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The laws of heat go small: physicists explore thermodynamics in the quantum realm. Mar 19, 2016 2029
Physicists detect gravitational waves: LIGO experiment's discovery opens new window to the cosmos. Mar 5, 2016 1780
Four-neutron nucleus detected: tetraneutron's possible existence defies expectations. Brief article Mar 5, 2016 236
Galactoseismology \guh-LAC-to-siz-MAHL-ah-je\n. Brief article Feb 20, 2016 273
Quantum histories get all tangled up: tracing a particle's past can require multiple chronologies. Feb 20, 2016 775
Periodic table gets 4 more elements: naming rights go to U.S., Russian and Japanese scientists. Brief article Feb 6, 2016 223
Red giants map how Milky Way grew: mass of 70,000 stars reveals older center, younger outskirts. Feb 6, 2016 410
Gas cloud may be graveyard of first stars. Brief article Feb 6, 2016 177
More details on Stephen Hawking's solution to black hole problem. Brief article Feb 6, 2016 187
Experiment offers glimpse at how to make hydrogen metallic. Brief article Feb 6, 2016 177
General relativity caught in action: debris disk around black hole shows frame-dragging effect. Jan 23, 2016 478
A recipe for supermassive black holes: slamming two primordial galaxies together could create collapse. Jan 23, 2016 402
Pulsar pair ripples spacetime. Brief article Jan 23, 2016 319
Equipment failure delays Mars mission. Brief article Jan 23, 2016 107
Capturing the wonders of hummingbird flight. Brief article Jan 23, 2016 232
Why penguins don't freeze. Brief article Jan 9, 2016 172
LHC sees hints of possible new particle: researchers pore over data from proton collider's latest run. Jan 9, 2016 491
Multiparticle entanglement quantified: physicists measure quantum connection between several atoms. Jan 9, 2016 309
There's no hiding from new camera. Brief article Jan 9, 2016 242
Cosmos and life meet in unusual proposal. Book review Jan 9, 2016 426
Boom goes the sand. Dec 26, 2015 434
Gravity probe B mission wraps up: papers sum up tests confirming Einstein's general relativity. Dec 26, 2015 460
New algorithm cracks graph problem: computer science advance helps identify identical networks. Dec 12, 2015 776
Nearby Earth-sized planet spotted. Brief article Dec 12, 2015 176
Water droplets spontaneously bounce, sans trampoline. Brief article Dec 12, 2015 126
Light mimics hotel with infinite rooms: mathematician inspires new twist in optical information storage. Report Nov 28, 2015 572
Antiprotons behave just like protons: collisions reveal antimatter's response to strong nuclear force. Report Nov 28, 2015 357
Then and now: 350 years of microscope upgrades. Brief article Nov 28, 2015 155
Quantum computing goes old school: engineers modify silicon transistors to perform basic logic tasks. Report Nov 14, 2015 535
83-year-old math problem solved: proposal by Erdos involving number sequences validated. Oct 31, 2015 515
Time-reversal mirror sends light back: no matter the angle, waves are returned along the same path. Oct 31, 2015 545
Invisibility cloaks slim down. Brief article Oct 17, 2015 145
Gravity's long-distance connection: wormhole links between black holes could broker quantum-general relativity merger. Oct 17, 2015 2660
Graphene turned into superconductor: when tweaked, material shows signs of resistance-free current. Oct 3, 2015 372
Hawking offers fix to physics paradox: 'Supertranslation' of light may store black hole's information. Oct 3, 2015 529
Physicists get info from idle computer: quantum trick enables success in counterfactual computing. Sep 19, 2015 537
Antimatter looks a lot like matter: protons, antiprotons have same charge-to-mass ratio. Sep 19, 2015 352
Physicists verify quantum spookiness: variation on classic test of entanglement closes loopholes. Sep 19, 2015 682
3-D-printed device cracks cocktail party problem. Brief article Sep 19, 2015 167
Blazar\BLEHY-zahr\ n. Brief article Sep 5, 2015 186
New twist on entanglement: link between photon pairs preserved over long distance. Sep 5, 2015 415
Buckyballs turn on copper's magnetism. Brief article Sep 5, 2015 188
Tiny spheres turn cells into lasers: light-emitting implants can help track cellular activity. Aug 22, 2015 357
Elusive particle appears in 'semimetal': Weyl fermions detected in tantalum arsenide, physicists say. Aug 22, 2015 572
Stretchy fiber lets electrons flow. Brief article Aug 22, 2015 183
New exoplanet: big Earth or small Neptune? Aug 22, 2015 361
LHC reports pentaquark sightings: Collider offers new evidence for elusive five-part particles. Brief article Aug 8, 2015 289
Superconductivity record challenged: Meissner effect detected in relatively 'warm' hydrogen sulfide. Aug 8, 2015 330
Bacteria eliminate fluid's viscosity: E. coli's synchronized swimming produces superfluid solution. Brief article Aug 8, 2015 300
Evolution may favor limited life span: dying prematurely could reduce competition with descendants. Jul 11, 2015 757
Rogue waves may have warning sign: analyses find signals that precede some mystery swells. Jul 11, 2015 371
LHC set to see beyond Higgs boson: next run of proton collisions seeks evidence of new physics. Jun 27, 2015 1292
Electron pairs can take the heat: high-temperature duos offer insight into superconductivity. Report Jun 13, 2015 420
Wave-particle duality measured simultaneously: modified delayed-choice apparatus dissects photon. May 30, 2015 793
Cosmic rays hold clues to lightning: particles offer way to measure thunderclouds' electric fields. May 30, 2015 336
The coldest substance 0.00000000005 degrees Celsius above absolute zero: temperature of the coldest stuff on Earth. Brief article May 16, 2015 225
Ringing rings reveal Saturn's innards. Brief article May 16, 2015 237
Map pinpoints location of invisible dark matter. Brief article May 16, 2015 205
Afterglow alerts astronomers to gamma-ray burst. Brief article May 16, 2015 203
Split galaxy offers dark matter clues: division of stars, invisible mass hints at self-interacting particles. May 16, 2015 569
Cosmic rays misbehave in experiment. Brief article May 16, 2015 202
A new spin on guiding sound: acoustic device could cloak submarines, divert loud noises. May 2, 2015 574
A new quirk for quarks. Brief article May 2, 2015 195
Quantum entanglement in a crowd: connections between photon pairs in beam of light measured. Apr 18, 2015 567
'Metamirror' reflects selectively. Brief article Apr 18, 2015 191
Why rain smells like that. Brief article Apr 4, 2015 228
Message lingers after light leaves: if photons pass you by, just snatch signal from vacuum. Apr 4, 2015 369
Superconductivity record could fall: hydrogen-sulfur compound loses resistance at high temperature. Apr 4, 2015 404
The past according to Planck: cosmologists got a lot right: new analysis confirms basic ideas about universe's properties, but some unsolved puzzles linger. Mar 21, 2015 762
Two steps forward for teleportation: quantum method transfers pair of particle properties. Mar 21, 2015 367
Eyes on the invisible prize: Sam Ting won't be rushed to solve the mystery of dark matter. Mar 21, 2015 3297
Taking temperatures at the nanoscale: aluminum, other materials can become self-thermometers. Mar 7, 2015 441
Speed of light not so constant after all: structure of pulses can slow down photons, even in a vacuum. Feb 21, 2015 498
Gravitational wave claim bites dust: spacetime ripples might exist, but search will need to continue. Brief article Feb 21, 2015 314
When entering black hole, fasten seat belt. Brief article Feb 21, 2015 218
Graphene's allure can be magnetic: proximity allows carbon sheet to borrow a material's power. Feb 7, 2015 324
Computer algorithm masters poker: you've got to know when to fold 'em against this program. Feb 7, 2015 825
Europa's geysers play hard-to-see: further observations of Jovian moon fail to detect venting. Jan 24, 2015 571
The imitation game entertains at the expense of accuracy. Movie review Jan 24, 2015 490
Comet may expose its building blocks: Rosetta images reveal possible pristine solar system material. Brief article Jan 10, 2015 233
Gamma-ray bursts bad news for life: Earth may have been zapped, leading to mass extinctions. Jan 10, 2015 439
Math depicts pedestrian behavior: simulations mimic how real-world trajectories avoid collisions. Jan 10, 2015 332
'Family Guy' and 'Citizen Kane' improve solar cells. Brief article Dec 27, 2014 253
Negative mass may be possible: repulsive matter could have played a role in early universe. Dec 27, 2014 516
Graphene lets protons slip through: finding material's loophole offers promise for better fuel cells. Dec 13, 2014 395
Milestone algorithm runs on quantum computer. Brief article Dec 13, 2014 182
Assaulting ink drops for science. Brief article Dec 13, 2014 257
A charming subatomic particle. Brief article Nov 29, 2014 190
Magnetic imager scans single proton: MRI-like technique could map individual biological molecules. Nov 29, 2014 376
Signal of Majorana particle emerges: evidence backs existence of entity that is its own antiparticle. Nov 15, 2014 649
Hawking radiation created in the lab: Sonic black hole emits energy as famed physicist predicted. Nov 15, 2014 842
Laser tractor beam tugs on beads. Brief article Nov 15, 2014 156
Photons can take roundabout route: twist on two-slit experiment could detect light's loopy path. Nov 1, 2014 388
'The Theory of Everything' reveals Stephen Hawking's personal side. Movie review Nov 1, 2014 479
Evidence for new particle vanishes: LHC data find no signs of a relative to the Higgs boson. Oct 18, 2014 519
Digital recipe simplifies metamaterials: analogy to electronic bits offers new way to manipulate light. Oct 18, 2014 395
Three photons get entangled. Brief article Oct 18, 2014 195
Not-so-real particles: physicists are using quasiparticles to improve common and unusual materials. Oct 18, 2014 2538
Magnets get flipped by light. Brief article Sep 20, 2014 170
Computer chip mimics the brain: parallel-processing device could improve pattern recognition. Sep 6, 2014 507

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