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Houttuynia cordate Thunb Boosts the NonSpecific Immune Response and Enhances Resistance to Edwardsiellosis in the Olive Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus). Yi, Fan; Yang, Xiaobin; Ye, Shigen; Li, Hua; Li, Ruijun Report Aug 31, 2019 3728
Risk Factors for Elizabethkingia Acquisition and Clinical Characteristics of Patients, South Korea. Choi, Min Hyuk; Kim, Myungsook; Jeong, Su Jin; Choi, Jun Yong; Lee, In-Yong; Yong, Tai-Soon; Yong, D Report Jan 1, 2019 7427
Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia/S. Maltophilia Sepsis Presenting with Perianal Cellulitis and Pneumonia in a Leukemic Child. Ozdemir, Zeynep Canan; Turhan, Ayse Bozkurt; Bor, Ozcan Clinical report Dec 1, 2018 1572
Capnocytophaga canimorsus Capsular Serovar and Disease Severity, Helsinki Hospital District, Finland, 2000-2017. Hess, Estelle; Renzi, Francesco; Karhunen, Panu; Dol, Melanie; Lefevre, Adrien; Antikainen, Jenni; C Report Dec 1, 2018 5006
Rhinoscleroma. Umphress, Brandon; Raparia, Kirtee Report Dec 1, 2018 3249
Diagnostic Performance of Intestinal Fusobacterium nucleatum in Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Peng, Bo-Jian; Cao, Chuang-Yu; Li, Wei; Zhou, Yong-Jian; Zhang, Yuan; Nie, Yu-Qiang; Cao, Yan-Wen; L Report Nov 1, 2018 4769
Elizabethkingia anophelis and Association with Tap Water and Handwashing, Singapore. Yung, Chee-Fu; Maiwald, Matthias; Loo, Liat H.; Soong, Han Y.; Tan, Chin B.; Lim, Phaik K.; Li, Ling Report Sep 1, 2018 2136
CHROMOBACTERIUM VIOLACEUM WOUND INFECTION. Chakravarty, Atanu; Modak, Anuradha Case study Jul 30, 2018 1290
NIH Awards Cidara Therapeutics and Rutgers University USD 5.5m Grant for Development of Immunotherapy Agents Targeting Multi-drug Resistant Gram-negative Bacterial Infections. May 24, 2018 360
Case Thirty-Two: An Unusual Gram-Negative Bacillus Recovered from a Pediatric Patient with Chronic Otitis Media. McCoy, Morgan; Pfeffer, Jenny; Mortensen, Joel Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 955
Questions for STEP Participants. Jan 1, 2018 546
Multidrug and co-resistance patterns of non-fermenting Gram-negative bacilli involved in ventilator-associated pneumonia carrying class 1 integron in the North of Iran. Bagheri-Nesami, Masoumeh; Rezai, Mohammad Sadegh; Ahangarkani, Fatemeh; Rafiei, Alireza; Nikkhah, At Report Sep 1, 2017 5010
Infection after total knee arthroplasty by M. catarrhalis associated with rheumatoid arthritis and DMARDs therapy. Evangelista, Perry J.; Evangelista, Gregory T.; Ogrich, Lauren M. Clinical report Apr 1, 2017 2359
Pfizer Inc unveils novel combination antibiotic Zavicefta for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections in the UK and Germany. Mar 14, 2017 246
Pfizer Inc unveils novel combination antibiotic Zavicefta for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections in the UK and Germany. Mar 14, 2017 242
Native Valve Endocarditis due to Veillonella Species: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Saladi, Lakshmi; Zeana, Cosmina; Singh, Manisha Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1606
Human Infection with Fusobacterium necrophorum without Jugular Venous Thrombosis: A Varied Presentation of Lemierre's Syndrome. Rana, Muhammad Asim; Kumar, Yashwant; Lashari, Abdullah Ali; Mady, Ahmed F. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1620
Add-On Therapy with Ertapenem in Infections with Multidrug Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria: Pediatric Experience. Basaranoglu, Sevgen Tanir; Ozsurekci, Yasemin; Aykac, Kubra; Arikan, Kamile Oktay; Buyukcam, Ayse; C Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1403
Plesiomonas shigelloides: An Unusual Cause of Septic Abortion. Cornu, Gilbert; Marchand-Senecal, Xavier; Gaudreau, Christiane; Berdugo, Jeremie; Gariepy, Gilles; T Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1319
Lumbar Spondylodiscitis Caused by Burkholderia cepacia in a Previously Healthy Patient. Jaafar, Danielle; Rizkallah, Maroun; Atallah, Firas; Bachour, Falah; Barakat, Angelique; Maalouf, Gh Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1658
Resurgence of Polymyxin B for MDR/XDR Gram-Negative Infections: An Overview of Current Evidence. Garg, Suneel Kumar; Singh, Omender; Juneja, Deven; Tyagi, Niraj; Khurana, Amandeep Singh; Qamra, Ami Jan 1, 2017 7701
The Role of Adjunctive Therapies in Septic Shock by Gram Negative MDR/XDR Infections. Busani, Stefano; Roat, Erika; Serafini, Giulia; Mantovani, Elena; Biagioni, Emanuela; Girardis, Mass Report Jan 1, 2017 4422
A Case of Ignatzschineria indica Bacteremia following Maggot Colonization. Muse, Hugh; Jenkins, Rachel L.; Oliver, Meredith B.; Kim, Soomin; Grantier, Richard L., III; Malhotr Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2484
A Case of Urinary Tract Infection and Severe Sepsis Caused by Kluyvera ascorbata in a 73-Year-Old Female with a Brief Literature Review. Alfreijat, Majd Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1275
Pneumonia due to a Rare Pathogen: Achromobacter xylosoxidans, Subspecies denitrificans. Awadh, Hesham; Mansour, Munthir; Aqtash, Obadah; Shweihat, Yousef Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1866
Is It Necessary to Specifically Define the Cause of Surgically Treated Biliary Tract Infections? A Rare Case of Raoultella planticola Cholecystitis and Literature Review. Ulukent, Suat Can; Sarici, Inanc Samil; Sahbaz, Nuri Alper; Ozgun, Yigit Mehmet; Akca, Ozlem; Sanli, Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1472
Treating gram-negative bacterial infections. Sep 1, 2016 177
Comparative activity of doripenem, imipenem and meropenem against gram negative pathogens: a preliminary study. Alexander, Vipin Sam; Oberoi, Aroma; Kumar, Atul Report Jun 2, 2016 2863
Clinical impact of Achromobacter xylosoxidans colonization/infection in patients with cystic fibrosis. Firmida, M.C.; Pereira, R.H.V.; Silva, E.A.S.R.; Marques, E.A.; Lopes, A.J. Report Apr 1, 2016 5343
Ecthyma gangrenosum caused by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in a neutropenic leukaemic infant: a case report. Das, D.K.; Shukla, S. Clinical report Mar 1, 2016 1306
Candidatus Coxiella massiliensis infection. Angelakis, Emmanouil; Mediannikov, Oleg; Jos, Sarah-Lyne; Berenger, Jean-Michel; Parola, Philippe; R Clinical report Feb 1, 2016 1958
A Case of Penicillin-Resistant Veillonella Prosthetic Joint Infection of the Knee. Libertin, Claudia R.; Peterson, Joy H.; Brodersen, Mark P.; Huff, Tamara Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 2535
A decade of change in susceptibility patterns of Gram-negative blood culture isolates: a single center study. Alagesan, Murali; Gopalakrishnan, Ram; Panchatcharam, Senthur Nambi; Dorairajan, Sureshkumar; Ananth Report Sep 1, 2015 4641
Therapeutic management of haemorrhagic septicemia outbreak in Bovines. Raju, J. Report Jul 1, 2015 825
Diagnosis and management of bovine endometritis due to fusobacterium spp. Umamageswari, J.; Senthil, N.R.; Krishnakumar, K. Report Jul 1, 2015 834
Clinico-therapeutic management of actinobacillosis in a bullock. Patel, B.R.; Patel, J.S.; Parmar, S.C. Report Jul 1, 2015 1201
Recent preventive and management approaches for ovine foot rot. Dhoolappa, M.; Sheela, P.; Lakshmishree, K.T. Report Jul 1, 2015 1576
Therapeutic management of concurrent Peste des petits ruminants (ppr) and Mannheimia haemolytica in caprines. Parthiban, S.; Thangathurai, R.; Malmarugan, S.; Murugan, M.S.; Rajeswar, J. Johnson Report Jul 1, 2015 1256
Oligella ureolytica bacteremia in elderly woman, United States. Simmons, Tristan; Fennelly, Eryn; Loughran, David Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 1384
Prevalence of device-associated nosocomial infections caused by gram-negative bacteria in a trauma intensive care unit in Libya. Zorgani, Abdulaziz; Abofayed, Atef; Glia, Abdulhakim; Albarbar, Ashrf; Hanish, Sami Report Jul 1, 2015 3761
Necrotizing soft tissue infection caused by Aeromonas caviae: a case report. Pal, Suranjan; Banerjee, Sayantan; Konar, Jayashree; Datta, Piyali; Sahu, Chinmoy; Naha, Amrita Report Feb 19, 2015 1698
Now Available: Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014. Dec 31, 2014 431
Predictors of 7- and 30-day mortality in pediatric intensive care unit patients with cancer and hematologic malignancy infected with gram-negative bacteria. Costa, Patricia de Oliveira; Atta, Elias Hallack; da Silva, Andre Ricardo Araujo Report Nov 1, 2014 6118
Shewanella putrefaciens infective endocarditis. Constant, Jonathan; Chernev, Ivan; Gomez, Eric Clinical report Nov 1, 2014 1460
Pantoea dispersa bacteremia caused by central line-associated bloodstream infection. Hagiya, Hideharu; Otsuka, Fumio Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2014 770
Colistin in the management of severe infections with multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacilli. Streinu-Cercel, Adrian Editorial Mar 1, 2014 899
Clinical and pathological changes in rams experimentally infected with Actinobacillus seminis and Histophilus somni. Moustacas, Valeria S.; Silva, Teane M.A.; Costa, Luciana F.; Junior, Custodio A. Carvalho; Santos, R Report Jan 1, 2014 4532
Gram-negative infections in adult intensive care units of Latin America and the Caribbean. Luna, Carlos M.; Rodriguez-Noriega, Eduardo; Bavestrello, Luis; Guzman-Blanco, Manuel Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 7497
Leptotrichia trevisanii Sepsis after bone marrow transplantation. Schrimsher, Jennifer M.; McGuirk, Joseph P.; Hinthorn, Daniel R. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2013 1292
Permanent pacemaker-associated actinomycetemcomitans endocarditis: a case report. Li, Zhenhong; Madeo, Jennifer; Ahmed, Shadab; Vidal, Alex; Makaryus, Amgad; Mejia, Jose; Yasmin, Tab Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 2677
Recently released market study: Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections - Pipeline Review, H1 2013. Jul 19, 2013 472
Incidence of neonatal sepsis in tertiary care hospital: an overview. Gandhi, Shashi; Ranjan, K.P.; Ranjan, Neelima; Sapre, Neha; Masani, Mahendra Report Jul 1, 2013 3375
Solving an infection control mystery: infection control investigations can sometimes be painstaking and, at times, frustrating affairs. Nov 1, 2012 838
Avian Dis.: Epidemiologic investigation of Riemerella anatipestifer in a commercial duck company by serotyping and DNA fingerprinting. Fulton, R.M.; Rimler, R.B. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 122
Multi-resistant Gram Negative Bacterial Infections in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Rawalpindi. Report Sep 30, 2010 3460
Importance of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values. Senekal, Marthinus Report Jun 1, 2010 567
New drug class offers hope against "superbugs". Feb 22, 2010 324
Synergism between eugenol and antibiotics. Finney-Brown, Tessa Report Dec 22, 2009 396
Synergistic interaction of eugenol with antibiotics against Gram negative bacteria. Hemaiswarya, S.; Doble, M. Report Nov 1, 2009 4017
Brucella suis infection associated with feral swine hunting--three states, 2007-2008. Giurgiutiu, D.; Banis, C.; Hunt, E.; Mincer, J.; Nicolardi, C.; Weltman, A.; Stanek, D.; Matthews, S Jun 12, 2009 2483
A. baumannii infections emerge in vets, families. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2009 396
Anaplasma phagocytophilum transmitted through blood transfusion--Minnesota, 2007. Kemperman, M.; Neitzel, D.; Jensen, K.; Gorlin, J.; Perry, E.; Myers, T.; Miley, T.; McQuiston, J.; Oct 24, 2008 2244
Fluoroquinolone resistance rises in older patients. Splete, Heidi Report Jun 1, 2008 331
Lipid raft mediated lyn kinase activation regulates host innate immunity. Kannan, Shibichakravarthy; Audet, Aaron; Huang, Huang; Zhang, Weidong; Wu, Min Clinical report Apr 1, 2008 562
Occurrence of ESBL & Amp-C [beta]-lactamases & susceptibility to newer antimicrobial agents in complicated UTI. Taneja, Neelam; Rao, Pooja; Arora, Jitender; Dogra, Ashok Clinical report Jan 1, 2008 2771
Bacterial outbreaks threaten troops. Jun 22, 2006 414
Diagnosing Capnocytophaga canimorsus infections. Probert, Will S. Feb 1, 2006 2178
Acinetobacter may emerge as 'gram-negative MRSA': resistance, incidence are growing strong. Wachter, Kerri Jan 15, 2006 1187
Strategies can help curb multidrug-resistant gram-negative infections. Splete, Heidi Oct 1, 2005 535
Endemic tularemia, Sweden, 2003. Giesecke, Johan Sep 1, 2005 1572
Melioidosis, northeastern Brazil. Inglis,Timothy J.J. Sep 1, 2005 2418
Leptospirosis in Germany, 1962-2003. Stark, Klaus Jul 1, 2005 4741
Bordetella petrii clinical isolate. Ayoub, Ashraf Jul 1, 2005 2273
Spotted fever group and typhus group rickettsioses in humans, South Korea. Kim, Ik-Sang Feb 1, 2005 5320
Hybrid Vibrio vulnificus. Maiden, Martin C. Jan 1, 2005 3740
Distribution and characteristics of Escherichia coli clonal group A(1). Raz, Raul Jan 1, 2005 3809
Gonococcal resistance continues eastward spread: CDC releases preliminary data. Mulcahy, Nicholas Apr 15, 2004 925
H. pylori treatment urged with gastritis, ulcerlike symptoms: long-term sequelae noted. Kirn, Timothy F. Apr 1, 2004 690
Rising infection resistance resurrects polymyxin B: gram-negative nosocomial infections. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2004 517
Gram-negative bacilli attack cancer patients' urinary tract: antibiotic resistance. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 248
Concordance of Endotoxemia With Gram-Negative Bacteremia. Hurley, James C. Aug 1, 2000 7812
Cefprozil, Levofloxacin Underused in Cutaneous Infections. JANCIN, BRUCE Feb 15, 2000 466
Increase of antimicrobial resistance of faecal aerobic gram-negative bacteria in a geriatric hospital. Leistevuo, Tiina; Osterblad, Monica; Toivonen, Paivi; Kuistila, Maud; Huovinen, Saara; Heikkila, Eli May 1, 1996 2380
FDA panel backs septic shock treatment. Sep 21, 1991 143

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