveyors. Cutting widths of 11-20 in., speeds of 50-400 cuts/min, and lengths of 0.25 to 20 in.


Grinders from 2-hp, beside-the-press units to soundproofed, low-profile auger grinders as large as 70 hp. Units have segmented blades for better cuts and large flywheels for increased efficiency.


Trost Air impact mills pulverize hard, brittle, soft, and agglomerated materials, as well as those with low melting points. Opposing streams of compressed air produce powerful collisions for precise control of particle size. Range from 100 g/hr to 5000 lb/hr, reportedly using 20% less energy than other units. Research model pulverizes 10 g samples.


Three models of compact in-line granulator systems for pneumatic trim handling systems suitable for any film or sheet application. All unit available with replaceable screen from 1/8 to 1-n. diam. holes, two to six rotor configurations, cutting clearances less than 0.0002 in., a "shaftless" cutting chamber, open rotor for minimum pressure drop, sealed bearings for long life, flange-mounted motor, and quiet scissor-action knives. Models are the 78-GP series (4 x 7 in. inlet), 9832 series (9 x 5.5 in. inlet), and 811-GP series (8 x 11 in. inlet).

Rollmaster series of roll guillotines safely cut rolls of film or sheet from hollow cores. During the cutting process, a hydraulically powered knife cuts the roll along its longitudinal center line to the top of the core and drops the cut material into a scrap bin or conveyor. The completely interlocked and safety guarded unit reduces labor to strip rolls. Cores can be reused, core paper contamination is eliminated, and multiple rolls of varying diam. can be cut.


Toronita densifiers for reducing volume of scrap EPS use high pressure to achieve volume reduction instead of heat or chemicals. Units can densify normal EPS to 18 lb/[ft.sup.3]. Two designs available. One has a horizontal body with material densified by a hydraulic ram against a hydraulically controlled bulkhead door on the front of the machine, producing individual slugs of densifled material. Second design replaces the front door with a tapered extension, allowing for a continuous ribbon of densified material to be processed.


Film granulators for in-line reprocessing of scrap feature double-angled, carbide-coated knives, Sizes from 10 x 12 in. to 15 x 27 in. with 20- to 100-hp motors. Open-rotor design efficiently cools for higher throughputs. Part of a complete automatic scrap-recycling system (ASR), which includes roll feeders, trim pickup systems, and refeed machines for puffing ground scrap back into the production extruder without repelletization.


Comil conical mill uses low rpm, centrifugal acceleration, vortex flow pattern, 360[degrees] discharging screen, and specially shaped grinding elements. Provides high lb/hr/hp, low fines even with fragile materials, low dust, quiet operation, and elimination of frictional heat. Capacities from 250 to 50,000 lb/hr or more.


Beside-the-press, auger, in-line, central, thermoform, hog-type, and hotmelt granulators. Also belt conveyors, sound enclosures and rooms, pneumatic conveyors, and turnkey operations.

Beside-the-press models from 3 x 6 in. to 18 x 31 in., 2- to 60-hp motors, and throughputs from 170 to 2500 lb/hr.

For blow molding, models handle hot parisons or parts. Throat sizes from 7 x 9 in. to 32 x 50 in., 5- to 200-hp motors, and throughputs to 6000 lb/hr. Noise levels of approx. 82 dbA

Central heavy-duty models in throat sizes from 12 x 24 in. to 32 x 50 in., 40- to 250-hp motors, and throughputs from 1400 to 10,000 lb/hr.

Hog-type, extra-heavy-duty models offer 12 x 24 in. to 24 x 42 in. throats, 50- to 100-hp motors, and 900 to 6000 lb/hr capacities.

Hot-melt models for granulation at 300-500 F from 7 x 9 in. to 32 x 50 in. throats, 5-to 250-hp motors, and 165-3000 lb/hr capacity. (See ad p. 256-Tab.)


Attrition pulverizing systems, ambient and cryogenic systems for milling LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, ABS, SAN, PET, nylon, acrylics and other polymers. All systems equipped with horizontal mill chambers that produce high volume output of quality powder with low energy consumption. All mills have Push/Pull Gap adjusting feature from outside the mill housing so that no shimming of the disks is needed using company's interchangeable one-piece abrasion resistant disks. Systems are PLC-controlled and equipped with large capacity sifter, hinged cyclone, and quick disconnect piping, which enables fast clean down between product changes. Models 75, 100, 400, 400s, 600 and REC 100 cryogenic are available.


RG52 rotary grinder (low-speed, low-hp, low-noise) handles large rejects and purging without prior reduction and delivers consistently sized particles in one pass. It features a quick cleanout design, optimized positive-feed controls, oversized outboard rotor shaft bearings and employs an advanced single-cuffing rotor with cutter inserts for long wear.


Full line of granulators with cuffing chambers from 8 x 8 in. to 33 x 60 in. and 5- to 300-hp motors. Standard models are heavy-duty and feature tangentially fed, solidly welded chamber; double scissor cuffing action on rotor and bed blades; heavy-duty piloted cartridge bearings; easy-access swing-down removable screen and screen cradle; solid steel flywheels on most models; sound insulated, double-wall hopper and base; and safety features to cut off power if attempt is made to open the machine while operating.

Also blower/cyclone systems and fines separator systems.


Slow-speed, high-torque electric and hydraulic shredders from 7.5 to 800 hp for energy-efficient size reduction of low-and high-density materials-from film to 55-gal drums. With liquid recovery and compaction attachments, bottles can be shredded and compacted with contents separated for retrieval. Knives can be sharpened without removal.


High-torque shredders and complete reduction systems for processing dense and bulky plastic materials prior to granulating.


Bi-Cutter two-stage, press-side, screen-less granulator produces quality uniform granules. Low rpm and horsepower allow for low maintenance and low-energy consumption. The first stage has an S-shaped breaking blade that cuts (15 rpm) sprues into smaller pieces that then drop into the second stage. The second stage rotary and stationary cutters cut (45 rpm) the downsized pieces into small, uniform granules. Side plates on the unit swing up for easy access enabling easy clean out.


Fully self-contained, air or hydraulically operated guillotine cutters especially suited for recycling and reclamation. Standard line features 24-, 29-, 39-, 54-, and 60-in, cuffing widths with cuffing strokes to 40 in. Fully automated cuffing lines, which include compacting, are available. Model 24-10 features a 24-in, cuffing width and can be fitted with a 10- or 12-in, air cylinder, or a 5-in, hydraulic cylinder delivering over 14,000 lb of force. All cutters are guarded and fitted with anti-tie down, dual pushbuttons for safety.


New or rebuilt two- and four-shaft rotary shear shredders and single-shaft rotary grinders for primary size reduction of loose and baled film, purgings, fibers, engineered resins and other large or bulky materials. Also municipal and scrap compactors and manual tie horizontal balers. Turnkey and custom inline integration with new or existing systems.


Self-contained, self-feeding size-reduction system called the Veloci-Cutter that eliminates other costly, problematic methods of feeding the granulator. Ideal for continuous flow edge trim, scrap bottles, or other scrap parts.


Four models of pulverizers for fine milling of rigid, semi-rigid, and soft plastics such as PVC, LLDPE, LDPE, cellulosics, PS, PP, ABS, and PET. Capacities from 100 to 3500 lb/hr. Options include materials-handling systems, nonferrous metal separators, dust collectors, and blending systems.


Washing systems from Sorema for bottles and film to 6000 lb/hr. Offers a non-detect on paper, while special floating tank provides HDPE/PET separation. Systems include continuous densiflers with outputs to 5000 lb/hr and automatic guillotines with up to 100-ton cuffing force.

Granulators specifically designed for the most demanding recycling apphcatons. Models range up to 80-in.-rotor width with a solid forged one-piece rotor and shaft with a 34-in. diameter. Both wet and dry models available.


Range of grinders for film, sheet, fiber, pipe/profile including integrated feed and discharge systems. Solid rotor construction with chevron, herringbone, slant blade designs, and compensating bed knives. Heavy-duty bearing housings maintain rigidity and proper rotor alignment and withstand high impact stress. Maintenance-free bearings protected by rotating end disks and shaft seals to prevent product contamination.


Custom grinding systems for reducing plastics to fine powders.


Triskelion lumpbreaker, double Rotocage lumpbreaker, and single Rotocage lumpbreaker for friable solids such as agglomerates, wet cakes, crystals, extrusions, pellets, waxes, fibers, chunks, slabs, and sheets that normally do not require ball, hammer, or pin mills.
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