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Grand Canyon.

DON'T know what's happening to the weather but as I sit and write this, the day is overcast, miserable and quite chilly - it's little wonder so many people are choosing to buy property in Spain.

Nobody loves Wales more than I do but the unpredictability of the weather leaves much to be desired. All we can do is look forward to our holidays and make the most of foreign sun.

Christian and Harvey are going to Tenerife for two weeks at the beginning of July and are very exited, as are Dai and Nerys who are going to Lanzarote later in the month.

When they first told me, I was a little concerned because they are taking baby Christian, who is very fair skinned. But they are responsible parents and are well aware of the dangers. Nerys, at the tender age of 23, is, without shadow of a doubt, the best mother I have ever known.

Our own holiday is booked for September. My beloved and I are going with Terry and Tania to Las Vegas. As the only one of the four to have been there, I can't wait to return to the place I think of as Disneyland for adults.

The weather is wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures in the 90s at that time of year, and though it's a long flight and I hate flying, it will be worth it. We intend renting a car and visiting some of the attractions outside Vegas such as Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, and best of all the Grand Canyon.

I have been to the first two places and they are both amazing. Red Rock Canyon is an eerie place that made me feel as though I was trespassing.

As I stood alone in the silence looking at the huge boulders glowing in the rays of the sun (the rocks seemed to be lit up from the inside), I wouldn't have been at all surprised to see a feathered headdress sticking up against the skyline. In the deep blue sky were strange cloud formations not unlike the smoke signals seen in old westerns, and as I walked away I felt as though unseen eyes were watching me.

It was a weird experience, as was looking down into the waters of the Colorado River at the Hoover Dam. Two huge bronze angels overlook the dam - memorials to the men who lost their lives building it.

All my life I have wanted to see the Grand Canyon but on the three occasions I have been to Las Vegas it was for work, so I never had the time. I'm looking forward to looking down into the river below and feeling small and inadequate in the scheme of things.

Humility is good for the soul they say, and there is nothing like nature for putting human beings in their place; it's impossible not to be humbled by natural phenomena on such a vast scale.

I'm very fortunate to be in a position to see such things. As a young child my brother bought me a book on natural history and in it was a picture of the Grand Canyon. Had I been asked then whether I thought I would ever see it, I would have answered that there was as much chance of me walking on the moon.

In those days, holidays were non-existent - a Sunday school day trip was all most of us had to look forward to. Looking back though, no adult trip could ever be that exciting regardless of how exotic the destination. Perhaps the four of us should take a bottle of warm, diluted orange squash and some squashed tomato sandwiches just to make the trip perfect
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2005
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