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Grandma Spoils Me.

Grandma Spoils Me

Mary H. Wright

Bluebonnets Publishing

ISBN: 0964549344 $16.95

Many parents feel that grandparents spoil their children. But what do the children think?

Henry knows that his grandma spoils him, but he isn't sure if she spoils him with love or with buying him things. He calls her whenever he gets angry. She cuddles with him as they watch scary movies together, and she hugs him when he is hurt. What do you think Henry decides?

The text is easy-to-read, bouncy, and children can easily relate to the situations in the book. Parents and grandparents will love the questions, comments, and feelings that their children will be left with upon finishing the book. Children will love the vibrant full-color illustrations by Bill Megenhardt that are fun and creative. This delightful, heartwarming book would work wonderfully for teachers as a "read-out-loud" book on Grandparent's Day.

This reviewer and her children highly recommends GRANDMA SPOILS ME by Mary H. Wright for children ages 2 and up and suggests that you purchase a copy to share with your children. This book would make a loving and most-cherished gift.

Jennifer LB Leese, Reviewer
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Author:Leese, Jennifer L.B.
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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