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Granny's pounds 5 for a debt of pounds 22,000.

Byline: By Lisa Hutchinson

Pensioner laminates first cheque payment from her grandson

Pensioner Nancy Ord, who took her grandson to court when he borrowed pounds 22,000 to buy a Ferrari, has received her first pounds 5 cheque after he was ordered to pay back the cash.

Nancy hit the headlines in the Chronicle when she told how motor-mad Andrew Gough wheedled his way into his long lost grandmother's life and borrowed the money for a down payment on the flash sports car.

But Nancy didn't see the money again and went to court to get it back.

Mr Gough, 23, turned up on her doorstep in a flash Porsche and explained he was the grandchild she had lost more than a decade before. After gaining the 77-year-old's love and trust he asked for the deposit to import a new Ferrari from America.

Kind-hearted Nancy passed over her savings from a lifetime of work and Gough drove straight back out of her life.

Nancy, of Grosvenor Road, South Shields, says Gough stopped going to her home and she didn't see a penny of the money ( until today when she got her first pounds 5 cheque.

Mr Gough, who is now penniless and living in a hostel, offered to pay the money back at pounds 5 a month.

That means Nancy will have to live until she is 161 before she receives the last payment. She laminated her first cheque for a keep-sake after a two-and-a-half year battle. She said: "When I saw the pounds 5 cheque it raised a smile."

Gough could not be contacted for comment.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 7, 2005
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